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alexander white

alexander white

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1885 born in paisley, scotland, dad was william and mum was Karolina or Karoline. Moved somehow to canada , by himself? had a twin sister. ended up in brockville Ontario canada. Cannot find anything on the mum or dad or him even being born.Can anyone help

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If you can't find anything on Alexander WHITE..father was William WHITE, mother was Karoline [unknown surname] do you know he was born 1885 in Paisley ? Family records ? Birth Registration of a descendant ? Census information ?

There are many WHITEs born in Scotland and Alexander is quite common as a given name. I will check the INDEXes for Births in Scotland for 1885 and post if there is one born Paisley. Watch this space...... MegG in OKlahoma USA

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he put that info on his marriage licence the one here in canada, he put that his dad was william and his mum Karolina WALLACE. Dad was william white and mum karolina wallace.

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He was right.

Descendants of William WHITE

Generation No. 1

1. WILLIAM1 WHITE was born 1842 in Paisley, Renfrew, Scotland Re 1881 Census. He married CAROLINE WALLACE 20 Nov 1863 in High Church, Paisley, Renfrew, Scotland, daughter of ARCHIBALD WALLACE and JEAN YOUNG. She was born 1844 in Paisley, Renfrew, Scotland Re 1881 Census, and died 1884 in Paisley, Renfrew, Scotland Re SRO.

Occupation: Apr 1881, Porter at 2 Mossvale Lane, Paisley

More About CAROLINE WALLACE: Fact: Apr 1881, On Census as Carroline age 37

i. WILLIAM2 WHITE, b. 1863, Paisley, Renfrew, Scotland Re 1881 Census.
ii. ARCHIBALD WHITE, b. 23 Apr 1865, Paisley, Renfrew, Scotland.
iii. JOHN WHITE, b. 17 Feb 1867, Paisley, Renfrew, Scotland.
iv. JEANIE YOUNG WHITE, b. 17 Oct 1868, Paisley, Renfrew, Scotland.
v. JOHN WHITE, b. 25 Sep 1870, Paisley, Renfrew, Scotland.
vi. AGNES WHITE, b. 01 Jun 1872, Paisley, Renfrew, Scotland.
vii. ALEXANDER WHITE, b. 1877, Paisley, Renfrew, Scotland Re 1881 Census; d. Bef. 1884, Paisley, Renfrew, Scotland Re 1881 Census.
viii. MARGARET WHITE, b. 08 Jul 1881, Paisley, Renfrew, Scotland.
ix. ALEXANDER WHITE, b. 1884, Paisley, Renfrew, Scotland Re SRO.

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this is most wonderful. Thank you very much!

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In the Birth Indexes for Scotland there are absolutely NO Alexander WHITEs born 1885 in Renfrewshire, Paisley or otherwise. In 1885 there was only a FEMALE named Janet Alexander WHITE, her father was named William, mother was Margaret NIMMO.

In 1884, there was an Alexander WHITE born Paisley however the father was Samuel WHITE. In 1886, there was also an Alexander WHITE born also in Paisley, father however was Robert WHITE.

For the name Alexander WHITE, birth any parish in Renfrewshire [where Paisley is], there are ONLY these to select from that have a possibility of being yours :

1878- Alexander WHITE born Paisley Burgh
1880- Alexander Mill WHITE born Greenock
1884- Alexander White father Samuel
1885- Only Janet Alexander WHITE father William
1886- Alexander WHITE father Robert

I haven't yet looked at that 1878 birth....YES ! ITs HIM ! The twin was a BROTHER named Robert, not a sister.

1878 Births, Burgh of Paisley. entry #538 Robert WHITE born April 13, 5am at 2 Shuttle Street, Paisley to William WHITE, Carter and Caroline WHITE maiden surname WALLACE. They had wed 31 Oct, 1863 in Paisley.

The twin brother was entry #539 Alexander WHITE born 5 minutes later. Same information on Registration. W. White was the Informant, shown as the Father.

So Alexander wanted to be a bit younger in Canada, 7 years to be exact. His birthday is coming up in another 2 weeks on Saturday. Meg Greenwood / Oklahoma USA

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what does SRO mean beside a name?

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ok I was told he had a twin sister (a twin for sure but not sure about sister) , so is this the right one then? that (51738) gave me or ?

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Am looking directly at the downloaded image of 1878 Births in the Burgh of Paisley, Renfrewshire. Twins, Robert and Alexander born 13 April, 1878 to William WHITE and Caroline WALLACE. I'd say the father did not remember the correct date for their marriage. Why he would report that it was Halloween [31 Oct] instead of in November, I'm not sure.

Possibly the family tree posted earlier today is from a non-confirmed source. If ages were guessed from census data, actual birth years can be way off. if ALEXANDER is the one who lived and ended up in Canada, he could not have died as the tree shows. And it also doesn't show these 21878 births. 1878 is clearly written along the top of this document and 3 different places down the side of the page.

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yes Alexander came to canada and married and had kids and so on. I can only remeber snippets ...he had an ailment, somehting not right either small growth or something he was tony and couldnt join the army for some reason, they didnt want him so he joined the salavation army and then he was a volunteer police man in canada,he had a twin for sure but i belive his family think its a girl. I can imagine he embellished his age , perhaps to try join the army here or what I am not sure.
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