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Per genealogy library reference book, the following individuals owned one or more acres of land in Co. Antrim, Ireland, the latter part of the 1870s. Some people owned property in Co. Antrim but lived elsewhere. Many more Irish owned less than one acre, or none at all, and their names would not appear on this list.

1. James Acheson, address Carnlough, owned 6 acres.
2. Elizabeth Adair, address Ballyalbanagh, Ballyclare, owned 22 acres.
3. Henry Adair, address Loughanmore, Parkgate, Antrim, owned 2,071 acres.
4. Rev. David Adams, address Aghogill, owned 475 acres.
5. Rev. Isaac Adams, address Bruslee, Ballyclare, owned 18 acres.
6. James Adams, address Great Patrick-street Belfast, owned 714 acres.
7. James Adams, address Winetavern-street, owned 3 acres.
8. John Adams, address Braid, Ballymena, owned 38 acres.
9. Samuel Adams, address Killycreen, Glaryford, owned 85 acres.
10. Thomas Adams, address Ballyboyland, owned 32 acres.
11. Thomas H. Adams, address Ashville, Antrim, owned 200 acres.
12. Wm. Addison, Reps. of, address North-street, owned 1 acre.
13. James Adrain, address Lismenary, Ballynure, owned 2 acres.
14. Robert Adrain, address Ballyboley, Ballynure, owned 12 acres.
15. Hon. Louisa Agar, Reps. of, address Dublin, owned 266 acres.
16. Emily Agnew, address Stockman's-lane, owned 1 acre.
17. James Charles Agnew, address Seaview Larne, owned 871 acres.
18. William Agnew, address Kilwaughter, Larne, owned 9,770 acres.
19. Ellen Aicken, address Lower Malone, owned 58 acres.
20. Peter Aiken, address College-square, owned 1 acre.
21. James Aitken, address Whitehouse, owned 40 acres.
22. Arthur Alexander, address Friarsbush-road, owned 19 acres.
23. Dr. Alexander, address Belfast, owned 54 acres.
24. James Alexander, address Sizehill, Ballyclare,
owned 11 acres.
25. Jane Alexander, address Ballylig, owned 16 acres.
26. John Alexander, address Carlow and Belfast, owned 300 acres.
27. Robert J. Alexander, address Portglenone House, Portglenone, owned 4,215 acres.
28. Thomas Alexander, address Carnmoney, Belfast, owned 97 acres.
29. William Alexander, address Ballybrobert, Dough,
owned 18 acres.
30. Arthur C. Allen, address Collon, Ballyclare, owned 591 acres.
31. Elizabeth Allen, address Upper Malone, Belfast,
owned 11 acres.
32. Henry E. Allen, address Kingstown, owned 1,454 acres.
33. John Allen, address Rushee, Ballyclare, owned 25 acres.
34. Robert Allen, address Ballyboley, Ballynure, owned 37 acres.
35. Samuel Allen, same address, owned 22 acres.
36. Thomas Allen, address Carnlea, Ballyclare, owned 59 acres.
37. W. J. C. Allen, address Faunoran, Belfast, owned 75 acres.
38. Abbey Anderson, address Craigpark, Bushmills, owned 88 acres.
39. Alice S. Anderson, address Bushmills, owned 702 acres.
40. Elizabeth Anderson, same address, owned 14 acres.
41. Francis Anderson, address America, owned 163 acres.
42. Hugh Anderson, address Lisburn, owned 1 acre.
43. Hugh Anderson, address Shegoniel, owned 43 acres.
44. J. C. Anderson, no address given, owned 1,392 acres.
45. James Anderson, address Whinpark, Antrim, owned 17 acres.
46. Miss Anderson, address Bushmills, owned 38 acres.
47. William Anderson, address Police-square, Belfast, owned 1 acre.
48. William Anderson, address Rosnashaw, owned 475 acres.
49. William Anderson, address Rathenraw, Antrim, owned 33 acres.
50. Archibald Andrews, address Liminary, Ballymena,
owned 75 acres.
51. Eliza Andrews, address Crumlin-road Belfast, owned 47 acres.
52. Eliza Andrews, address Jockeysquarter, Glenwhirry, owned 16 acres.
53. Hugh Andrews, address Belfast, owned 15 acres.
54. Hugh Andrews, address Skegoniel, owned 2 acres.
55. Isaac Andrews, address Combert owned 49 acres.
56. James M. Andrews, address Moss Bank, Glenwhirry,
owned 350 acres.
57. Michael Andrews, address Ardoyne, Belfast, owned 75 acres.
58. Earl of Antrim, address Glenarm Castle, Glenarm,
owned 34,292 acres.
59. Samuel Archer, address Orlands, Carrickfergus,
owned 152 acres.
60. Robert Archibald, Reps. of, address Carnmoney,
owned 34 acres.
61. Thomas Archibald, same address, owned 89 acres.
62. William Archibald, address Ballyvesey, owned 38 acres.
63. John Armstrong, address Glenwhirry, Ballymena owned 31 acres.
64. John Armstrong, address The Grove, Glenwhirry,
owned 716 acres.
65. Samuel Armstrong, address Ballykeel, Ballymena,
owned 12 acres
66. W. and A. Armstrong, address Pollee, Broughshane, owned 37 acres.
67. Edgar Arnold, address Holywood, owned 2 acres.
68. Jane Arnold, address Great Victoria-street, owned 1 acre.
69. Jane Arrott, address Holywood, owned 3 acres.
70. Andrew Arthurs, address Dunamony, Ballyclare, owned 8 acres.
71. Robert Arthurs, same address, owned 4 acres.
72. Charles Ashmore, address London, owned 9 acres.
73. Lieutenant-General Ashmore, address Colonel, 30th Foot, owned 565 acres.
74. Robert Atkinson, address Lower Malone, owned 25 acres.


