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Ambrose MCKEE

Ambrose MCKEE

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Surnames: McKee
Minutes of the Court of Common Pleas and Quarter Sessions 1780-1800
Transcribed by Herman W. Ferguson:

Ambrose McKee was appointed to the PETIT JURY of the July Session 1783 Book 1-424.

Also from the 1783 July session at Book 1-430, "One from Ambrose McKee to Alexander ROBINSON for 164 acres dated 11th July 1783, (proved) by Will. PATTERSON.

Noted an interesting entry for the 1st of October 1783 Session (Book 1-431) in-between my area of interest as follows:

"......the whole of the said Estate was desposed off by the enemy and lost...."

At Book 1-551, 1785 September Session:

The Last Will and Testament of AMBROSE MCKEE was proved in open court. Ordered that Letters Testamentary issue to Robert IRWIN and John NEELY, Exrs appointed in said Will who are qualified accordingly. WB-B/116

There is no mention of any Ambrose MCKEE following the October 1788 Court Session that said: "An Account of Sales of the {Estate of} Ambrose McKee Decd, Returned Which Amounts to 64 pounds.

There was no record of Ambrose McKee's children being put to trade or under guardianship in the 1780-1800 court minutes. (Contrary to most other deceased person's children being put to trade or under guardians.)

Recently found the following information on a google search:


"According to Willie REA his place of birth has not yet been determined. He was in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina by 1767 as his father purchased land there during that year.

According to the court minutes of Mecklenburg County for 1774 (Minute Book 1, Page 3) John REA is listed as an orphan of John REA, deceased, and is bound to

to learn the art of a tailor.

His mother, Martha (Rea), was remarried by the time the estate was settled. It is given in the court minutes in 1775 (Minutes Book 1, Pg 151, March 16 1775). Martha REA married Robert LEWIS. .................. John REA married Nancy SECREST prior to 1790 and is listed in the 1790 census with a wife and child..........Jacob SECREST and Barbara SIMMS, both German, married on the boat from Germany. They landed on the Georgetown Coast (SC) and settled 3/4 of a mile from Antioch Camp Ground, in what is now Union Co NC. John REA served in the State Legislature 1815, 1817, 1822. John REA (SR) was in Delaware in 1757. By 1762 the family moved to Lancaster Co PA. By 1767, John REA had purchased 306 acres on Four Mile Creek from Henry MCCULLOH in January 1767." (End of quoted online family history.)

For me it was big news that Ambrose MCKEE was a tailor and that he was mentioned living and breathing in Mecklenburg County NC in 1774. It would seem that a tailor would live in "town" as it were at that time and I wonder where exactly that might have been in 1774. I also wonder if Ambrose McKee's other children followed the tailor trade. Ambrose McKee and Samuel McKee are listed somehow (haven't seen the details but would love to) in PIERCE'S Register as in the SALISBURY DISTRICT. Would this somehow lead to the location of where the tailor shop might have been? I would appreciate hearing from anyone that could add to this information.

Re: Ambrose MCKEE

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linda, what y-dna is the best for my brother to do. christine

Re: Ambrose MCKEE

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Surnames: McKee
Hello Christine, If you are wanting to research your father's male lineage the very best company is Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) and the higher the number of markers you can afford to test of the 12-25-37-67-111 yDNA tests you can afford to test the better for your long term research.

FTDNA has a great sale on the yDNA until Dec 31st. If you want to order this is the best time for the next few months for certain.

You want to join a surname group when you order your test. If your brother is a McKee that is the group to begin with and after you have your results you can also join other groups.

Are you related to Ambrose McKee? I would very much enjoy exchanging further info on any McKee and our ongoing and wide ranging research.

One can visit the McKee Group at FTDNA by going to the FTDNA Home page and hover over the tab fro PROJECTS and follow the pages until you arrive at the page to select groups. When you click on the surname you will go to the McKee Home Page, or whatever surname you select, and you can see the members of the project by clicking the tab YDNA results on the Tab bar.


Re: Ambrose MCKEE

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I am replying to all your recent posts in an effort to contact you.

I am researching the Hardeman TN McKee family descended from Ambrose and Patsy McKee. My family moved to Panola County, Mississippi. James and Lucinda McKee were my great great grandparents.

Please contact me at to share info about the Hardeman TN McKees.


Re: Ambrose MCKEE

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Surnames: McKee
Hello Carolyn,

Thanks for the contact. I have two Wiggins on my son's FTDNA Family Finder autosomal results. Would these belong to you? Samuel Calvin Wiggins and Samuel Eugene Wiggins.

My son, Leon Jr, and his father, Leon Sr, match perfectly on the 111 markers yDNA testing by FTDNA. They are SNP M222+ and recently have a new downstream SNP DF97+ and match closely at 111 markers with a number of McKee and McGee and McKie. These folks are allied back to a time before 1300. And, possibly even older. This yDNA work is groundbreaking and historical in the making.

Please visit the McKee excel at FTDNA. I am an admin and my contact email address can also be discovered there. Trees also here at Hardeman Co TN McKee Family and there are some old and some newer versions of those trees floating around.

James and Lucinda McKee were an interesting study. It has been several years since I last worked in depth on the Hardeman County TN side of the House of McKee. Several early theories about James and Lucinda turned out not to be correct as far as my research went. The actual census images do a great job of putting them in the right places at the right time. I am sure there has been more discovery about James and Lucinda than I have seen. Always interested in learning more about these pioneers.

I look forward to working with you. Linda McKee

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