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Hodge Marriages - Marion County, Texas

Hodge Marriages - Marion County, Texas

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This was provided to me by Bill McLatchie, president of the Marion County Gen. Soc. Thanks, Bill.

I'm sharing these marriages with the list in hope of making some connections. My direct connection is the marriage of Green Hodge and Lulu Nunn, who resided in Cass County, TX.

I recognize some other names, but cannot make connections to my family. Here they are:

In the period 1860 thru' 1907 the following:

Ben HODGE // Mattie JACKSON 15 Dec 1873 Marriage Book C, page 077
Ben HODGE // L. STEPHANS 30 May 1875 C-168
Emerson HODGE // Alma RICE 30 Jul 1906 G-004
Green HODGE // Lula NUN 26 Oct 1895 E-266
Isac HODGE // Dolly ENGLISH 20 Nov 1875 C-199
Jno. HODGE // L. LANY 28 Aug 1874 C-124
John HODGE // Martha Jane BEAL 06 Mar 1890 D-507
Lilborne HODGE // Sallie RAND 16 Apr 1902 F-122
Noah HODGE // Hester CROWELL 17 Dec 1902 F-159

John CHRISTIAN // Docia HODGE 31 Dec 1879 C-412
Charlie COLE // Dushie HODGE 09 Jun 1889 D-436
Cary CROWELL // Melissa HODGE 10 Jan 1893 E-105
Fred FLORENCE // Florence HODGES 14 Jan 1900 E-512
William GIPSON // Maria E. HODGE 30 Dec 1893 E-165
Green GOESTEIN // Mollie HODGE 02 May 1872 A-276
Newt GRAY // Meckie HODGE 23 Dec 1902 F-160
John W. HAMMOND // Bettie HODGE 11 Jan 1889 D-414
William HARVEY // Waver HODGE 06 Feb 1901 F-028
William HENDRICKS // Lucy HODGE 02 Mar 1887 D-123
T. E. HOLLEYMAN // Maggie G. HODGE 13 Oct 1889 D-460
G. W. MICKERS // Nettie HODGE 05 Dec 1889 D-468
Edmond (or Edmund) REED // Susan HODGE 04 Aug 1874 C-117
Joshua SMITH // Lettie HODGES 17 Dec 1885 D-227
W, F, TYES // Virginia HODGE 19 Oct 1892 E-092
Edward WARD // Eva HODGE 08 Oct 1882 d0025

Hope this helpful to the list.

Correction of provider

CDoutherd (View posts)
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It was Don McLatchie, not "Bill".


Re: Hodge Marriages - Marion County, Texas

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Surnames: Hodge, Morton, Holleyman
Thank so much for this list. Just be aware that many of the "Hodge" names listed here are a family of Creek Indians. They were among the last to be added to the official Dawes Roll in the 1889. They returned from Texas to settle in Severs Township around the modern Schulter, OK area. Green is the older brother to Johnson and Delilah (Lila) Hodge Morton.

My research points to Hodge being an anglicization of Harjo, a very common Creek name. The family may have drifted into Texas during the Civil war to avoid the conflict in Indian Territory. One of the earlier Creek chiefs, Roley McIntosh was buried in Marion County during this era.

The other option is that they were part of the Creek group who stayed behind to fight with American troups rousting both Seminoles and Blacks out of Florida in the Second Seminole War. Some of those warriors and their families never made it to Indian Territory, but settled directly in Texas. If that is the case, this family would have been in Texas earlier than the 1860's. If anyone has information about this family group in Texas prior to the 1863, please let me know.

Re: Hodge Marriages - Marion County, Texas

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Surnames: HODGE, Epps, Crutchfield, Richardson, Hare, Hair, Haire, Charles, Wells
Christinia, you certainly provided som intriguing info. The "Hodge" surnames I've researched were indexed or listed as Mulatto (MU), Black (B), and in one particular instance a Johnson HODGE was listed as "Indian".

Any further insight about the Indian/African- relationship to the above surname would surely be appreciated.

Thank you,

Re: Hodge Marriages - Marion County, Texas

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Surnames: Hodge, Holleyman
Johnson Hodge is my g g grandfather and all of us in the family claim our Creek blood through him. My Aunt had family information that his non-English name was Hillabee Harjo. (Hodge being the anglicized version of Harjo)

I noticed you have a particular interest in Green Hodge. Green, the older brother's name may be an interesting transfer of an English name through Creek and back into English. The original white military commander of the Creek Regiment that volunteered to serve in Florida against the Seminoles was a charismatic West Point Colonel, John F. Lane. One Creek word for Green is la-ne. This would have been their father's military commander at the time Green was born in 1836. Lane to La-ne to Green.

One of Johnson's MANY children is also a younger namesake, Green Hodge.

There is an interesting link in the Oklahoma court record about a claim for Indian status by "Betsy" who is deemed to be black and perhaps a child of Johnson's but not from a legal union. The link is below. The claim was made after Johnson had passed away.

The T.E Holleyman and Maggie Hodge marriage in your earlier posting are my great grandparents. T.E. (Thomas) was born in South Carolina, most likely into slavery in 1851. The family knew only that he was adopted and from South Carolina. Not much more is known. He is listed on the 1880 census as living as a son with a Stover family in Kershaw County, South Carolina. I am very interested in immigration patterns from South Carolina that might have lead him into Texas to become part of the Marion county community.

Re: Hodge Marriages - Marion County, Texas

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My Hodge connection is through my gg grandfather Isom Hodge and his wife Jane Lemons.

They had 15 children, one of which was Green HODGE. The rest of the family of sibilings include:

Claborn Hodge (?)
Bettie Hodge
Clarissa Hodge (?)

Martha Hodge was my g grandmother and she had Hare/Hair children (Their father was born in SC); she had Richardson sons, and one Charles son.

I have tried to find a definitive link between this group and the group from Marion County under Peter HODGE -- one son Ben and other children as well. Since Cass and Marion and Harrison county HODGE folks could be connected, have tried to find commonality between the various family groups.

10 of my HODGE group from Cass County lived to the 1900's. Haven't found all yet.

Thanks for sharing.

Johnson HODGE death

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Christenia, do you have death date of Johnson HODGE?


Re: Hodge Marriages - Marion County, Texas

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Where is Johnson HODGE on 1870 census?


Re: Hodge Marriages - Marion County, Texas

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Surnames: Hodge, Holleyman
Johnson and Maggie have the following children who claimed Creek citizenship through the Dawes act.

Effie b. 1864
Betsy b. 1866
Nettie b. 1867
Laura b. 1867 (twins)
Maggie b. 1869
Leah (Lila) b. 1871
Marshall b. 1874
Horace b. 1875
Lulu b. 1877
Johnson F. abt 1880
Virginia b.?
Green 1885
Mary ??

Once they are in Oklahoma the younger children seem to be living with their older siblings. On the 1900 census Horace & Lulu are with Maggie. Green, Johnson & Virginia are with Effie.

I have no death date for Johnson, but by the time the court case is processed (1917) for Betsy (Elizabeth) that I Iinked before, Johnson is deceased, as are Virginia & Mary. The court case indicates that Johnson had died before the "allotment" that went through when Indian Territory was "opened" to the Sooner invasion. That's about 1906.

I have combed the 1870 Texas census for Johnson & Maggie and have not found them. The reporting for Black families or Indian families is a bit sketchy, however. Thanks for your communication.

Re: Hodge Marriages - Marion County, Texas

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One question. Were any of the children you list born in South Carolina.
Do you have a birth year for the child called Francis.
thanks Mary
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