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Per genealogy library reference book, the following individuals owned one or more acres of land in Co. Antrim, Ireland, the latter part of the 1870s:

1. Robert Bailie, address Sumerhill, Antrim, owned 55 acres.
2. Amelia Bain, address Holywood, owned 2 acres.
3. James Baird, address Ballyhonages, Doagh, owned 65 acres.
4. James Baird, address Balqueer, Doagh, owned 2 acres.
5. John Ball, address Fitzroy-avenue, (no other info.)owned 1 acre.
6. Elizabeth Ballagh, address Duncausland, Doagh, owned 70 acres.
7. Jas. Ballagh, address Ballyvoy, Doagh, owned 23 acres.
8. Hugh Ballentine, address Ballykeel, Ballymena, owned 8 acres.
9. Matilda Ballentine, address Larne, owned 97 acres.
10. William Bamford, address Ballyboley, Ballynure,
owned 14 acres.
11. James Bankhead, address London, owned 36 acres.
12. John Bankhead, Reps. of, address Ballycarry, owned 97 acres.
13. Miss Bankhead, no address given, owned 85 acres.
14. Mr. Bankhead, and another, no address given, owned 55 acres.
15. "Banking Co., Belfast," address Waring-street, owned 1 acre.
16. "Banking Co., Northern," address Belfast, owned 1 acre.
17. "Banking Co., Ulster," address Belfast, owned 1 acre.
18. Samuel Barbour, address Lower Malone, owned 10 acres.
19. Thomas Barbour, address Hilden, Lisburn, owned 39 acres.
20. William Barbour, same address, owned 37 acres.
21. James Barclay, address Dounyvadden, Ballymena,
owned 105 acres.
22. Robert Barclay, address Rashee, Ballyclare, owned 40 acres.
23. William Barclay, same address, also owned 40 acres.
24. William Barclay, address Ballyclare, owned 124 acres.
25. Allen Barkley, address Walkmile, Doagh, owned 29 acres.
26. Thomas Barklie, address Inver House, Larne, owned 411 acres.
27. David and John Barnagh, address Hercules, Lower, Belfast, owned 156 acres.
28. Catherine Barnsley, address Magherageery, Lisburn, owned 1 acre.
29. James Barr, address Coleraine, owned 28 acres.
30. James Barr, address Deerfin, Ballymena, owned 24 acres.
31. Jonathan Barrett, owned Ballypallody, Doagh, owned 24 acres.
32. Joseph Barrett, address Ballyhartfield, Templepatrick, owned 19 acres.
33. James Barron, address Ballyutogue, Belfast, owned 65 acres.
34. John Barron, address Carneal, Raloo, owned 59 acres.
35. William J. Barrs, address Kilbride, Doagh, owned 40 acres.
36. Sir Thos. Bateson bart., address Belvoir Park, Belfast, owned 266 acres.
37. Robert A. Batt, no address given, owned 1,438 acres.
38. Thos. Battersby, Reps. of, address Belfast, owned 15 acres.
39. Thomas E. Battersby, owned Oakfield, Carrickfergus, owned 432 acres.
40. James Beattie, address Ballymena, owned 13 acres.
41. Mrs. Beattie, address Near Belfast, owned 584 acres.
42. Samuel Beattie, address Donegore, Parkgate, owned 17 acres.
43. William Beattie, address Rosemary-street, (no other info.) owned 1 acre.
44. Daniel M'N. Beatty, address Hillmount, Larne,
owned 133 acres.
45. David Beatty, address Bow-street, Lisburn, owned 1 acre.
46. Nathaniel Beatty, address Donegore, Parkgate, owned 17 acres.
47. David J. Beck, address Donegore, Parkgate, owned 25 acres.
48. Hugh M. Beck, address Ligoniel, owned 1 acre.
49. Josias J. Beck, address Donegore, Parkgate, owned 23 acres.
50. J. Leslie Beers, address Ballymoney, owned 1,244 acres.
51. James Beggs, address Ballynashee, Ballyclare, owned 85 acres.
52. Robert Beggs, same address, owned 76 acres.
53. Robert Beggs, address Douglassland, Doagh, owned 14 acres.
54. Thomas Beggs, address Ballygallough, Ballyclare,
owned 12 acres.
55. Thomas Beggs, address Ballyboley, Ballynure, owned 55 acres.
56. Adam Belcher, address Ballyfore, Raloo, owned 14 acres.
57. Adams Bell, address Rashee, Ballyclare, owned 22 acres.
58. David Bell, address St. Catherine's, Carrickfergus, owned 229 acres.
59. Bell, Elias, H., (as it appears in book), address Ballygoland, owned 19 acres.
60. Helena Bell, address Whitehouse, owned 31 acres.
61. John Bell, same address, owned 1 acre.
62. Joseph Bell, address Belfast, owned 5 acres.
63. Matthew Bell, address Anticor, Glaryford, owned 19 acres.
64. Mr. Bell, Reps. of, address (Property in Chancery), owned 38 acres.
65. Richard Bell, address Whitehouse, owned 26 acres.
66. William Bell, same address, owned 78 acres.
67. William Bell, address Ballynarry, Ballynure, owned 56 acres.
68. William Bell, same address, (although he spelled it Ballyneary), owned 18 acres.
69. William D. Bell, address M'Vickersland, Doagh,
owned 22 acres.
70. George Bellis, address Ballymena, owned 7 acres.
71. George Benn, address Glenraville, Ballymena, owned 3,393 acres.
72. Thomas Bennett, address Castleroe, owned 1,121 acres.
73. John Berryhill, address Belfast, owned 31 acres.
74. Robert Beverland, address Mosside, owned 29 acres.
75. John Biggart, address Inshinagh, owned 9 acres.
76. Joseph Bigger, address Trainfield, Belfast, owned 773 acres.
77. Samuel Bigger, address Ballyronard, owned 49 acres.
78. James Birch, no address given, owned 3 acres.
79. Sarah Birnie, address York-street, Belfast, owned 52 acres.


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Per genealogy library reference book, the following individuals owned one or more acres of land in Co. Antrim, Ireland, the latter part of the 1870s:

