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fischers in wisconsin

fischers in wisconsin

cynthia millington (View posts)
Posted: 950202405000
please if anyone knows of some fischers who came over in the early 1900's and resided around the milwaukee area help. some names may be mary,helen, rose,julia and ilias.
also affiliated names could be trandler,beke,hlaban,oreskovic

Fischers in Wisconsin

Dianne (View posts)
Posted: 951247112000
Don't know if there is any relationship or not,
but I'm related to Fichers in Wisconsin. Mother
was Jeanette Fischer,(b. 1917) Grandfather Peter
Fischer, (b. 1881) (m. Clara Boeckman)GGrandfather
Mathias Fischer, (b. 1854) (m. Catherine Helz).
I know I had many uncles and cousins in the Wisconsin
area. You can email me directly if you think there
could be any links --
Thanks, Dianne

Fischer in Milwaukee, WI Slovakia

Posted: 952204852000
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My grandfather's mother was Rozalia Fischer who was born in Hochstetno, the Kingdom of Hungary on 23 June 1855. She died in Hochstetno on 13 March 1929. Rozalia married Jan Illy on 11 June 1876. My grandfather migrated to Milwaukee Wisconsin in the early 1900's. In the 1950's, my grandmother kept refering to the Fischer memebers of the family who lived in the Milwaukee area. I never met any of these Fischers, I was under the impression that they were older relatives. The only other information I have is that Rozalia Fischer's father was called Stefan Fischer and her mother was also called Rozalia Fischer nee Korenics. Oh yes, Hochstetno, the town that they came from is just a few miles northeast of Bratislava, Slovakia and Vienna Austria. The family spoke Slovak and German. If anyone can tie into this Fischer family, please contact me. I have some more information that may be helpful.

fischers in milwaukee,wi slovakia

cynthia millington (View posts)
Posted: 952270711000
thank you for replying to my message. it sounds like there might be a link there . if you dont mind ,you said you had more information,would you email me and let me know more. i will ask my aunt for more info on these names.thank you cynthia millington

Fischer's of Milwaukee Hochstetno

Posted: 952448357000
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Dear Cynthia:

Reviewing my previous email, I note that I provided you with all the information that I have about the Fischers in Hochstetno. I do know as a fact that neither Rozalia's father nor mother (Stefan Fischer Rozalia Korenics) were born or married in Hochstetno. I checked the Hochstetno parish records and the records of the nearby neighboring parishes and could not find anything further on either the Fischer or the Korenics family. It would appear that they moved to Hochstetno from some other area prior to 23 June 1855 when their daughter Rozalia was born. This is unusual, as people did not move very often back then. I have traced other branches of my family in Hochstetno going back to the 1600's.

One possibility is that Stefan Fischer was in the military and was transferred with his wife to the Hochstetno area. When time permits, I will check the military records, if any, for Stefan. This is a shot in the dark.

Rozalia Fischer married Jan Illy on 11 June 1876. Together they had three children, one of which is my maternal grandfather, Franz Jozef Illy. On my maternal grandfathers side I have information going back to 1526.

If you can tie into Jan Illy, I have tons of information. But unfortunately, the Fischers are still a mystery to me.

One final note, today Hochstetno is called Vysoka pri Morave. The town has a history going back to the 1200's. Prior to being called Hochstetno, it was called Hochstadt (German) and Magasfalu (Hungarian). The names all refer to the fact that the town is supposedly on high ground. But, when I visited Hochstetno, it appeared to be very flat. It is on the banks of the Morave River.

Fischer's in Milwaukee

Posted: 953151604000
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This may be just another unrelated Fischer line, but? My wifes side has Fischer's from Milwaukee.

Paul Carl Fischer + Louise Solomon
Arrived in Wisconsin around 1870.

Agnes Fischer + Charles Van Kries
Elsie Fischer 1889 - 1963 + Gus Dresden
Irma Fischer 1900-66 + James Smith 1897 -
1977 (My wife Marlene's ggrandparents)
Louise Fischer 1902 - 1918
Helen Fischer 1907 - 1986 + Fred Bieri

Please let me know if there may be a connection.


Fischer - Milwaukee

Posted: 953451952000
Edited: 1107458845000
At this time, I am not able to make any definite connection between our Fischer families. Out of the hundreds of names in my family tree, I have the least amount of information about the Fischer family. The Fischers have been the most illusive, hard for me to tract down.

The only information I have is that my great-grandmother Rozalia Fischer was born in Hochstetno (Slovakia) on June 23, 1855. She married Jan Illy on June 11, 1876. She died in Hochstetno on March 13, 1929. Her parents were Stefan Fischer and Rozalia Korenics. I have no further information on the parents.

Her son, my grandfather, Frantisek (Franz Jozef) Illy came to the United States in the early 1900's. He changed his last name to Illek, Illak, and finally to Ellak. He lived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He was suppose to have Fischer relatives living in Milwaukee or in the immediate Milwaukee area. I was young and don't remember ever meeting any of these Fischer relatives, their names came up when my grandparents mentioned other members of the family in their conversations.

Perhaps, as we acquire more information, we will be able to make a connection. If you are able to make a connection, please let me know.

Re: fischers in wisconsin

Posted: 1008556353000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Fischer, Oetiker
I have been looking for info on my grandfather George Frederich Fischer (born about 1875) who was possibly adopted from American-Indian reservation in Wisconsin by a Fischer family. He went back to Germany and medical school in Heidelberg about 1896. Married Emily Oetiker(from Zurich, Swiss)

Re: Fischers in Wisconsin

Posted: 1016666407000
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I just recently discovered my connection to the family of Mathias Fischer b.1854. My great-grandfather was Mathias H Fischer jr. who relocated to Madison, WI abt 1920. My grandmother was Carmen Fischer b. abt 1920. I would be very interested in hearing more about this family. - Tim

Re: Fischers in Wisconsin

Posted: 1033603466000
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Hi Tim --

You may email me directly at

and see if any of our FISCHER's connect. I have many, many decendents of Mathias Fischer, but not many ancestors.


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