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Knud Nielsen

Knud Nielsen

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Surnames: Nielsen, Weirum
Searching for family in Denmark.
Knud Olivarius Nielsen Weirum was my great grandfather. he was born September 11, 1886 in Bjerregrav, Denmark. His Father was Knud Nielsen and his mother Olina (?)

At some point the family changed their name to Weirum (Vejrum on passenger list) because there were too many Nielsen's in town.

The family lived in Randers until 1915 when they moved to Havndal. My grandfather had a shop "Knud Weirum, Uhlmager & Optiker" in Havndal. Knud O. Nielsen was married to Minna Margrete Johanna Hansen b. March 21, 1888 in Sclegwig,Solstein Germany.
There were 5 children
Lilly Elizabeth
Knud Berner b. 20 April, 1909
Dorathea Wilhelmina b 14 December, 1910
Hagbarth (Howard) V. b @ 1912
Vibeke Johanna b. 23 Feb 1923,

The family arrived in New York 8 June 1929 aboard the "United States" on the passenger list the last name is "Nielsen Vejrum"

I am looking for information on the generations prior to Knud O. Nielsen Weirum. The Nielsen family and the identity of "Olina". I have photo's of Knud and Olina but that is about it.

My grandmother is now 100 and has an excellent memory but has no information on her grandparents besides the photo.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Knud Nielsen

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Additionally - When they first came to the U.S. the family stayed with friends in Canada 3-4 days then Minna's sisters whom she had never met. Dora & Maria Hansen in Iowa 1929.

Re: Knud Nielsen

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>The family lived in Randers until 1915 when they moved to Havndal.

They moved to Havndal in 1911.

>There were 5 children

>Lilly Elizabeth

Lilly Elisabeth Nielsen Vejrum
born 6 september 1913 in Havndal,Udbyneder Parish, Randers County
baptized 9 november 1913 in Udbyneder Church

>Knud Berner b. 20 April, 1909

Knud Berner Nielsen Vejrum
born 20 april 1909 in Randers
baptized 6 september 1909 in Sankt Morten Church,Randers

>Dorathea Wilhelmina b 14 December, 1910

Dorothea Vilhelmine Nielsen Vejrum
born 14 december 1910 in Randers
baptized 26 march 1911 in Sankt Morten Church,Randers

>Hagbarth (Howard) V. b @ 1912

Hagbart Verner Nielsen Vejrum
born 11 november 1911 in Havndal,Udbyneder Parish
baptized 14 january 1912 in Udbyneder Church

>Vibeke Johanna b. 23 Feb 1923,

Vibeke Johanne Nielsen Vejrum
born 23 february 1923 in Havndal,Udbyneder Parish
baptized 30 march 1923 in Udbyneder Church


Knud Olivarius Nielsen Vejrum
born 11 september 1886 in Nørre BJerregrav, Øster Bjerregrav Parish,Sønderlyng District,Viborg County
baptized 14 novermber 1886 in Øster Bjerregrav Church
Parents: Knud Nielsen Vejrum and wife Oline Jeppesen.

All persons in the household

Viborg, Sønderlyng, Øster Bjerregrav, ederbjerregrav, Bjerregrav Sogn, Sønderlyng Herred, , Et Hus,


Name: Age: Marital status: Occupation in household: Occupation: Birth place:

Knud Nielsen Veirum 35 Gift Husfader, Ledvogter Bjerregrav Sogn
Oline Jeppesen 33 Gift hans Kone Dalbyover Sogn, Randers Amt
Niels Nielsen Veirum 6 Ugift Deres Barn Vindblæs Sogn
Else Marie Nielsen Veirum 2 Ugift Deres Barn Bjerregrav Sogn, Viborg Amt

Knud Nielsen
born 21 march 1844 in Øster Bjerregrav Parish
baptized 12 may 1844 in Øster Bjerregrav Church
( was 20.december 1905 allowed to use the name Knud Nielsen Vejrum)
Parents: Niels Vejrum ( Niels Christensen) and wife Maren Nielsdatter

All persons in the household

Viborg, Sønderlyng, Øster Bjerregrav, Bjerregrav, , Et huus, 11, FT-1845
Name: Age: Marital status: Occupation in household: Occupation: Birth place:
Niels Chrestensen 40 Gift Huusmand Fød her
Maren Nielsdatter 38 Gift Hans kone Asferg Randers amt
Maren Nielsdatter 13 Ugift Deres børn Fød her
Niels Nielsen 12 Ugift Deres børn Fød her
Jens Nielsen 10 Ugift Deres børn Fød her
Chresten Nielsen 6 Ugift Deres børn Fød her
Ane Nielsdatter 4 Ugift Deres børn Fød her
Knud Nielsen 1 Ugift Deres børn Fød her


