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There's not much info on Van Eaton/VanEaton. Anyone have any idea how this name may have been spelled or ancestor links?

My husband's side of family - not much geneology here for my kids.

Any help, thanks!

VanEaton/Van Eaton

Anita Munson (View posts)
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I have been told that the name originated in Denmark but when the association Rick is working on gets up and going we will all be much better informed. My fathers original family name was Van Eaton as well.


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I was so excited to find what I found on

It appears all the past down stories are true for the geneology/history of my husbands/Van Eaton ancestors.

It was awesome reading and finding ancestors back as far as MARINUS ADRIENSE, born about 1573, in Etten, North Brabant, Netherlands. He was married to a MARIA HENDRICKSEN, born about 1576, in Etten as well.

I just spent about 5 hours yesterday finding and sorting through the history, but it appears, that this may very well be the family tree for my kids going as far to their Great (x11) Grandfather.

If you want this info I've complied, email me at:

Just some notes:
MARINUS ADRIENSE son is JOHANNES MARINESSEN (1596)his son is JACOB JANSEN VAN ETTEN (1632)Notes confirm that "old Dutch naming system was probably confusing to the English and about this time, the Dutch families were asked to choose a family surname. Since Jacob Jansen had been born in Etten, it was natural for he and his wife, ANNETJE ARIENS DE CRAM (1645), to adopt the name von (from) Etten as a surname. The "von" was soon changed to the English form "van". Thus began the Van Etten family of America. JACOB is the ancestor who moved the Van Etten family to America.

The name Etten changes to Eaton around 1763. ABRAHAM (VAN ETTEN) VAN EATON, (1763). Since this time the Van Etten family continued to live in New York. But Abraham, 1 of the latter children of many children of JAN JACOBSEN VAN ETTEN (1720), was giving the name as it appears above. None of the other siblings were. There was a second wife of JAN and some odd young deaths, then a move from New York to Pennslyvania.

Abraham is the first Van Etten born in PA. His mother MARGARET LA FEVRE. Abraham's first son is named JAMES (VAN ETTEN) VAN EATON (1800)in Ohio. It appears James was the last to use both names. His son, ELIAS TALBERT VAN EATON (1847), then his son, CASSIUS HENRY VAN EATON (1871), then his son, MURRAY PALMER VAN EATON (1902), then his son, DONALD MURRAY VAN EATON, SR. (1929), then his son, MARK MURRAY VAN EATON (1963), [my husband], and now his son, ANTHONY WAYNE VAN EATON (1992).

There is so much more I have, and what excitement.

Let me know.
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No help from me, I am sorry to say. But, I do have a devil's advocate question.

Do you suppose that the Van Ettens we Eatons/Eytons/de Eatons/De eytons of England or Wales -- perhaps puritans or other Protestants -- who fled to Holland, as so many English did before emigrating to the new World?

I have wondered this ever since I saw your first posting.


Van Eatons - yes descendant of Van Etten.

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I found much info! Starting from Great Grandfather Cassius Henry Van Eaton. I found ancestorial tree on all the way to Marinus Andriense, 1573. It appears that our family did get the name Van Etten in Holland with some info because of those days with the English.

Van Eaton/Etten

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We Eatons have more names than Carter had little liver pills. You have probably heard them all: Eaton, Eyton, Seaton, Leaton (a new one to me), Yeaton, De Eaton, De Eyton, Heaton, Etone, Deaton, possibly Dayton(although I don't think so) Daton or D'Aton or D'atton and there are probly more.

I would love to see your line with the Dutch connection.

if you care to or can share it, please feel free to e-mail me at: eaton'

We are starting a not-for-profit Eaton Famioy Association (re-starting it, actually). You can read about it here and at, if you are interested. We are seeking members .

Eaton Family Association

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I've emailed you and am in contact with Barbara. Looking forward to some great communications.

Minnie Eaton of MA 1830's

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I was very impressed with your findings and am trying to sort out some oral family history by getting census data to start. Minnie and James Plankinton are on the 1870 WV census records as the parents or Cora F. Cora F. Carrie as she is called is my husbands ggrandmother. She married a John Broderson. In the family bible Carrie lists the names of her parents to be Plankinton and Eaton. I know know this Minnie Eaton, mother on the census is said to be born in MA. Since she was 40 in 1870 she would have been born in 1830. Have you found any lines in MA at that time. The family also spoke of the Van being on front of the name at one time but no one alive knows of this now. Thankyou for what you wrote, it may prove fruitful for us as well. We are hoping.

Eatons' Many Names!!!

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Hi Rick,
I found it fascinating -- all the different names that Eatons are known by. Well, here is a new one I bet you never heard of:
"Valentine". Doesn't it sound a little like "Van Etten"? I know it sounds far-fetched! My ggggrandfather's family came over from Germany some time in the 1700's and their name was changed from Valentine to Eaton. A lady who is researching the Eatons suggested that Valentine sounded something like Eaton! I couldn't see it at all, but now with Van in front of it, it looks a little more likely, but not quite! haha! Just thought you might find this amusing.

Heart-shaped Eatons?

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Thanks for your amusing message. Let me compound the muddle just a bit.

I have a cousin by marriage (no blood relationship that we know of) named Valentine and my mother's first husband was named Hart.

BTW, on (the Eaton list) there have been a number of postings by a Debbie Van Etton or Van Eaton (I forget which, as I have seen both), whose roots were in Holland. It appears that some Eatons, perhaps protestants were in residence there for a while, having emigrated from England, where they were named Eaton.

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