1. Archibald Black, address Lisbellnagroagh, Bushmills, owned 9 acres.
2. Bernard Black, address Slievebane, Glenarm, owned 46 acres.
3. Denis Black, address Legg, Cushendall, owned 31 acres.
4. J. Black, Reps. of, address England, owned 2 acres.
5. John Black, address Carntall, Ballyclone, owned 21 acres.
6. Joseph B. Black, address Raceview, Broughshane,
owned 128 acres.
7. Patrick Black, address Crookedstone, Antrim, owned 78 acres.
8. Hugh Blain, address Ballybacken, Doagh, owned 9 acres.
9. Archibald Blair, address Drains, Larne, owned 9 acres.
10. David Blair, address Ballywee, Parkgate, owned 16 acres.
11. James Blair, address Ballytober, Larne, owned 24 acres.
12. James R. Blair, address Ballysillan, owned 55 acres.
13. Jane Blair, address Ballyvallagh, Raloo, owned 71 acres.
14. John Blair, address Near Ballyclare, owned 23 acres.
15. Patrick Blair, address Ballyvallagh, Raloo, owned 54 acres.
16. Samuel Blair, address Kingsbog, Doagh, owned 4 acres.
17. Samuel Blair, address Straidnahanna, Ballynure,
owned 42 acres.
18. Thomas Blair, address Toreagh, Raloo, owned 20 acres.
19. William Blair, address Ballyvallagh, Raloo, owned 34 acres.
20. William Blair, address Killead, Antrim, owned 10 acres.
21. James Blakely, address Sandyrow, owned 5 acres.
22. T. R. Blakeney, no address given, owned 3 acres.
23. Rev. R. W. Bland, address Whiteabbey, owned 50 acres.
24. James Boal, address Slatt, Ballymena, owned 91 acres.
25. John Boal, same address, owned 29 acres.
26. "Board of National Education," address Dublin,
owned 100 acres.
27. "Board of Public Works," no address given, owned 1 acre.
28. John Bonar, address Buckna, Ballymena, owned 79 acres.
29. Samuel Bonar, same address, owned 158 acres.
30. Oliver Bond, address Londonderry, owned 52 acres.
31. Samuel Bonner, address Braid, Ballymena, owned 19 acres.
32. Jane Boomer, address Roseville, Lisburn, owned 9 acres.
33. Miss Boomer, address Lisburn, owned 1,077 acres.
34. James Boreland, address Lisnagunogue, Bushmills,
owned 29 acres.
35. Thomas Boreland, address Ballynagg, owned 46 acres.
36. William Borthwick, address North-street, Belfast, owned 18 acres.
37. Charles Bowles and Charles Bowles, address Windsor, Belfast, owned 14 acres.
38. James Boyce, address Coleraine, owned 303 acres.
39. Thomas Boyce, address Rashee, Ballyclare, owned 30 acres.
40. Benjamin Boyd, address Priestland, Bushmills, owned 24 acres.
41. David Boyd, address Greenvale, owned 153 acres.
42. Sir Harley Hugh Boyd, bart, address The Mansion, Ballycastle, owned 5,304 acres.
43. James Boyd, address Ballylesson, Ballymena, owned 30 acres.
44. James Boyd, address Ballynafoy, owned 4 acres.
45. James Boyd, address Rathmore, Dunadry, owned 12 acres.
46. Jane C. Boyd, address Ballycastle, owned 1,249 acres.
47. John Boyd, address Annahilt, owned 4 acres.
48. John Boyd, address Knockans, owned 30 acres.
49. John Boyd, address Newbuildings, owned 71 acres.
50. John Boyd, address Rathmore, Dunadry, owned 30 acres.
51. John R. Boyd, same address, owned 12 acres.
52. Nathaniel Boyd, address Fleetwood-street, Belfast, owned 73 acres.
53. Richard D. Boyd, address Cloghfern, owned 52 acres.
54. Robert Boyd, address Corntall, Carmoney, owned 85 acres.
55. Robert Boyd, address Knockans, owned 134 acres.
56. Robert Boyd, address Priestland, Bushmills, owned 10 acres.
57. Samuel Boyd, address Rathmore, Dunadry, owned 17 acres.
58. Samuel Boyd, address Dunadry, owned 23 acres.
59. Sarah Boyd, address Ballyclare, owned 7 acres.
60. Stewart Boyd, address Ballylesson, Ballymena, owned 21 acres.
61. Thomas Boyd, address Ballyeaston, Ballyclare,
owned 103 acres.
62. Rev. William G. Boyd, address Ballylig, Ballycastle, owned 228 acres.
63. James Boyle, no address given, owned 77 acres.
64. James Boyle, address Harphall, Carnlough, owned 49 acres.
65. James Boyle, address 5, Arthur-street, Belfast,
owned 53 acres.
66. James Boyle, Reps. of, address Ballymoney, owned 15 acres.
67. John M. Boyle, address Belfast, owned 306 acres.


Nancy Hawks (View posts)
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Surnames: Boal, Smyth
My gr-gr-grandparents Clark Smyth (Carclinty, Rasharkin) married Catherine Boal (Craigs,Ballymena) Her father was Samuel Boal, mother Mary. His parents- father Hugh Smyth mother Elizabeth Aitken.
Do you have any details?


