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Were there exemption codes?

Were there exemption codes?

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Surnames: Haynes
Looking at a registration card for Ralph Gates Haynes (b. 2 March 1894), and in the exemption line (line 12) the number 1767 are circled and crossed out, and 1774 is also written and circled. Any idea what this could mean?

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Re: Were there exemption codes?

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The Card Ralph filled in is referred to as a "12 Question" one. The 12th Question is "Do you claim exemption from draft (specify grounds)?" The card is filled out by the man themselves unless they couldn't write and no "codes" were used. Of all the ones I have seen since Ancestry has had this database (except this one card), all I have ever seen is a blank answer or "No" written or a written out excuse... "Have to support family", "sole support of family" or "have a missing limb"
The could be the numbers were probably written by a clerk of the Draft Board. Could be anything, like the number of cards collected that month. If you look at the top of the card you will seen the same 1772, much smaller.

Re: Were there exemption codes?

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I don't think this is an official card. It has no registras report. It does not have a registras signature.

He was born in 1894 and this Registration card "A" was from 5 June 1917. It was for born between June 6, 1886 and June 5, 1896. He would have been about 23 or 24, but there is no date on this card as to when he registered. It wouldn't make a difference; because he fell under the guidelines of the registration Card.

The thing it would have been dated and he would have a qualifying date on that side of the card and it would have been signed by a registra.

I think Decmay made ref to and I agree there would be a no or yes on line #12. I just got through working on a thread on this Board. The #12 question had said yes and then for clarification was written in SO #33 (Special Order #33).

Bear with me I am going to explain something. This is worth the time I think. This particular Draft registrtion had a two fold situation. Line #12 was written ?Yes?(I am not sure) and then as an explantion he was claiming an exemption under SO #33.

Question #9 asked if you have s father, mother, wife, child under 12, or a sister or brother under 12 who is solely dependant on you for support (specify which. I think he answered yes and put his mother.

Then on the Registras report (He had served in the military prior to this.) on the back side. He was listed with a disability. I think it just was checked.

Geting back to #12 He said he was exempt from SO#33. Was it from the disability from the Army or was it because he had to to support his mother. Special Orders can be very broad or very small and unlike a general order they are issued at every level in the Army. No answer to Special Order #33 and enough time taken on this thread; but I think it was relavent in a small way.

I really think there is another official registration Record. They might be saying and I don't agree. It is some kind of record on this man and gives some info on him; because his records might have gotten destroyed and like my father. It is one of the pieces of info that there is from his Army history. Something is better than nothing. You have a litle piece of him. Official or not.

Re: Were there exemption codes?

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I found a Family Tree for him. They have a 1930 Census on there and he listed that he did not serve in the military. (1.) He didn't have a disability listed on the Registras Comments on the back of his registration Card; But he had a deferment number and he did not list a dependant that was depending on him for support. I am wondering how many farmers got deferments. They were very necessary for the war effort.

That is if the Draft Registration card is legitimate.

I have found out some other information and sent off an e-mail and waiting on an answer. I hope it is good news.

Re: Were there exemption codes?

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I REDITED THIS MSG. 7/23/12. Will add to it later. I have done a study of over 150 draft registration Cards and prepared and type and put together a msg. and was transposing it to the thread and then Ancestry said sorry for some reasonwe lost our connection. I went back andthe msg was gone. I am tired. It was a lot of info and I am a little #?#%#?##@*& at Ancestry need I say the words. I hope to get it together again. It took me over an hour to get it together (You guys and gals probably said "GOOD-Thank God" (Smile).

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