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Am I Dead?

Am I Dead?

Posted: 1353198442000
Classification: Query
My full name is shown as a daughter of my parents on a public tree. There has been no response to two messages sent via ancestry, asking nicely for me to be removed.

Can anyone tell me how I get myself removed?

Re: Am I Dead?

Posted: 1353200075000
Classification: Query
What info, other than names, is shown for yourself and your parents?

Depending on what info and how it is entered there may be nothing you can do.

Posted: 1353215607000
Classification: Query
Edited: 1353294437000
This may be one of those instances where the system tries to force a default of "deceased" when a new profile is created, even when the dates should trigger the default of "living" (I have caught many of those). If the person did not notice and correct it when creating the profile, the system will indeed consider you "dead," and you therefore will be visible to public view.

You also need to be aware that the message system often seems not to work, which could be why you have gotten no response. I would suggest contacting support and seeing if someone will intervene.

Re: Am I Dead?

Posted: 1353411148000
Classification: Query
It probably is not too serious. No dates are shown for me or my parents, just our full names.

I would still prefer to be shown as "private" though, so I have sent a 3rd message to the tree owner who last logged in last week.

It's a bit worrying to hear that the message system does not always work.

Re: Am I Dead?

Posted: 1353967624000
Classification: Query
Edited: 1353968092000
It could also be a hold over from the system prior to ACOM adding the living/deceased profile item.

Before that, if a profile had NO birth/death dates, they were publicly viewable (on a public tree). If a birth date was later added, the subject was now considered "living", but I don't think they would be removed from searchable database until the next indexing event.

Of course, if someone attempted to view the tree, they would now not be able to view that particular profile.

It may be that the owners of the tree with you in it have "abandoned" that tree. Can you tell the last time that user logged in or the last time the tree was modified?

One trick I used to use when I didn't know a birth date was to put a "dummy date" I knew to recognize (01 Jan 1980, In my case) and put "Unknown Birthdate" as the location of the birth (to remind me later).

That way, if the person was living, they didn't end up in the index and I could remember to later ask them what their birth date was.

This was really all a "belts and suspenders" thing, as my tree is private and non-indexable, so . . . .
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