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Tevebaugh family of Pawnee CO, NE

Tevebaugh family of Pawnee CO, NE

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Surnames: Tevebaugh, Brinkerhoff, Mayfield, Stolte
Looking for Nellie Tevebaugh or any family to contact me. Thank you

Re: Tevebaugh family of Pawnee CO, NE

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Surnames: Knapp, Brinkerhoff, Mayfield, Tevebaugh
Nellie Tevebaugh was my father's sister. His father was Giles Knapp. His mother was Delia Brinkerhoff Knapp. She was married to Leland Brinkerhoff. He was previously married and had a son, Chester. Chester married Cora Mayfield and they had two daughters. Leland and Delia were married in 1880 and Chester would have been about 8 but he is not listed with them on the 1880 census and I have been unable to find him in 1880. I have more information and would be more than willing to share including some interesting family stories!
Regards, Ann

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Surnames: Mayfield, Brinkerhoff, Tevebaugh
Hello Ann, Thank you for your reply. Cora Mayfield was my Great Grandfathers sister and I became interested in Cora and Chester's history after hearing family stories of their triumphs and tragedies. I learned of Nellie Tevebaugh when I obtained an obituary of Chesters and could never find her listed in the SSDI, but that is not unusual if the woman never worked in life to obtain SS. I assumed she might still be alive, because I knew nothing of how old she was when listed as the niece of Chester when he died in 1953-54. Last year when I finally had easier access to the 1880 census I began looking for Chester too, but could not find him with his father and new step-mother. Then I learned that he went to live with his grandparents (mothers family) who were KILLMAR. I found Chester, 8 yr old grandson living with David, Susan and Delia KILLMAR in District 3, Boonville, Onieda Co, New York. Apparently he lived with the grandparents until his father and new step-mother were married and settled in and later went back to Nuckolls CO. NE to live with them. I look forward to sharing what we have with each other. I also have photos of Cora, Chester and daughters, Vivian and Alberta that I can copy if you would like, but then you probably already have some. Just recently I found a relative of Vivian Brinkerhoffs husband. Hoping to get some additional info to add to what I already have .

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Ann Hoskin (View posts)
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Surnames: Brinkerhoff, Tevebaugh
I am so excited to have found you. I just started looking into my father's side of the family and without much information it has been difficult. I only have one picture with Chester in it and it has his parents, grandparents and his half sisters and brother. The sisters are Delia Pearl Brinkerhoff,June 12, 1881 died April 18, 1944 in Schenevus, New York; Angelia Bell born in 1883 who seems to have died prior to 1900 as she is not listed on that census and Lilly has 4 children with 3 still alive; Ella Brinkerhoff born February 1885 who married Gilbert O Decker February 27, 1907 in Mt. Clare, Nuckolls Nebraska and Forest Howlsing Brinkerhoff, born March 1893. He seems to have died before the 1910 census as he is not listed and Lilly now has 2 children still living. I know Delia was still alive and Ella had to have been as she had 7 children but I have not yet tracked them down in the census.

Chester was born October 1872 and Cora Nov. 1873. According to the 1900 Nuckolls County, Alban district sheet 8 census, Chester and Cora M had been married 2 years by then.In the 1910 census, their daughter Vivian was 6 and Alberta was 2 (on this census Alberta is Albert and a son) Albert becomes Alberta and a female in subsequent census. On the 1930 census, only Alberta is listed and I believe by this time Vivian was dead.

My brother who is 10 years older than me and remembers the Civil War told me that one of the girls died of appendicitis because Uncle Chet (Chester) waited to take her to the doctor in town because it cost less than having the doctor come to the house. The doctor would not be in town for a couple of days and by that time, her appendix burst. The other daughter went up in a plane with a barnstormer and jumped out. Judging by the fact that Alberta was 22 in 1930 I suspect that if true it was probably her. You'll find Chester in Nebraska, Nuckoll's County, Alban district.

Leland Brinkerhoff is in Nebraska, Nuckoll's County, St Strphens district in 1900 and 1910 and in New Youk, Delaware county, Meredith Township in 1920. Nellie Knapp Tevebaugh stayed in Nebraska to marry Earl.

George Washington Wade 1834, Indiana married Mary Jane Nicholson 1838 Indiana.
Illinois, Henderson county, Township 10 range 4 1870 census
George W Wade head farm laborer, cannot write
Mary wife 32 years,
Margaret 14 born Indiana
Susament (?) difficult to read, 13 F born Iowa
Sarah 11 born Missouri
Lilly 8 born Iowa
John 6 born Iowa
Sherman 4 born Illinois
Thomas 3 born Illinois
Harriet 1 born Illinois

1880 Nebraska, Nuckolls Elk District

George W age 48 farmer
Mary J 42
John 16
Alexander S 14
Thomas S 12
Ella E 8 born Illinois
Ernest M 6 born Illinois

1900 Nebraska, Nuckolls Elk Precinct

George W 66 farmer cannot read or write
Mary Jane 62 11 children, 10 living
Cyrus, October 1882 born Nebraska day laborer
Their daughter Lilly June 1862 died 1941 in New York married Leland Brinkerhoff born May 1845 in New York and died Marh 5, 1926 in New York. Buried in Woodland Cemetary, Delhi, New York.