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Surnames: Bradbury, Braddell, Bradford, Brady, Branagh, Brennan, Bristow, Brown, Brownlee, Bruce, Bryan, Bryson, Buchanan, Buchannan, Bull, Burden, Burke, Burney, Burnside, Butler, Buttson, Byers, Byrne, Cahoon, Cairns, Calder, Caldwell, Callwell, Calvert, Calwell, Camac, Camack, Cambridge, Cameron, Camlin
Per genealogy library reference book, the following individuals owned one or more acres of land in Co. Antrim, Ireland, the latter part of the 1870s:

1. John Bradbury, address Lurganure Ho., Maze, Lisburn, owned 4 acres.
2. William H. Braddell, address Lower Malone, owned 1 acre.
3. James Bradford, Reps. of, address North Queen-street, owned 1 acre.
4. James Brady, address Solar, Glenarm, owned 42 acres.
5. David Branagh, Reps. of, address Hercules-st., Belfast, owned 49 acres.
6. William Brennan, address Antrim, owned 4 acres.
7. "Brewing Co. (Limited), Ulster," address Sandyrow, owned 1 acre.
8. Jane Bristow, address Willmont, Dunmurry, owned 124 acres.
9. Dora and Margaret Brown, address Shanoguestown, Antrim, owned 40 acres.
10. Ephraim Brown, address North Queen-street Belfast, owned 2 acres.
11. James Brown, address Belfast, owned 26 acres.
12. John Brown, address Ravenhill, Ballynafoy, owned 28 acres.
13. Robert Brown, address Islandstown, N. T. Crommelin, owned 22 acres.
14. Robert Brown, Reps. of, address Ballybentra, Parkgate, owned 78 acres.
15. Robert Brown, Reps. of, address Monkstown, owned 17 acres.
16. W. G. Brown, address Kells, owned 236 acres.
17. John Brownlee, address Lisburn, owned 1 acre.
18. William Brownlee, address Alpha Lodge, Lisburn,
owned 5 acres.
19. Edward S. Bruce, address 39th Regiment, owned 1,622 acres.
20. Henry S. B. Bruce, address Liverpool, owned 1,009 acres.
21. James Bruce, address Ship-street, Belfast, owned 1 acre.
22. James Bruce, address Duncairn, owned 9 acres.
23. Rev. William Bruce, Reps. of, address The Farm,
owned 13 acres.
24. William Bryan, address Ballinamore, owned 24 acres.
25. Alexander Bryson, address M'Pickersland, Doagh,
owned 48 acres.
26. David Bryson, address Ballybracken, Doagh, owned 93 acres.
27. David Bryson, address M'Pickersland, Doagh, owned 24 acres.
28. James Bryson, address Holestone, Doagh, owned 17 acres.
29. James Bryson, address Duncansland, Doagh, owned 42 acres.
30. Matthew Bryson, address M'Vickersland, Doagh, owned 59 acres.
31. Robert Bryson, address Cross, Ballymena, owned 25 acres.
32. Samuel Bryson, Reps. of, address Kilbride, Doagh, owned 19 acres.
33. Thomas Bryson, address Antrim, owned 50 acres.
34. William Bryson, address Duncansland, Doagh, owned 40 acres.
35. William Bryson, address Ballybracken, Doagh, owned 74 acres.
36. Robert Buchanan, address Sallagh, Larne, owned 120 acres.
37. Robert Buchannan, address Ballymena, owned 37 acres.
38. Anne Bull, address Carrickfergus, owned 12 acres.
39. Henry Burden, address Ballynafoy, owned 1 acre.
40. William H. Burke, address Larne, owned 397 acres.
41. John Burney, address Ballywonard, owned 84 acres.
42. John Burney, address Killyglen, Larne, owned 33 acres.
43. John Burnside, address Secon, Coleraine, owned 60 acres.
44. Charles Butler, address Ballyalbanagh, Ballyclare, owned 3 acres.
45. Mary Buttson, address Antrim-road, Belfast, owned 23 acres.
46. Thomas Byers, address Kilbride, Doagh, owned 20 acres.
47. Thomas Byrne, address Greencastle, owned 13 acres.
48. Robert Cahoon, address Marquis-st., Belfast, owned 59 acres.
49. Matilda Cairns, address Elgin-road, Dublin, owned 432 acres.
50. John N. Calder, address Windsor, owned 1 acre.
51. Hugh B. Caldwell, address Sallagh, Larne, owned 47 acres.
52. Robert Caldwell, address Waring-street, Belfast,
owned 76 acres.
53. Thomas Caldwell, address Drains, Larne, owned 199 acres.
54. George Callwell, address Lismoyne, Dunmurry, owned 169 acres.
55. Joseph Calvert, address Whitehouse, owned 1 acre.
56. Andrew Calwell, address Ballyreagh, Clough, owned 121 acres.
57. Robert Camac, address Dervock, owned 21 acres.
58. Robert Camac, address Garry, owned 30 acres.
59. Peter G. Camack, address Derrykeighan, owned 281 acres.
60. William Cambridge, address Mill-street, owned 1 acre.
61. Robert Cameron, address Ballyboley, Ballynure, owned 8 acres.
62. Thomas W. Camlin, address Magdala-street, owned 1 acre.

