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Baker line of Amelia County-1740's

Baker line of Amelia County-1740's

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Here is my Baker line for Amelia County, Va. I am interesting in communicating with anyone connected to this line!
The Baker brothers, Caleb Sr., Samuel, Douglas and Robert Jr.and their families moved to Amelia County, Virginia (the western part of Amelia County became Prince Edward County in 1754), with their families in the early 1740s after leaving their gun-making business in Lancaster County, Pa where they are considered to be the first to make the Kentucky-Pennsylvania Rifle.
They must have found the warmer climate of Virginia much to their liking and discovered you could buy three times as much land for less money than in Pennsylvania. That alone would make the move to Colonial Virginia worthwhile for a family seeking land and a new future.
The brother Douglas Baker probably arrived the earliest, as far as we can tell, perhaps even traveling with Rev. Thomson to nearby Cubb Creek in 1739.
Douglas bought land on the 24th of March in 1740, 1415 acres of land on Spring Creek of Buffaloe River for 7 pounds, 5 shillings. (Virginia Land Grant Book 19:928)
His brother and my direct ancestor, Caleb Baker Sr. bought land probably soon after they arrived in beautiful Virginia in 1742. (Source: Amelia County Deed Book 1, Page 442 and 443.)
It was on the thirteenth day of November of 1742 when a land sale took place between William Kennon Sr. and Willian Kennon Jr. of the Parrish of Dale in the County of Henrico, and our Caleb Baker Sr., of the Parrish of Raughley in the County of Amelia. This first land purchase for my Caleb Baker Sr. was for “nine hundred and seventy acres on both sides of the Buffaloe River” for the sum of one hundred and fifty pounds, current money of Virginia.
Three years after buying his first land, on the fifteenth day of August of 1746, Caleb Baker in the consideration of one hundred pounds current money turned around and sold to his son Henry Baker, four hundred acres, and “bounded as followeth. (Amelia County Deed Book 2 pages 489 and 490)
“Beginning at a lower red oak of Samuel Bakers in Robert Gillespies line, North fifty three degrees, east one hundred and sixty poles to a corner Red Oak. South forty degrees, east three hundred and twenty four poles to a corner standing in Cobbs line. West 20 degrees, south thirty-two poles to a corner White Oak, south thirty-five degrees, west sixty eight poles to a corner hickory, west fifteen degrees, south seventy poles to the Samuel Baker’s Corner West Oak standing in Sam Cobbs line, north eighty-two degrees, west two-hundred and ninety-eight poles to the beginning.”

On that same day, Caleb Baker Sr. also sold to “my next direct ancestor, Samuel Baker, also his son” on the fifteenth day of August, 1746, four-hundred and sixty-three acres on Spring Creek for 100 pounds of current money. (Source: Amelia County Deed Book 2, pages 491,492, 493) “Beginning at a corner elm in Col. Samuel Cobbs line…..”

Robert Baker, Jr. is my Caleb Baker Sr’s brother. In his will, dated 2 Mar 1759 and proved April 10 of that same year, it is stated that he was of “Buffaloe Settlement, in Prince Edward County, Gentleman.” (Source: Prince Edward County W.B. 1:21)

When I received his land indenture, (Source: Amelia DB2 pg 472) it indicated it was the 20 Mar 1746, when Stephen Collins of the Parish of Raleigh in the County of Amelia of the one part and Robert Baker of the parish and county aforesaid of the other part. For consideration of twenty-four pounds current money of Virginia, “one certain tract or parcel of land containing four hundred arces beginning at Cunningham’s Corner….”

Here is my Baker line:
1. ROBERT BAKER SR my direct ancestor, was born about 1660 in Pennsylvania, and died 19 September 1728 in Chester County, Pennsylvania. He married SUSAN PACKER? Abt.1685 in Chester County, Pennsylvania. She was born Abt. 1664 in Massachusetts, and died Bef. 1728 in Chester County, Pennsylvania.

