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Dan Di Cicco and spouse Rachel

Dan Di Cicco and spouse Rachel

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Looking for birth and death, only have these names and their childrens names, they passed away very young and the children had to go to an orphanage in new york any help would be great. Thankyou

Re: Dan Di Cicco and spouse Rachel

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Any idea of the approximate years? New York City? New York State?

Re: Dan Di Cicco and spouse Rachel

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Surnames: Dan Cicco
I am not sure of the datesm these were my grandmothers parents that passed away, when she was very youngm she was born 1910.she and her brother ended in an orphnage about 9 10 was stated she was from albain, new york


Re: Dan Di Cicco and spouse Rachel

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Is the town in NY Albion, in Orleans county?

If so, have you seen the 1910 census, recorded as Dan Chico, 27 Italy, wife Rachael 25 Italy, wed 5 yrs, both say arrived 1905, Elenor 3 NY, Philip 2 NY, and an unnamed daughter, 2 mos (born abt Feb-Mar 1910.

You may want to explore this web site

Under the topic Look-Ups, there is a volunteer who will look in Vital Statistics for Deaths, but if I understand it correctly, it is an index, but it should provide the date you seek. At that same web site there is an index of the names in cemeteries that you can explore also.

Re: Dan Di Cicco and spouse Rachel

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My guess is that the parents passed away during the Spanish Influenza (which actually began at a military base in Kansas!) 1918-1919ish. This could be Phillip and Elena and the baby with no name in the 1910 census in the 1920 census

Name: Philip Dicicco
[Philip Dccleco]
Home in 1920: Buffalo Ward 18, Erie, New York
Age: 12 years
Estimated birth year: abt 1908
Birthplace: Ohio
John Dicicco 8 born New York
Lena Dicicco 14 born Ohio
Relation to Head of House: Inmate
Father's Birth Place: Italy
Mother's Birth Place: Italy
Marital Status: Single
Race: White
Sex: Male
Able to read: Yes
Able to Write: Yes
Image: 746
They were living at the "German Roman Catholic Orphanage Asylum"

Of course neither Dan nor Rachel are Italian names. But there are is a couple arriving at the Port of NY 1905 > June > 23 > aboard the ship Konigin Luise
He is Gaetano age 24 and she is Adelina age 21 destination Cleveland

Could this be your Dan and Rachel?

Also the link the other poster gave finds Dicicco in Cemetery records.

Robert Jerin
Croatian Heritage Museum
Cleveland Ohio

Re: Dan Di Cicco and spouse Rachel

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thankyou for your assisstnce, I do remember grandmama saying that the orphange she was in burned down, her parennts died young,i have been through numereous births, deaths, cememttries annd I just can not find them, they just didnt vanish,My grandmother was italian, annd did reside in Albion New york at till 1910 from there is where I get stuck unless I ues the chico name then I do get more informo could they have gotttenn their name all wrong?

Re: Dan Di Cicco and spouse Rachel

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Did you see the info I fave you for the 3 that appear to be your CHICO DI CICCO children in Buffalo orphange?


Re: Dan Di Cicco and spouse Rachel

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yes Robert, I am new at this and I just am not sure that is them Uncle Phil and Grandma Joann never spoke of an elinor, and grandma Joann who may be the no name daughter she was born in Feb 1910 its the Chico name that is throwing a curve at me could it be just a mispelling?

Thankyou so much for your help

Re: Dan Di Cicco and spouse Rachel

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Have you seen this web site about the orphanage that Robert posted about?

It says that at the German Roman Cathoic Orphanage there was a fire March 1919, as well as fires in 1941 and 1956. It is a nice web site with lots of photos.

I think it is very possible that the 1910 and 1920 cenus data posted are your family. I have found that names beginning we De-and Di-, followed by a capital letter can be recorded wrong. And unless you can find the Dan and Rachel Chico on the 1920 census, it adds credance to your relationship. The only way to be certain is to send for copies of their death certificates. As Robert said, the flu was a cause of death in that era, and if they had no local family to erect a tombstone, there will likely be no cemetery record.

My hunch is that this family came to the USA via Canada. There is an Ellis Island record of a Domenico DiCicco arrived 8/15/1913 going to his brother Felix in Guelf Canada

Re: Dan Di Cicco and spouse Rachel

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Surnames: Chico, Bonnici, Dicicco
Thankyou very much for the info, My grandmother was orphaned very small approx 5-6yrs old, she and her brother and sisters, (i didn't know about the 2 sisters till just yesterday, Helen and Violet), I am having some difficulty located their names, they were adopted, where as my grandmother was placed in someones home and treated as a servant, she did not talk alot about her past, all I know is that she did run away from that home, she always said her name was Dicicco, I can not find anything on her parents, who did die from pneumonia both of them. somewhere in new york state,

Thankyou for help
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