More Boal data

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Hi, in 1876, James' property was valued at 185 pounds 15 shillings, and John's property was valued at 22 pounds 10 shillings.

The LDS (Mormon) Family History Center has a wonderful microfiched IGI Index for Ireland, (mostly civil registration for the 1860s, but other dates) and you should be able to find several references to your surnames. The FHCs are free and open to the general public, located in most towns in the USA and some elsewhere. The fiche are usually kept in catalogue card type drawers under "British Isles." There are 1-4 little black squares of fiche for each county in Ireland. Be sure and have the FHC volunteer place the largest magnifying lens into the microfiche reader for easy viewing; you can make copies right at the machine with the touch of a button! While you are there, check their FHC Catalogue diskettes for other resources they have on microfilm for Co. Antrim.

Robinson, Lennon, Kennedy, Park 1870s

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Surnames: Campbell, Camphill, Carey, Carlisle, Carmichael, Carnaghan, Carnoghan, Carr, Carson, Carter, Caruth, Casement, Caughey, Caulfield, Chaine, Chambers, Chapman, Charley, Chartres, Chernside, Chesvey, Cheyne, Chichester, Chisholm, Chisolm, Christy, Cinnamond, Clarke, Clements, Clugston, Coates, M'Aulay, M'Gildowney
Per genealogy library reference book, the following individuals owned one or more acres of land in Co. Antrim, Ireland, the latter part of the 1870s:

