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Location of Finn, Ontario

Location of Finn, Ontario

Donna Schultz (View posts)
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Surnames: O'Neil, McDonald, McMillan
My GGGrandfather Richard O'Neil married Mary O'Neil on 20 Nov, 1853 in Finn, Ontario. Does anyone know if Fin is/was located in Glengarry County?

Thanks for any input.

Re: Location of Finn, Ontario

Tal MacDonald (View posts)
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This "Finn, Ontario" is most likely St. Finnan's Church in Alexandria, Ontario. In the church records there is a marriage between Richard O'Neil and Mary O'Neil on 20 Nov 1853. Present was Donald MacDonald and John MacLachlan. No parents are recorded. There is also a birth of a daughter Catherine 6th March 1856 sponsors were Thomas O'Neil and Mary Queogh. John MacLachlan PP. There is also the birth of another daughter Mary 5th Oct 1861 sponsors Thomas O'Neil and Catherine Campbell. J. Quinan PP.

In St. Raphael's there is mention of a Richard O'Neil and a Mary Kerevan. This may or may not be your Mary O'Neil if O'Neil was not here maiden name.

Re: Location of Finn, Ontario

Donna (View posts)
Posted: 1134986649000
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Surnames: O'Neil, McDonald, McMillan
Yes, of course, Finn, Ontario was not a village but actually the parish of St. Finnans.

To your knowledge, were there many O'Neil's in this area? I contacted the parish priest who said that Mary's surname could have indeed been O'Neil even if she married an O'Neil but it seems unlikely to me.

May I ask what exactly is the reference to Mary Kerevan and Richard O'Neil in the St. Raphael book? Is Kerevan an Irish name? A misspelling of Kerrigan perhaps?

Thanks for your reply.

Re: Location of Finn, Ontario

Tal MacDonald (View posts)
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There are other O'Neils but you had asked only about Richard.

There is a Richard in St. Raphael's who buried his wife Catherine MacDonell at age 29 on Sept 25 1818 and she was the daughter of Ranald and Mary MacDonell.

There is a Patrick son of Richard married to Bridget Cowan 05 Nov 1844. Richard's wife is Mary Donovan.

There is a Catherine born and died 12 days later daughter of Richard and Mary Kerevan, Kenyon 1st Lot 37.

There is a Mary Kerevan buried 29 May 1853 Kenyon 1st Lot 28 wife of Richard O'Neil. She the daughter of William Kerevan and Margaret Finlan.. She was 37 years of age.

Re: Location of Finn, Ontario

Donna (View posts)
Posted: 1135040271000
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Surnames: O'Neil, McDonald, McMillan
Thanks once again. This is all new information to me.

May I ask the source of your information? Is it an index of vital records from St. Finnan's? Is this index available to the general public and if so, how would I access it if I visited Glengarry County?


Re: Location of Finn, Ontario

Tal MacDonald (View posts)
Posted: 1135085430000
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The last information comes from St. Raphael's records which are in book form compiled by Duncan Darby MacDonald and are available for purchase.There are four books covering 1804 to 1904. There are also two books available from Duncan for St. Finnan's from 1836 to 1945. I would not invest in any of these if only for the O'Neils as there are not many and I can do a look up for you. Going to Glengarry County would not produce much unless you want to tour the cemetery at either church or obtain an abstract on your family lot if you knew the concession and lot number.

Re: Location of Finn, Ontario

James Allan McDonald (View posts)
Posted: 1135165591000
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In addition to Glengarry Co. records at St. Finnan's and St. Raphaels... there are post 1854 entries at St. Mary's in Williamstown for O'Neil's... also post 1863 entries at St. Alexander of Lochiel for O'Neil's... also post 1894 entries at St. Catherine of Greenfield for O'Neil's. Based on baptism information at St. Alexander of Lochiel for four of Richard's and Mary's children it seems that in the mid 1860's and early 1870's this family lived on Lot 31, 5th Concession, Kenyon Twp.

Re: Location of Finn, Ontario

Donna (View posts)
Posted: 1135173870000
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Surnames: O'Neil, McDonald, McMillan
Yes, from Census records and the online Ontario atlas, I believe that Richard and Mary O'Neil lived on Lot 31, 5th Concession, Kenyon township.

How can I get a hard copy of these church records? I am particularly interested in the St. Catherine's records. Is there an entry for the birth of Mary Ellen O'Neil, the first child of Richard and Mary Catherine O'Neil? She was born 28 July, 1890. Her father, the younger Richard O'Neil, was born 22 December 1863 and her mother Mary Catherine McDonald was born 17 March 1869. They married 14 October, 1889.

Any idea why they would have had records at five different parishes over the course of their lives?

Thanks so much for your reply.

Re: Location of Finn, Ontario

Tal MacDonald (View posts)
Posted: 1135196684000
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In St. Alexandre Lochiel parish there is a marriage between William O'Neil and Isabella MacDonell 21-11-1893 she being the daughter of Allan and Ann MacDonell.

In St. Catherine of Sienna Parish there is a birth of Mary Maggie 21 Oct 1910 dau of William O'Neil and Mary Belle MacDonald.

Also in St. Catherine's there is the following:

James O'Neil burial 10 March 1937 age 63
Mary Ann O'Neil burial 02 June 1908 infand child of William
Richard O'Neil burial 10 Feb 1900 age 103
Thomas O'Neil burial 29 Apr 1913 age 52
William O'Neil burial 17 Nov 1942 age 74
Mrs William O'Neil burial Apr 1948 dau of Allan

You may already have the 1881 census below which may or may not be your Richard and Mary in Kenyon.


Name Marital Status Gender Ethnic Origin Age Birthplace Occupation Religion
Richard O NEIL M Male Irish 60 Ireland Farmer Catholic
Mary O NEIL M Female Irish 40 O <Ontario> Catholic
Thomas O NEIL Male Irish 19 O <Ontario> Farmer Catholic
Mary Anne O NEIL Female Irish 17 O <Ontario> Catholic
Richard O NEIL Male Irish 14 O <Ontario> Catholic
Magie O NEIL Female Irish 12 O <Ontario> School Catholic
William O NEIL Male Irish 11 O <Ontario> School Catholic
James O NEIL Male Irish 8 O <Ontario> School Catholic

Source Information:
Census Place Kenyon, Glengarry, Ontario
Family History Library Film 1375862
NA Film Number C-13226
District 99
Sub-district C
Division 2
Page Number 23
Household Number 78

Re: Location of Finn, Ontario

Paul Luscombe (View posts)
Posted: 1135453137000
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Hi and good afternoon.

A Richard O'Neill acquired West half of Lot 31, Concession 5, Kenyon, Glengarry, Ontario, Canada on September 24 1858.

May 22, 1890 property transferred to a William O'Neill.

April 21 1938 transferred/sold to Bruno Filion.

After Christmas will send a copy of Land Registry record for Lot 31 to you directly.
Will also be ablie to provide some information on Mary maried to Richard - depends on what you are looking looking for.

St. Finnans would be logical church up to 1863.

After that Lochiel or possibly St. Finnans.

After 1894 Greenfield church as it is Lot 25.

Feel free to contact me at

Have a merry Christmas.

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