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I'm looking for information on my gg grandfather BARTOLOMEO PIFFERO who I believe was born in 1833 Vogorno, Loc, Tessin (Ticino), Switzerland. Possibly Italian descent? Arrived in Australia in 1855 on the ship Adele (departed Antwerp)

(father possibly Joseph Piffero b 1780)

Re: Piffero

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I think we may be chasing the same information.
I am currently working on my husband's family tree and have some information on the Piffero's after the arrival of Bartolomeo in Australia and would be more than happy to share.
I haven't however been able to find any information further back

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Thanks for replying. That's great news. I'm very happy to tell you what I know so far. I have found a few newspaper articles mentioning him, mostly purchasing of sheep, a few things pertaining to farmland and I think a dispute with the eldest son? I am intrigued as to what he was doing from when he first arrived here at age 23 (I'm wondering if he wasn't chasing gold) to the time he got married at age 42. He married Ann Jane Pickens and I think they had their first child before they got married?

Anyway, it sounds like we're working on the same bloke so if you're interested I can send you the links to the newspaper articles and let you know what else I've got so far. According to my research a lot of the Swiss Italians came out looking for a better life. They weren't dirt poor and usually had a skill. The area where I think they came from is Ticino which is an Italian area of Switzerland. I am a bit stuck now though, would love to go back further but no idea where to look. HOpefully we can compare notes!


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We are definitely looking for the same person. :)
Bartholmeo is the gg grandfather of my husband. His son Thomas Francis was g grandfather.
Francis David Piffero was his grandfather (Poppo)
I have to re enter everything onto this laptop as I had to all on another one that died- thankfully I had printed quite a bit out.

I also have access to a handwritten family tree that Francis Piffero had started some years ago.
This has re-inspired me (now to find the time to do it)

I recently found quite a bit of information on service records through the Australian War Memorial on Ernest Alliband Piffero
And the naturalisation paperwork/letters for Bartholmeo

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I have found out that Bartholmeo had a brother Giovani Battista Piffero
And from what I have been able to find out their parents were Joseph PEAFFRO (1780-?) and Mary Jacob.
There are a number of times that I have discovered the spelling of the name changed.


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And I have just found an entry for a Giovanni Battista Piffero in the Ellis Island records for entry into America in 1903, and it shows he was married... found records of a wedding to
MARIA SABINA LAGORIO on 08 JUN 1872 Genova, Genova, Italy

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I sent away for his naturalisations papers but they are very damaged. I would be happy to scan and send to you but a lot of it is illegible. He was naturalised in 1864

I wondered about Giovanni and if he was related!

My connection is through Mary Jane Catherine Piffero (his daughter) she was my mothers grandmother. My mother says that she can remember her mother saying that he was a lovely man, quite small with a snow white beard. How true this is I don't know :)

I'm wondering if they had more than one farm? It's not a common name and there are a few farms popping up under that name in several areas around Echuca, Walla Walla, Culcairn. This makes me wonder if he did indeed first go to the gold fields and maybe did ok for himself allowing him to buy property.

Try searching for Piffero - a few things come up.

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Our "line" comes from the Culcairn mob ...and you are right, it's not a very common name. I live in Wagga Wagga and whenever I have to say my name I get "are you related to so and so Piffero" I've learnt to just say "yes- we are all related somehow" There seems to be a heap of Piffero's arund here.
My husband's grandfather (Francis) - his wife is still with us and is 101 (nearly 102) and between her family (Robinson/Crouch) and the Piffero's it feels like I'm realted to half the town LOL

So your mum is from the Wellington's? And if my info is right (great way for me to double check) Mary Jane Catherine and Joseph had 11 children?

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When you say "Culcairn" mob - did Bartolomeo live there also? I've got him popping up all over the place but not sure if he moved around a lot or just kept buying property! I would be interested to hear how you pronounce the name!
We were in Wagga Wagga last year, it seems like a lovely place and such a long main street! I'm originally from Nhill, Victoria and with the Sherwell/Merrett side I had that same problem of feeling like I was related to half the town, LOL!

Yes, mum is from the Wellingtons. There's another line I'm stuck on. You're right, Mary Jane Catherine and Joseph had 11 children, some died very young but I remember a few of them actually. Eureka Violet was my grandmother....she hated that name and always went by the name Rita! Josephs father - another Joseph - was struck and killed by lightning near Deniliquin at age 43 and has his birth place down as San Francisco, USA but I can't find any more about him, so my Wellington line stops there.

So do you know if the Pifferos claim to be Italian or Swiss? I was so excited to find that I might have Italian blood in me! So much more exciting than the rest of my lot - English, Scottish, Irish!!!

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I think the Culcairn connection is one of the sons moved there- not sure which one, or if Bartolomeo bought the property or not.
We pronounce it Piff - er- o (piff said to ryhme with stiff) but no one seems to know how to spell it when it's said or say it if they are reading it.
The Piffero's claim to be Swiss from Italian heritage. Years and years ago some of grandfather's family went over there and brought back a wine bottle with the name on it- will see if I can find it and take a photo for you :)

This has all re-ignited my interest in the history and I'm wishing I didn't have to work lol
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