1. Barbara Campbell, address Whitewell, Belfast, owned 17 acres.
2. Hugh Campbell, address Ballypallady, Doagh, owned 51 acres.
3. James Campbell, address Shegoniel, owned 1 acre.
4. James Campbell, no address given, owned 156 acres.
5. John Campbell, address Ballyhery, Carnmoney, owned 176 acres.
6. Joseph Campbell, address Cloghfern, owned 49 acres.
7. Robert Campbell, address Ballyberidagh, Ballycastle, owned 127 acres.
8. Robert Campbell, address Islandcorr, Mosside, owned 48 acres.
9. Robert Campbell, no address given, owned 59 acres.
10. S. Campbell, Reps. of, address Dublin, owned 1 acre.
11. Samuel Campbell, address Ballynafoy, owned 1 acre.
12. Sarah Campbell, address Great George's-street owned 1 acre.
13. Rev. William Campbell, Reps. of, address Ballyeaston, Ballyclare, owned 20 acres.
14. William Campbell, address Ballyrobert, Doagh, owned 19 acres.
15. James Camphill, address Ballymena, owned 24 acres.
16. Felix Carey and Bryan M'Aulay, address/es Crooknahaga, N. T., Crommelin, together owned 233 acres.
17. David Carlisle, address Lisburn, owned 4 acres.
18. David Carlisle, address Corntall, Ballyclare, owned 8 acres.
19. James Carlisle, address Enfield House, owned 6 acres.
20. Robert Carlisle, address Hampstead, owned 2 acres.
21. William Carlisle, address Ballyvesey, owned 4 acres.
22. Margaret Carmichael, address Dunmuurry, owned 1 acre.
23. Ralph Carmichael, address Ballygomartin, owned 18 acres.
24. William Carmichael, address Ballyalbanagh, Ballyclare, owned 22 acres.
25. William Carnaghan, address Ballyboley, Ballynure, owned 7 acres.
26. William Carnoghan, address Limestone-road, Belfast, owned 112 acres.
27. William Carr, address Ballylesson, Ballymena, owned 29 acres.
28. Robert Carson, address Albion-street, owned 16 acres.
29. Robert Carson, address Hollywood (Holywood), owned 1 acre.
30. Robert M. Carson, address Carrickfergus-road, owned 1 acre.
31. Thomas J. Carson, address Lisburn-road, owned 1 acre.
32. William Carson, address Holywood, owned 1 acre.
33. William Carson, address Ballus, Ballymena, owned 22 acres.
34. John L. Carter, Reps. of, address Monkstown, owned 36 acres.
35. Alexander Caruth, address Ballymena, owned 135 acres.
36. James Caruth, address Ballypallody, Doagh, owned 15 acres.
37. Robert Caruth, address Craigywarren, Ballymena,
owned 1,350 acres.
38. Edmund M'Gildowney Casement, address Invermore, Larne, owned 534 acres.
39. George Casement, address Ballymena, owned 1,233 acres.
40. John Casement, address Churchfield, Ballycastle,
owned 3,312 acres.
41. Julius Casement, address Ashford, Co. Wicklow,
owned 208 acres.
42. Mrs. Casement, address Brocklamount, Ballymena,
owned 43 acres.
