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wanita Mitchell (View posts)
Posted: 964968147000
Looking for descendents of Mary Ann Lott Suttles, Ga; John Lott, Ga; Lucinda Lott Thrasher, Ga; Thomas Lott, Al/Ga; Abergill Lott Warren, Ga; William Lott, Ga; Sarah Lott Johnson, Ga; Nancy Lott Thrasher, Ga; Joel T. Lott, Al/Ga; Frances Elizabeth Lott Woodley,Al; Henry T. Lott, Al. Any info at all appreciated.


Cheryl Wilkerson (View posts)
Posted: 965816605000
My mother was a Lott. There is a Lucinda Peterson
on our tree, a Thomas, several Johns, a Sarah,
and a Joel. My grandfather was born in Coffee Co.,
GA in the 1890s. His father was Joel. I have
developed a little sketchy family tree going
back to England.

Joel Lott

wanita lott mitchell (View posts)
Posted: 966511321000
My Joel was born 1839 in Ala and married Mary E. Vinson in May 1845 They lived in Cleburne, Ala. Had 6 children. Is this your Joel?

Joel Lott

Cheryl Wilkerson (View posts)
Posted: 966515726000
Not the same person

Hubert Dennis Lott

Kathleen (View posts)
Posted: 967136893000
Am looking for relatives of Hubert Dennis Lott who had four sisters - born in MS. Wife: Carrie Lott. Hubert died approximately 1965 - Carrie died two years ago.

Lucinda Peterson...for Cheryl Wilkerson

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Hi, My mother is a Lott, Joann
She is the daughter of Grady Vereen Lott,son of Daniel Webster, son of Daniel Lambert, son of Joel Lott, son of Daniel, then there's Mark, John Jr, John Sr, John.
My Daniel Lott was born in Ga in 1791 and married Lucinda (Lucy) Peterson. They had 11 children.
Is this your Lucinda and Daniel?

Lucinda Peterson Daniel Lott

Cheryl Wilkerson (View posts)
Posted: 969353658000
Lucinda Peterson Daniel Lott were my great, great, great grandparents. Daniel was born in 1791. It must be the same one. I have done a sketchy family tree starting with my Grandfather, Nathaniel. I just by chance entered his name in the blanks one day and came up with all his ancestors. Joel was his father. Let me know and I could email the tree to you. I have not worked on it in a while. Wanted to do a good one for a Christmas present to my Aunt this year. I will try to figure out tonight how we are related. Let me hear from you.

Family Tree

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Yes, that would be great. I don't have anything past the third John.
Have you saw the Lott book?
I read some of it at the library.
It has everyones name in it. I'm sure it has your's also.
my email address is
Hope to hear from you soon


patsy goates (View posts)
Posted: 970680917000
Hi Stacy

What Lott book are you refering to and at what library. Who wrote the book. Thanks Patsy
Posted: 970692919000
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I think the name of it is Families of Wiregrass Georgia.
They have 2 of them at the library here.
I'm in Moultrie, Georgia.
I don't know if this book that I am referring to is just one in a series of books or if it is the only book. The book I read has all about the Lott family.
I haven't seen my aunt yet to find out how to order it but, we are having our Lott family reunion Saturday and I will find out and Post it. I will list it under: LOTT BOOK or Lott Book ordering Info.
Which Lott's are you looking for?
I only have the first 21 pages of the book copied here. Let me know.
my email is
per page

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