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trying to find brunt family

trying to find brunt family

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I am trying to find my relatives in Samoa? My fathers name is Bertie Brunt born 1937 in Apia. Brother of Charlie, Stan, Jimmy, Adele and Ana. I am his youngest daughter trying to find connection with my family? Can anyone help me?

Re: trying to find brunt family

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Surnames: BRUNT
Talofa Ana -

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Manuia le aso, Soifua,

Re: trying to find brunt family

Dan Brunt (View posts)
Posted: 1119142904000
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Hi just read your message. My name is Daniel and I am the eldest child of Danny Stanley and Delline Brunt. No too sure if I can help you in your search but the names you mentioned were the people who were at my grandfathers funeral in 1990 (my grandfather was James Osber Brunt and I believe he was the brother of Adele, Charlie and Stan). My father was actually Stanleys name sake but he went by the name of Danny. There are a few of us around and we mostly live in Auckland NZ. Do you have any further information on the family as I would be very interested to find out about the roots of the family.

Re: trying to find brunt family

Ana (View posts)
Posted: 1119267821000
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Hi Dan thanks for reply.Yes if your Grandfather was James Brunt and brother of Stan,Charlie and Adele then we are cousins. My father was Bertie Brunt (passed away 1981) who is another brother. There are also many more including sister Ana (who i am named after). You certainly have a massive family lol... i have family tree if you want more info, email me on the above and we can swap more info. Does Your father know Bertie Brunt? Married to Sharon Brunt (my Mum). Please reply soon...

Re: trying to find brunt family

Ana Brunt (View posts)
Posted: 1119268360000
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thankyou Manaia will follow up on your advice and thanks for taking the time to reply...
Tofa Soifua

Re: trying to find brunt family

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My great great grandfather was Andrew McFarland, born 1865. His wife was Charlotte Brunt, born 1864, in Matautu, Savaii. What is your relationship there? I'm looking for her parents. Hope this is useful info. to you, and that we can swap info. on it. Thanks
tofa soifua

Re: trying to find brunt family

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In the 1907 Cyclopedia of Samoa there is an article and photo of Charles Selby Brunt, of Magia, Upolu. and a photo of his residence and store

He was born in Savaii in 1875 and educated at the Marist bros school in Apia. He learnt carpentering in Apia, then went to Auckland and learnt to be a baker. He returned to Samoa in 1899 and started a store. He married Miss Cornwall, daughter of the late Frank Cornwall- (who was involved in court cases) in 1902

There are 272 entries for Brunt , Samoa on
many of which are duplicates or mis-spellings

In Magiagi Cemetery, Apia are buried Freda Brunt, wife of T W Brunt of Apia, Western Samoa , died NZ Aug 1, 1944 aged 53 years
and Charles Selby Brunt born 2-2-1902
died 22- 2- 1949. This must be a son or maybe nephew of the other one

In the 1917 list of Aliens in NZ there is a John Baunt (probably Brunt) aged 18 rangemaker of Auckland

In the NZSG CD4 there are many Brunt entries, many of which match names of Brunts born in Samoa from

The original Brunt in Samoa appears to be Charles Mellor Brunt of Northumberland, England born 11 april 1826 who married Jane Ape or Vui in Samoa abt 1865,. He died 9 January 1884 according to www.familysearch. org

If you put all these together, and add family information, you will have a fairly full tree.

Re: trying to find brunt family

Posted: 1247116459000
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Surnames: Brunt
Hi Ana
I am interested in finding out some more about Bertie Brunt, please let me know if you get this message and i will explain.
Thanks ..Rod

Re: trying to find brunt family

Posted: 1249870262000
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Hi Rod, So glad I saw your post. Yes I have your message? How can I help?


Re: trying to find brunt family

Posted: 1249874608000
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You can email me on if you like may be easier.

Hope to hear from you soon.

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