43. Rev. Robert Casement, address Ballymena, owned 1,763 acres.
44. Thomas Casement, address Ballee House, Ballymena, owned 2,073 acres.
45. James Caughey, address Liverpool, owned 1 acre.
46. James Caulfield, address Cross, Ballymena, owned 25 acres.
47. James Chaine, address Ballycraigy, Antrim, owned 5,010 acres.
48. Capt. W. Chaine, address 10th Hussars, owned 30 acres.
49. Robert Chambers, address Tullaghbane, Clough, owned 20 acres.
50. "Court of Chancery," address Dublin, owned 283 acres.
51. Anne Chapman, address Crebilly, Ballymena, owned 2 acres.
52. Joseph H. Chapman address Malone-road, owned 1 acre.
53. Edwd. Charley, Reps. of, address Conway House, Dunmurry, owned 35 acres.
54. John S. Charley, address Finaghy House, Dunmurry, owned 158 acres.
55. William Charley, address Seymour, Dunmurry, owned 155 acres.
56. John Chartres, address Craigavad, owned 9 acres.
57. Thomas Chernside, address Holywood, owned 3 acres.
58. John Chesvey, address Culnafay, Randalstown, owned 66 acres.
59. Julia Cheyne, address Muckamore, owned 19 acres.
60. Margt. E. Chichester, address Browndod, Larne,
owned 483 acres.
61. Wm. Chisholm, Reps. of, address Cloghfern, owned 99 acres.
62. John Chisolm, address Corntall, Carnmoney, owned 106 acres.
63. Eliza Christy, address Browndod, Parkgate, owned 11 acres.
64. William Christy, address Carnbeg, owned 18 acres.
65 "Church Temporalities, Commissioners of," address Upper Merrion-street, Dublin, owned 634 acres.
66. Joseph Cinnamond, Reps. of, address Springhill, Antrim, owned 55 acres.
67. Thomas Cinnamond, address Donegal-street, Belfast, owned 195 acres.
68. Thos. Cinnamond, Reps. of, address Clady, Dunadry, owned 69 acres.
69. Arthur Clarke, address Ballymagarry, owned 14 acres.
70. Edward H. Clarke, address Elmwood, Belfast, owned 41 acres.
71. Eliza Clarke, address Ballygelly, Ballymena, owned 28 acres.
72. George J. Clarke, address The Steeple, Antrim,
owned 2,422 acres.
73. Hugh Clarke, address Breene, Armoy, owned 36 acres.
74. James Clarke, address Glenwhirry, owned 75 acres.
75. John Clarke, address Ballyno, Parkgate, owned 20 acres.
76. Robert Clarke, address Dunmurry, owned 2 acres.
77. William Clarke, address Craighall, Antrim, owned 73 acres.
78. Andrew Clements, address Lyomel, owned 102 acres.
79. David Clements, address Whitehouse, owned 16 acres.
80. Samuel Clugston, address Marymount, Antrim, owned 41 acres.
81. Adam Coates, Reps. of, address Kilmakee, Dunmurry, owned 22 acres.
82. Anne Coates, address Castle-street, Belfast, owned 1 acre
83. John Coates, address Ballymacarrett, owned 1 acre.
84. Victor Coates, address Rathmore, Dunmurry, owned 170 acres.
85. William Coates, address Glentoran, Belfast,
owned 1,198 acres.