Children of ROBERT BAKER SR. and SUSAN PACKER are:

i.. DOUGLAS BAKER, b. Abt. 1688, Chester County, Pennsylvania; d. 16 December 1755, Prince Edward
County, Virginia.m- JANE THOMPSON
ii.. CALEB BAKER SR (my next direct ancestor) b. Abt. 1690, Chester County, Pennsylvania; d. 20 April 1754, Prince Edward County,Virginia.m-MARTHA BROOKS
iii. SAMUEL BAKER, b. Abt. 1694; d. Abt. 1758, Rowan County or Mecklenburg County, North Carolina.
iv. MAY BAKER, b. Bet. 1703; d. Ashe County, N.E. in 1800 m. ROBERT ELLIOT; b. Abt. 1692.
v. MARY BAKER, b. Bet. 1699 - 1700; d. 1778; m. THOMAS CALLAWAY, CAPT. b. Bet. 12 October 1700 -
1712, Essex County, Virginia; d. February 1800, Ashe, North Carolina.
vi. ROBERT BAKER JR. b. 1708, Chester County, Pennsylvania; d. 10 April 1759, Buffalo Settlement, Prince Edward
County, Virginia.M- MARY
vii. ELIZABETH BAKER, b. 1713. M John Hill?

Generation No. 2

was born 1708 in Chester County, Pennsylvania, and died 10 April 1759 in Prince Edward County, Virginia. He married MARY Abt. 1728 in Prince Edward County, Virginia.

Children of ROBERT BAKER and MARY are:

i. ELIZA BAKER, b. Prince Edward County, Virginia. M- WILLIAM BALDWIN
ii. SAMUEL BAKER, b. Prince Edward County, Virginia; .d – 24 Dec 1757 - M –ELIZABETH THOMPSON. Their son Robert married a SARAH
iii. unknown daughter – M – JAMES ANDERSON

Was born 1700-1703 in Chester County, Pa and died in Walnut Grove, Ashe County, N.E. in 1800. She married Robert Elliott- b about 1700.

Children of May Baker and Robert Elliott are:

i.JAMES ELLIOTT was born before 1743.
ii MARY ELLIOTT was born about 1743.
iii SARAH ELLIOTT was born in 1745 in Prince Edward County, Virginia. She married Andrew Crockett

. b. ABT 1700-1705 d. 1778; m. THOMAS CALLAWAY, CAPT around 1735. He was b. Bet. 12 October 1700 -
1712, Essex County, Virginia; d. 1800 Ashe, North Carolina
i Carey Callaway.
ii Elizabeth Callaway died after 1808 in South Carolina.
iii James Callaway.
iv Mary Callaway. Mary married James M. Nye.
v. Shadrack Callaway Shadrack married Catherine C. Baker daughter of James H. Baker , Sr and Ann Cox. Catherine was born on 27 Mar 1820.
vi Charles Callaway was born before 1746.
vii Richard Callaway was born before 1746 in Ash County, North Carolina. He died on 5 Mar 1822 in Ash County, North Carolina.
viii Thomas Callaway , Jr. was born in 1753. He died on 27 Mar 1819.
ix Frances Callaway was born before 1755. She died on 12 Nov 1851.
x Joseph Callaway was born before 1755. He died before 1830. 49 M
xi William Callaway was born before 1755 in Ash County, North Carolina. He died after 1800.
xii Elijah Callaway was born on 12 Nov 1769. He died on 3 Mar 1847

DOUGLAS BAKER (ROBERT) was born Abt. 1688 in Chester County, Pennsylvania, and died 1765 in Prince Edward County, Virginia. Hemarried JANE THOMPSON Abt. 1733 in Prince Edward County, Virginia.


ii. ANDREW BAKER, born 1755; died Aft. January 1804. He married CATHERINE BAKER
iii. DOUGLAS “DUGGY” BAKER , JR., born 1743; died 1778 in Prince Edward Co, VA-M-MARY ELLIOTT After his death Mary married William Scott.
iv. JOSHUA BAKER, born Abt. 1745; died 1776. He married HANNAH SMITH
v. SAMUEL BAKER born Abt. 1748; died 1801 Prince Edward County, VA m- MARY ANNE ARMSTRONG
vi. JEAN BAKER, born Abt. 1749.m-JOHN ARMSTRONG d 1813 Rogersville, TN
viii JOSEPH JOEL BAKER born 1754-1815 m-HANNAH

* CALEB BAKER SR.(ROBERT) This is my direct ancestor. He was born Abt. 1690 in Chester County, Pennsylvania, and died 20 April 1754 in Prince Edward County, Virginia. He married MARTHA BROOKS Abt. 1713 in Chester County, Pennsylvania, daughter of JOHN BROOKS and MARGARET OSBORNE. She was born Bet. 1693 - 1695 and died Bet. April - May 1759 in Buffalo Creek, Prince Edward County, Virginia.

