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Birth/Baptism in Aarhus, 1910-1913 Svensson

Birth/Baptism in Aarhus, 1910-1913 Svensson

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Hilda Svensson, Oct 9 1880, Sweden, had two children, John Ivar (Mar 1910) and my mother,Gerda Maria Magdalena (Aug 14 1913) both born, I believe, in Aarhus. The father is unknown and he is the one we are searching for. Hilda always used her maiden name, Svensson, which is the maiden name of her two sisters, Ida and Anna, born in Hemsjo, Blekinge, Sweden - although Hilda called herself 'widow' or 'divorced' on US censuses. The only address I have is Norrsalle 32, Aarhus, in 1923 when Hilda, John and Gerda left for the US. We have quite a bit of US info but want to find two people: the father of John and Gerda - AND a lost sibling of Hilda, Ida and Anna, sex unknown. Hilda's parents are only known as Sven Svensson and Anna.
Sure hope someone can help - I'm OLD and running out of time and also running out of places to search . . .
Virginia (Johansen) Small
PS All the people mentioned are deceased, to my knowledge.

Re: Birth/Baptism in Aarhus, 1910-1913 Svensson

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Small possible clues:

Hilda and the children arrived Quebec Nov 1923 on the S. S. Montlaurier from Liverpool.

Hilda listed her nearest relative in Denmark as a friend L. P. Hansen at Norresalle 30, "Oarhus Michael"

Their destination was a brother-in-law Conrad Carlson in Concord, Nebraska.

Re: Birth/Baptism in Aarhus, 1910-1913 Svensson

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I searched all the churches in the city of Aarhus but could not find the birth of Gerda. However I did find the birth of John Ivar Svensson on 30 Mar 1910 in den kgl Fødselsskiftelse, Copenhagen. The mother is unmarried and unnamed and the father is not mentioned. Den kgl. Fødselsskiftelse was a hospital where a woman could give birth without giving any information. I found Hilda Svendson and John Ivar Svendsen in the 1911 Copenhagen census.

I have saved the two documents and will send my e-mail address privately if you want them.

Here is Hilda in the police register that was kept on all residents of Copenhagen.


I hope this helps

North Carolina

Re: Birth/Baptism in Aarhus, 1910-1913 Svensson

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I checked the 1921 Aarhus census of Norrealle 30 and neither L. P. Hansen nor Hilda and children were then there. However, in 1925 (the next census) a Lars Peter Hansen born 1872 Tommerup, Odense was living there, with Swedish wife Alfrida Mathilde nee Berglind and 4 children born 1905-1917. Perhaps the friendship was through the wife.

Re: Birth/Baptism in Aarhus, 1910-1913 Svensson

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Hi Homer,

I don't have the international version of ancestry so I can't check the 1923 manifest since it is a Canadian arrival. Can you check it? Perhaps it has Gerda's place of birth.


Re: Birth/Baptism in Aarhus, 1910-1913 Svensson

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It just lists Sweden for Hilda and Denmark for John and Gerda, and they are listed same way in U.K. outgoing lists.

Re: Birth/Baptism in Aarhus, 1910-1913 Svensson

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The police register has "Kyrkhult" (in Blekinge county) as place of birth for Hilda.
Same municipality as "Hemsjö"

From DDSS:
Födda i Kyrkhults församling 1865 - 1894
Datum 1880-10-09 Datum avser födelse
ID-nr/Regler 137806/DDSS
Namn Hilda Kön kvinna
Äktenskaplig börd inom äktenskapet Antal födda

Namn Sven Jönsson
Titel skräddare
Ort Jutanäs

Namn Anna Johnsdotter
Ålder/födelseår 21

Husmanshustru Hanna Carlsd-r i Jutanäs. Båtsman Per Snygg i Wilshult. Dräng Bengt Svensson i Röshult
Fadern 30 år. Gifta -1 år.

Arkiv Sid-/årsnummer
Kyrkhults kyrkoarkiv C:1 296 / 116
Förvarande institution Sida i husförhörslängden
Landsarkivet i Lund 248
Läsproblem i förlaga
Volymen innehåller: Födda 1865-1884.
Övrig information
Uppgifterna hämtade ur: Kyrkhult C:1 1865-1884 samt Kyrkhult C:2 1885-1894.



Re: Birth/Baptism in Aarhus, 1910-1913 Svensson

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The four siblings were:

Datum, Barnets namn, Faderns namn, Faderns ort, Moderns namn, Moderns ort, Socken
1880-10-09* Hilda, Sven Jönsson, Jutanäs, Anna Johnsdotter, Kyrkhult
1883-04-22* Ida, Sven Jönsson, Jutanäs, Anna Johnsdotter, Kyrkhult
1885-08-01* John Ivar, Sven Jönsson, Jutanäs, Anna Johnsdotter, Kyrkhult
1888-01-06* Anna, Sven Jönsson, Jutanäs, Anna Johnsdotter, Kyrkhult


Re: Birth/Baptism in Aarhus, 1910-1913 Svensson

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Surnames: Svensson
What a wonderful way to start the day - to read all of the information you, Paul, and HRFFW and Karsten Damen have given to me! I'm overwhelmed and SO very grateful for your help and I thank each of you very much. I felt that I had hit a 'bone' wall and my post was a last ditch effort but did not imagine receiving such a wonderful, informative response. How kind and generous of you! Thanks again . . .

Re: Birth/Baptism in Aarhus, 1910-1913 Svensson

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My intention this morning was to provide the information in a more organized way, but time slipped and I just posted the raw information.

About Kyrkhult: A parish in Blekinge County; a link to a historical map from 1870 is attached.
I guess it would have been difficult to find a populated place one could call a village, except maybe for “Hemsjö” with its railroad station.
I wouldn’t say it was easy to find “Jutanäs”, where Hildas’s family lived, on that map. It seems to be a few farmhouses only. Go ca. 3 km (scale is at the bottom left) North East from Kyrkhult and the lonely farmhouses are found between two lakes.

The christening of Hilda translated:

From the Demographic Database of Southern Sweden (DDSS).
Born in Kyrkhults Parish 1865 - 1894
Date of Birth: 1880-10-09
ID-no. 137806/DDSS

Name: Hilda
Sex: Female
Born within marriage

Name: Sven Jönsson
Occupation: Tailor (he was most certainly smallholder and tailor)
Place: Jutanäs

Name: Anna Johnsdotter
Age: 21

Smallholder's wife Hanna Carlsdaughter in Jutanäs. Boatswain Per Snygg in Wilshult. Boy Bengt Svensson in Röshult
Father 30 years old. Married 1 year

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