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Surnames: Crawford, Cromie, Crommelin, Crozier, Crymble, Cubitt, Cunningham, Cunningham, Cuppage, Cupples, Currie, Dale, Dalway, Darcus, Darley, Darling, Davidson, Davis
Per genealogy library reference book, the following individuals owned one acre or more of land in Co. Antrim, Ireland, the latter part of the 1870s:

1. Rev. A. Crawford, no address given, owned 453 acres.
2. Adam Crawford, address Tabergill, Parkgate, owned 34 acres.
3. Alexander Crawford, address Chlorine-place, owned 7 acres.
4. Benjamin Crawford, address Gortnagallon, Crumlin,
owned 46 acres.
5. Hugh Crawford, address Sandy-row, owned 5 acres.
6. James Crawford, address Drumbare, Glarryford, owned 32 acres.
8. James Crawford, address Lisredden, Portglenone,
owned 28 acres.
9. James Crawford, address Raloo, owned 62 acres.
10. John Crawford, address Broughshane, Ballymena, owned 2 acres.
11. John Crawford, address Tullycreenaght, Antrim, owned 2 acres.
12. John Crawford, address Ballynagaboy, Ballymoney,
owned 42 acres.
13. John Crawford, address Ballymoney, owned 273 acres.
14. John Crawford, address Cross-street, Larne, owned 121 acres.
15. John Crawford (big), address Lisrodden, Portglenone, owned 17 acres.
16. John Crawford (wee), same address, owned 16 acres.
17. Mary Crawford, address Raloo, owned 4 acres.
18. Robert Crawford, address Cagherty, Ballymena, owned 44 acres.
19. Robert Crawford, address Magherafelt, owned 651 acres.
20. Samuel Crawford, address Ballysaston, Ballyclare, owned 11 acres.
21. Samuel Crawford, address Ballyboley, Ballynure,
owned 13 acres.
22. Rev. William Crawford, no address given, owned 545 acres.
28. William Crawford, address College-green, Belfast, owned 22 acres.
29. William Crawford, address Halftown, Doagh, owned 14 acres.
30. John Cromie, address Cromore, owned 3,756 acres.
31. Samuel D. Crommelin, address Carrowdore Castle, Donaghadee, owned 7,546 acres.
32. Thomas Crozier, address Walnut-street, owned 1 acre.
33. William Crozier, address Mountjoy-square, Dublin, owned 22 acres.
34. Charles Crymble, address Ringsbog, Doagh, owned 11 acres.
35. Hugh Crymble, address Carntall, Ballyclare, owned 19 acres.
36. John Cubitt, address Ballyboyland, owned 28 acres.
37. David M'C. Cunningham, address Queen-street, owned 1 acre.
38. James B. Cunningham, Reps. of, address Belmont, Antrim, owned 105 acres.
39. John Cunningham, address Shankill-road, owned 5 acres.
40. Josias Cunningham, address Ballygomartin, owned 128 acres.
41. Samuel Cunningham, address Shankill-road, owned 5 acres.
42. William C. Cunningham, address Whiteabbey, owned 3 acres.
43. Adam Cuppage, address Glenbank, Ballycastle,
owned 2,424 acres.
44. Alexander Cuppage, no address given, owned 5,560 acres.
45. Frances Cuppage, address Silverwood, Lurgan,
owned 1,502 acres.
46. Andrew Cupples, address Ballyreagh, Clough, owned 16 acres.
47. Mrs. Cupples, same address, owned 153 acres.
48. John Currie, address Jordanstown, owned 1 acre.
49. Margaret Dale, address Drain, Larne, owned 10 acres.
50. Marriott R. Dalway, address Bellahill, Carrickfergus, owned 860 acres.
51. Anne Darcus, address Larne, owned 115 acres.
52. Solomon Darcus, address Gardenmore, Larne, owned 656 acres.
53. Rev. John R. Darley, address Londonderry, owned 130 acres.
54. Samuel Darling, address Ligoniel, owned 3 acres.
55. John Davidson, address Durham-street, owned 1 acre.
55. Robert Davis, address Broundad, Larne, owned 12 acres.

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