Children of CALEB BAKER SR. and MARTHA BROOKS are:

i. ESTHER BAKER, b. Abt. 1716, Chester County, Pennsylvania; d. Bet. 1754 - 1759, Cub Creek, Charlotte
County, Virginia.—m-SAMUEL WALLACE
ii. SAMUEL BAKER, SR., (my next direct ancestor) b. Bet. 1718 - 1724, Chester County, Pennsylvania; d. 16 March 1782, Prince Edward County, Virginia. He married 1)-ELIZABETH GLOVER 2) CHRISTIAN RITCHEY
iii. HENRY BAKER, b. Abt. 1720, Chester County, Pennsylvania.m -SARAH
iv. ABRAHAM BAKER, b. Abt. 1722, Chester County, Pennsylvania; d. Bef. 1779, South Carolina; m. SARAH.
v. MARTHA BAKER, b. Abt. 1728, Chester County, Pennsylvania; d. Abt. 1790.M-CHARLES EWING
vi. MARY ANN BAKER, b. Bet. 1726 - 1730, Chester County, Pennsylvania; d. 25 June 1787, Bedford County,
vii. CALEB BAKER JR. b. Abt. 1734, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania; d. 10 March 1824, Prince Edward County,
viii. RUTH BAKER, b. Bet. 1733 - 1736, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania; m. SAMUEL JOHNSTON; b. Abt. 1733.
b. Abt. 1747.

Generation No. 3

ESTHER BAKER (CALEB, ROBERT) was born Abt. 1716 in Chester County, Pennsylvania, and died Bet. 1754 - 1759 in Cub Creek, Charlotte County,Virginia. She married SAMUEL WALLACE, SR. Abt. 1741 in Cub Creek, Charlotte County, VA. He was born Abt. 1710 in York County, Virginia, and died Abt. 1800 in Kentucky.


i. CALEB BAKER WALLACE, b. Abt. 1743, Amelia County, Virginia; d. 1814, Woodford County, Kentucky;
m. (1) ROSANNA CHRISTINE; m. (2) MRS. MARY BROWN; m. (3) SARAH MCDOWELL, April 1774,
Boteourt County,Virginia.
ii. ELIZABETH WALLACE, b. 26 December 1745, Cub Creek, Charlotte County, Virginia; d. 11 January 1814,
Woodford County, Kentucky; m. HENRY PAWLING, Abt. 1763, Charlotte County, Virginia.
iii. ANDREW WALLACE, b. 25 September 1748, Cub Creek, Charlotte County, Virginia; d. 02 July 1829,
Stanford, Lincoln County, Kentucky; m. CATHERINE PARKS.
iv. SAMUEL WALLACE, JR., b. Bet. 1749 - 1750.

*SAMUEL BAKER, SR. (CALEB, ROBERT) This is my next direct ancestor. He was born Bet. 1718 - 1724 in Chester County, Pennsylvania, and died 16 March 1782 in Prince Edward County, Virginia. He married (1) ELIZABETH GLOVER Abt. June 1749. She was born Abt. 1732, and died Abt. 1768 in Prince Edward County, Virginia. He married (2) CHRISTIAN RITCHEY 13 May 1768. She died Abt. 1795 in Prince Edward County, Virginia.


i. ELIZABETH BAKER, b. Amelia County, Virginia; d. Knox County or Jefferson County, TN m-ARCHIBALD CAMPBELL
ii. SAMUEL BAKER, JR., b. Abt. 1752.
iii. GLOVER BAKER (my next direct ancestor) b. Abt. 1755; d. 28 February 1827, Old Soldiers Home, Liberty (Later known as Bedford), Bedford County, Virginia .M- MARY FERRELL-1779 Bedford County, Va
iv. ROBERT BAKER, b. Abt. 1757; m. HANNAH FERRALL, 07 April 1781 Bedford County, Va.
Bedford County, Virginia;.d by 1813-Bedford County, Va
v. CALEB BAKER, b. Abt. 1760; d. Abt. 1792; m. JANE THOMPSON, 27 March 1782, Prince Edward County,
vi. MARTHA BAKER, b. Abt. 1762; m. JOHN EWING, Abt. 1780.
vii. JOHN BAKER, b. Abt. 1764; lived in Washington County, Al


Re: Baker line of Amelia County-1740's

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Do you have any records for Esther Baker who married George Shilladay.
I have one, if I can find it.
I know they did not stay in Prince Edward County.
Gay Nix

Re: Baker line of Amelia County-1740's

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Hi Gay,
I don't have much on this Esther and George Shilladay since her father, Douglas Baker, was my Caleb Baker's brother and so I didn't follow his line that much. But I do have this. It is from the will of Robert Baker's (another brother) widow in which Mary gives something to George.
She refers to herself as "widow of the late Robert Baker, Gunsmith." The will was written the ninth day of October 1760. Some of the things Mary Baker leaves are:

1. To her beloved son-in-law James Anderson, twelve pounds, ten shillings, current money of Virginia.
2. To my beloved grandson, Samuel Anderson Five pounds.
3. To my well-loved granddaughter, Mary Baker, seventeen, ten shillings with my bed and furniture to her and her heirs forever....
4. to my well-beloved grandson Robert Baker, two hundred acres of land, with all the improvements therewith belonging, which includes all the clear ground and buildings. I bequeath him seventeen pounds, ten shillings.
5. to my well-beloved granddaughter, Margaret Baker seventeen pounds, ten shillings. with my riding horse and side saddle with my brown setting gown, a black crepe gown and blue quilted pettisake? Petticoat?
6. to my well-beloved grandson, John Baker, seventeen pounds, ten shillings.
7. to my well-beloved cousin, John Hill, twelve pounds, ten shiillings to the amount of __pounds removed out of my stock taken by him according to apprisement with the bed and furniture that he now sith on.
8. to my loving cousin, Robert Baker, son of Douglas Baker, one cow named Sally to him and his heirs forever...
9. to my loving cousin, George Shilladay one cow named Primrose to him and heirs forever.
10. I order and appoint that all my stock of chattles, goods, with my three Negroes (to wit) Will, Isaac and Jean, to be sold except so much of my stock as is or shall be willed away, and the money arising therefrom to be divided as followeth: ten pounds current money to each of my three grandchildren Samuel, Thomas and Mary Anderson; and the remainder after my lawful debts and legacies are paid to be equally divided amongst my four grandchildren, Mary, Robert, Margaret and John Baker to them and their heirs forever.
11,I give and bequeath to my loving cousin, Robert Baker, son of Douglas Baker, the years hire of my Negro, Isaac, with is now in his possession.
12. to John Hill, one cow named Flower and her calf.
13. to Mary Swallow, one cow named Nancy.
Her will inventory was taken on 20 Feb1761 and recorded in Prince Edward County the 19 of Dec 1763.

The only other thing I have on George was that he was a witness to Douglas Baker's (his father-in-law) will where the only daughters mentioned are the two under-age or unmarried daughters. Here it is:
Will of Douglas Baker, 1765 - Prince Edward County , Virginia

1765 Sep 16. Prince Edward Co, VA Will Bk 1, pgs 78-79. Will of DOUGLAS BAKER made 16 Feb 1765

proven 16 Sep 1765.

In the Name of God Amen. Being sick and low of Body But of Perfect Sence & Memory thanks to

Almighty God Calling to mind my Mortality Do make this my last Will and Testament in Manner

following. First I give my Soul to God that gave it & my Body to be Buried in hope of a glorious

Resurrection. As to my Worldly goods I dispose of them as followeth. First I give and Bequeath

to my Daughter Jean Baker one Negro boy named James with her horse and saddle, I also give to

my Daughter Martha Baker One Negro Boy named Rodger, with her mare. Also I give to my Dearly

beloved Wife Jane Baker all the rest of my Estate to be disposed of by her in her Life and at

her Death, As it shall _______ to her after all Just Debts are payed & I constitute & appoint

my Dearly beloved Wife Jane Baker to be Executrix of this my last Will In Witness whereof I do

hereunto set my hand and Seal this Sixteenth Day of February 1765.

Signed & Sealed } his

in presence of } Douglass ( D ) Baker

George Shilliday mark

Samuel Baker

Andrew Baker

At Court held for Prince Edward County the 16th Day of September 1765 This Last Will of Douglas

Baker ____ proved in Court by Jane Baker the Executrix therein Named who under Oath thereto and

the same was proved by the Oath of the witnesses thereto & Ordered to be Recorded.

John LeNeve, Clerk

Re: Baker line of Amelia County-1740's

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Thank you for that information.
Gay Nix

Re: Baker line of Amelia County-1740's

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Surnames: Baker, Scott
Do you have any more on the Douglas (Duggy) Baker Jr. that married Mary Elliott and after Douglas died she married William Scott. I am looking at the Scott side of this. Do you know if Douglas had any children with Mary. Do you know if Mary had any children after she married William Scott. I am looking for an William Scott that lived in Prince Edwards Co., Va. about 1778. Do you know if Mary had a middle name.Can you tell me anything about this other than what I have ask about.