Delia born March 1882 in Illinois
Angelia Bell 1883
Ella born Febuary 1885
Forest March 1893

Delia died April 18, 1944 married Giles Levicy Knapp January 8, 1901. This is where it gets interesting. I have their oldest son Clarence born this same date but the marriage date is from the Nuckoll's County records. The later census have them married longer than this. The Nuckoll's records should be accurate whereas the census is not.
Clarence ? died October 25, 1926 buried Delhi Cemetary
Nellie Katherine Knapp March 31, 1902, died February 18, 1994, services Monday, February 21, 1994, internment Nelson Cemetary, Nelson, Nebraska This is the Nellie you have been looking for.
Veda Genievieve born February 18, 1905 died in New York in 1996.
Carlyle Maurice born June 27, 1906 died September 25, 1967, lived in Philadelphia, PA
Brinkerhoff Knapp, born January 16, 1909 and died July 17, 1945 in Colchester New York. Uncle Ken was a state policeman killed in the line of duty.
Lillie Iola born December 12, 1909 and died in 1994
Baby Boy Knapp born and died March 26, 1911
Forest Loal born July 26, 1912 and died in 1986
Doris Angelia born June 6, 1915 and died March 30, 2003
Dorothy Lucille born July 26, 1916 and died in 1997
Ruth Gilberta born October 6, 1919 in New York and died October 31, 1919 in New York.

Leland Brinkerhoff served in the Civil War under an assumed name, Levi Brown. I am in the process of trying to obtain his service records now.

There is a book "Hoppers to Copters, A History of Nuckoll's County" which I am trying to obtain. It was written by the chamber of commerce for a Centenial celebration and apparently a few of my relatives are mentioned in it.

Uncle Chet was notorious for being very frugal. My sisters visted Aunt Nellie in the 50's and Uncle Chet picked them up at the bus station. He took them to Aunt Nellie's but on the way stopped the car, climbed a barbed wire fence and picked corn from a field. He brought it to Aunt Nellie who told my sisters that he would stop in anybody's field and pick cow corn. She did not serve it.

Sorry this is so long. Hope it helps. I have the next generations as well and a number of pictures of the Knapp and Brinkerhoff's except Chester. Thank you for the information on Chester, now I know where to look for him prior to 1800. I find it interesting that Leland and Lilly had boarders but did not have Chester in 1880.

PS Who is Vivian Brinkerhoff? Was she Leland's first wife?

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Mary, I just read your post about Louis Stolte, I looked up the 1930 census and the information about Vivian does match with Uncle Chet's Vivian. I have a cousin (Aunt Nellie's daughter) living in Pawnee City and I'll see if I can contact her to see if she knows anything. My grandparents and Aunt Nellie's siblings moved to New York state but Aunt Nellie stayed behind and married Uncle Earl. Her family knew Uncle Chet better than we did as my father moved from New York to Philadelphia to attend college and then married my mother. If I hear anything I'll let you know.

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Surnames: Mayfield, Brinkerhoff, Stolte
The only Vivivan Brinkerhoff I know of was Chester and Cora's
daughter. She was the one who died of surgery complications. She was married at the time and was a school teacher living in Stratton, NE. Her name was Vivian Stolte and her husband was Louis Stolte.
This is interesting what you have sent, and knowing that the marriage year of Chester and Cora was @1900, I have the family photo with both of them in it. They were pretty much newlyweds about that time. I also have several photos of Cora and the girls at various times, but just a couple or 3 of Chester. I think Cora and the girls must have done alot of traveling without Chester to WA state to visit family, because he does not appear very much or maybe he was the one taking the photos. I was at the Nelson Cemetery in NE in 1998. Cora's grandparents are buried ther and a Uncle and Aunt and the Aunts family. I have seen and made copies from a book at the Superior, NE library (could be the Choppers and Hoppers book) with a section in there about Leland and his business and his wife was a seller of hats. I also have the death record of Leland and Cora from the funeral home in Superior. It has quite a bit of info on it. All of the great neices and nephews of Cora and Chester tell of the same wedding presents they got from them. Can't remember every item, but there was always a cake mix (or mixes), and I can remember them talking about the fact they thought the Brinkerhoffs had something to do with the Pillsbury Co or Betty Crocker. Do you know anything about that? In fact, I have tried searching for a connection, but nothing found.I will contact you privately from her on. Found your email address. Hope it is still active.

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I hadn't realized that Vivian had married. Leland Brinkerhoff kept a livery in 1880 and was a hotel keeper in 1900. In 1910 he is listed as a livery man. In 1920 he's a farmer. He and the rest of the Knapp family except Aunt Nellie moved to New York between 1916 and 1919. Again he was a farmer. Chester is always listed as a farmer. When did cake mixes come out? Most of the family were farmers. I haven't heard of anyone working for a baking company. Giles Knapp was a manager of a grain elevator in Nebraska. Anyway, my email is with

Re: Mayfield, Brinkerhoff, Tevebaugh family of Pawnee CO, NE

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Surnames: Killmar
I am researching my Killmar family roots. Originally they were from West Troy, Watertown & that area of New York. I know that my Great-Great Grandfathers name was Henry Killmar and he married an Elmina Morgan. They had 8 children, the youngest of which was my Great-Grandfather Lucius. The family eventually ended up all over the country. I'm wondering if your chester is at all related to my Killmar family. Please reach me at - My name is Bobi Killmar Gartley

Re: Mayfield, Brinkerhoff, Tevebaugh family of Pawnee CO, NE

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Surnames: Killmar
I'm so sorry it took so long. The earthlink is an old address and I only check it every 3 or 4 months.
According to the 1880 census, David Killmar, age 71, wife Susan age 62, daughter Delia age 25 and Chester Brinkerhoff age 8 lived in Oneida County, 3rd election district, Booneville. page 14
I don't know anything else about the Killmar's but I do have info about Chester and his family.

Re: Tevebaugh family of Pawnee CO, NE

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My name is Kenneth Knapp. My Grandfather's name was Kenneth Brinckerhoff Knapp. I saw your conversation on-line. He was NYS Trooper killed in the line of duty. I am trying to find his mother and father's names. I hope you can help me.
Thank you----Ken.
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