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Keane family history

Keane family history

Carol (View posts)
Posted: 963074936000
To the searchers, my mother is a Keane and we are from Wexford in Ireland, her family has lived in Wexford for many generations, and if I can be of some help to some searcher out e-mail and I will do my level best to help. Our relatives were stone masons by trade. One word of advice to people searching in Ireland, the Keane family name can also be found under Kane. I found when looking at some records that the surname varied depending on the priest.


Keane Family History

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Hi Carol,
I saw your message on Ancestry and wondered if you had a James Eugene Keane in your family?? I am told that my great grandfather James.E.Keane was born in Mischigan in 1849,to Edgar and Jean Saddiler Keane. I am hopeing you might have some of my family in with yours...
Please write back to
Thank You For your Time
Hope You Have A Wonderful Day !!

Keane family history

Eva (View posts)
Posted: 963931324000
Hi Eva,

to my knowledge there was a very small amount of my family that would have emigrated but that is not to say that they did not, particularly around the the 1800's which were famine times in Ireland. I will have to do some asking around, I will keep you informed. If you have any more information let me know.


keane family history

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Hi Carol,
Thank You!!
For checking I am thankful for your time. I have a cousin that expressed my gggrandfather Edgar went to England but I have a 1910 cencus that states he came from New Hampshire. After Edgar Jean Keane passed away in California their two boys James Eugene ( my ggrandfather) and his brother Edward Keane had to to New York and live with family there because they were under age I assume .... From there it seems my gggrandfather James did a litte mining and ranching here there in the U.S. Any information you may have I would be absoultly thrilled with !!
Thank You Again!!
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Hi Eva, Do you have a Flora (bell) Keane in your family that died in 1932? I appreciate any info you can give me, Thanks for your time! She was my aunt.thanks Tery

keane family history

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Hi Theresa,
I'm sorry... I don't recall your aunts name in my grandfathers folks... Did your aunt go by another name? (nic name)? Wish I could help you.. If I see her name come up while I'm researching I'll forward it to you !!
Best Of Luck!!
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Thank You Eva, Good Luck with your quest!


dee (View posts)
Posted: 965416330000
I am married to a Keane and I am interested in trying to obtain information for my son's family tree. Also, I would like to find out any information about Nora A. Keane who was on the Titanic (third class passenger). My husband's father is from Ireland and they visited Ireland I believe three maybe four years ago. I need to speak with my father in law for much more information.

Keane Family

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Some of what you've written connects. I've been searching the Keane line for years and as of yet to find a lead. The Keane's I'm looking for lived in South Boston from at least 1901 thru 1947 that I know of. Anthony Keane (my husband's grandfather) was born there in February 1901 and had the following siblings: Mary, Elenora (Nora), John and Sarah (Sadie). Any chance of a connection?


Keane family tree

Dee (View posts)
Posted: 965573141000
Hi Dee,

If I can be of any help please let me know, if your father in law visited Wexford in Ireland, then we might be able to help. I have no knowledge of a Nora Keane in the family I am afraid. Good luck.

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