India J. Wolf

Re: Baker line of Amelia County-1740's

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Hi there,
Douglas "Duggy'" Baker evidently died young. But he and Mary Elliott did have children. I have no information at all on Mary's second husband, William Scott, nor do I know Mary Elliott's middle name.

This first information I'm giving you comes I believe from a descendant of Elliott Baker and Kiziah Brown

Douglas "Duggy" BAKER b 1751; d 1778 PE; m Mary ELLIOTT [after Douglas died; Mary 2m 1782 PE to William SCOTT]
Some Children:
A. Nancy BAKER c1760-1828 m 1796 PE Joseph MORTON
B. Catherine "Katy" BAKER
D. Jenny BAKER m 1800 PE Richard DAVENPORT
E. Elliott BAKER 1775-1836 PE m 1801 PE Kiziah "Kizzey" BROWN 1790-1862 (dau of Wilson BROWN)

I have this additional descendants of Elliott Baker. I found an interesting Chancery case in Prince Edward County, Va regarding the descendants of Duggy Baker's son, Elliott Baker and Kiziah Brown. It is Douglas B. Baker vs. John B. Baker and the case was in 1857.
Evidently, Kiziah Brown Baker, the widow of Elliot Baker, (Elliott was son of Douglas "Duggy" Baker Jr. and Mary Elliott) had recently died and the heirs decided it would be best to sell about 300 acres of land in Prince Edward County, Va as one piece. Richard Woodson bought the land. In the payout the following "heirs" were mentioned:

Douglas Baker
Richard W. Baker
Allen E. Baker
John Foster and Susan his wife (Susan C. Baker)
John B. Baker
Joseph or Josiah? Baker dec. whose infants (meaning under-age) children are Josephine Baker and Mary E. Baker. Their Guardian is Mr. Worsham
Jan Swart at

Re: Baker line of Amelia County-1740's

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Hello Jan, we are researching our James RICE line in Prince Edward County and in your Generation 3 it looks like we might be related. We can only go from when the RICE-BAKER line moved to Missouri in the 1830's. We know our James RICE's father was Caleb BAKER possibly married to Jane THOMSON. James had a son Peter RICE who married Jane Francis THOMAS in either NC or KY. Peter and Jane's son Alexander Henry RICE and his wife Alice Elizabeth Mary BARNUM were married in Callaway County, Cedar City, Missouri Sep 1, 1880; they are my ggrandparents and are buried in the Union Cemetery there (see Find-A-Grave). Peter moved his family to Arkansas during the Civil War because they were Confederate, but moved back to their farm in Callaway County after the war. James RICE did bring slaves to Callaway County with him because my Mom remembers her grandfather Alex talking about how well his grandfather treated his slaves. What we have been researching for over twenty years is the progenitor of the RICE-BAKER line; just when the families came to America and where they first settled. I was so happy to see your post and hope we have a connection. I can be reached at Thanks so much for your extensive post; it is people like you that keep up the good work so that those that came before us will be remembered. I love USGW's 'Colonial Ancestors' portion and hope to post all of our family that were here prior to 1890. Sharon Braun (Schmidt-Rice-Baker-Brosius-Barnum)and that's just part of the maternal side.

Re: Baker line of Amelia County-1740's

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Jan, very sorry. Should have reviewed my reply. What I meant to say was that our James RICE born abt 1794 in PECounty, VA was married to Mary BAKER born abt 1796 in either NC or KY. Mary BAKER's father was Caleb BAKER possibly married to a Jane Thomson?

Tnx, Sharon

Re: Baker line of Amelia County-1740's

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This is Jan Swart. The Mary Baker who married Thomas Calloway is now discovered to not be part of this line but she is rather of the Re. Andrew Baker line. They are two separate lines out on the Baker DNA site. The "gunsmith" line of which my Bakers are and the "Rev Andrew Baker line.

Re: Baker line of Amelia County-1740's

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William F. Scott was born 3 December 1757 in Ireland. He married Mary Baker 10 October 1781 in Prince Edward, Virginia. William and Mary had one son, Samuel Joseph Scott (b 1785). Samuel J. Scott married Elizabeth E.C. Biggers. They had three children: Louisa Henry, William F. Scott, and Samuel J. Scott.

Louisa Henry Scott (1811-1836) married James R. Whitehead (abt 1812-1881) 3 March 1830. James R. Whitehead was the son of John Whitehead and Martha "Patty" Baker. I believe Martha was the daughter of Samuel Baker and Elizabeth Glover.

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