Oline Jeppesen
born 8 january 1847 in Dalbyover Parish,Randers County
baptized 4 april 1847 in Dalbyover Church:
Parents: unmaaried girl Else Marie Jørgensdatter
Alleged father. Jeppe Rasmussen
( Jeppe Rasmussen and Ele Marie married 17 march 1849 in Dalbover Church)

All persons in the household

Randers, Gjerlev, Dalbyover, Vinstrup Bye, , , 12,


Name: Age: Marital status: Occupation in household: Occupation: Birth place:

Jørgen Nielsen 65 Gift Gaardmand, Huusfader Vammen Sogn, Viborg Amt
Anne Olesdatter 56 Gift Kone Vindblæs Sogn, her i Herredet
Anne Jørgensdatter 14 Ugift Barn Her i Sognet
Niels Jørgensen 27 Gift Indsidder, Huusfaders Søn Her i Sognet
Marie Magdalene Sørensdatter 33 Gift Kone Hem Sogn, Randers Amt
En udøbt Søn 1 Ugift Barn Her i Sognet
Jeppe Rasmussen 33 Gift Inderste og Dagleier Kattrup Sogn, Skanderborg Amt
Else Marie Jørgensdatter 28 Gift Kone Her i Sognet
Oline Jeppesen 4 Ugift Barn Her i Sognet
Anne Kirstine Jeppesen 1 Ugift Barn Her i Sognet

Flemming Aasklint

Re: Knud Nielsen

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Flemming - I really can't thank you enough! But thank you sooooo much for your help!


Re: Knud Nielsen

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This is so great! I am very excited to get this info, thanks so much Cindy for letting me know you got it, and thank you Flemming, the info is so appreciated!

Re: Knud Nielsen

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Wondering if your grandmother Minna Hansen is any relation to Hans J. Hansen, who arrived with his sister Minna in 1908. Their father was named Wilhelm Hansen from Flensburg, Germany.
Hans married a Gertrude Lambert and lived in California with her and his children William Howard Hansen and Milton Carl Hansen.

Re: Knud Nielsen

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I'm sorry but my Minna Hansen was still in Denmark in 1908.At that time (1908) Minna was married to Knud (Nielsen) Weirum and had small children. Minna and Knud came to the US in 1929 with their family aboard the ship "United States".

I don't know too much about my Minna. Apparently the area of Germany she was from was a disputed area, sometimes considered a part of Denmark. Records are difficult to locate and my grandmother has given me as much verbal information as she knows.

Good luck in your search!

Re: Knud Nielsen

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thanks for the response.

Your Minna and mine sound a lot alike. My Hansen ancestors also came from the area that is disputed between Germany and Denmark. the town was named Flensburg. (Schleswig-Flensburg) - it sits right on the Baltic Sea near the border of the two countries.

wondering if its possible that Minna came to America with her brother, then returned and married Knud? I can't find anything on her after her arrival and I know she was in the US at the permission of her father (per ship records.
Do you know when they were married?

Re: Knud Nielsen

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Well, looks like this may work out ... lets keep puting the pieces together.

I don't have a date for the marriage but their first child was born in 1909. Apparently Knud and Minna "hooked up" during his venture to see the world (she worked as a maid at a place he stayed at)and she got pregnant. Her father forced them to get married as was custom. I show from my records that My Minna was born 21 March 1888 in Schleswig-Holdein Germany.

I also show her parents as Henning and Wilhelmina Hansen.

I will be seeing my 101 year old Nana tomorrow and will ask if she knows anything of Minna's brother. She's 101 but sharp as a tack. I dont know if you've had a chance to look at my tree. Check the "Waldron/Almquist" tree. I have also posted many photos of the family including Minna if you want to do a search. Minna Hansen or Minna Nielsen or Minna Weirum.

Thanks for sharing!

Re: Knud Nielsen

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Hi Cindy

>Minna Margrete Johanna Hansen

Her correct name is: Minna Margrethe Katharina Hansen

The 1911 census give hr birthplace as: Tyskland(Germany)
The 1925 census give her birthplace as: Slesvig
The 1921 census give her birthplace as: Vackrade( I have not been
able to find this place))

Flemming Aasklint
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