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adopted siblings 1949-1960 Trenton,NJ. Applegate,McGuigan,Nagy,Schultz,Trainor

adopted siblings 1949-1960 Trenton,NJ. Applegate,McGuigan,Nagy,Schultz,Trainor

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I am looking for siblings given up for adoption 1949-1960.? Our mothers name was Martha (Nagy) Applegate. One of my brothers
may have been given the first name of George.
Donald J.McGuigan was my birth father but he was not listed on my records.The names of the families that may have adoped my siblings are Schultz (they owned a diner in Trenton) and Trainor. Thanks for any help you may be able to give.

Adoption/Male born 2/9/1956 in Trenton,NJ.

Brenda (Nix) Ardoin (View posts)
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My ex-husband was adopted in Trenton, NJ.He was told that his mothers name was Margaret Applegate Dad's name was John Applegate.He was adopted by Marie Perkins Allen Everett McCall Allen.We can't find any information.My ex-husband adopted name is Everett McCall Allen Jr.We think he was not told the real truth about his real mothers name.

Looking for Siblings (Applegate)

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I will try to give you any info I have. My Mother's name was Martha (Nagy) Applegate her husband's name was Milton Applegate but I don't believe he was the father of any of the children. His name would be on the records. I was the third born with at least
three after me. My mother does have one living sister and her name is Margaret. I have met the first born, my sister Ann, she was the only one that wasn't given up. Martha was hungarian and I believe my father
was irish. He more than not was the father of all the children but Ann. I hope that this is of some help. I have been looking for such a long time with very little to go on. I hope to hear from you very soon. Pat

Reply to Brenda (nix) Ardoin

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I don't know it I did the reply the correct way, If not you can go to the last message I posted. 5/3/00


Brenda (Nix) Ardoin (View posts)
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Hi,got your message.What do you know about your Aunt Margaret?Did she have any children that she put up for adoption?

Applegate reply to Brenda

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Hi Brenda... no I don't think she did, She was never married, and I've talked with her and she is very upset that her sister gave up so many children. Could there be any chance that the first names given to your ex are wrong? What hospital was he born in and what kind of adoption was it, mine was private. Since I've been searching I have found that info has a way of getting mixed up or changed.It just seems like so much of our info is the same.... How long has he been searching and where does he live now, can you tell me alittle about what he looks like? Even If this turns out to be a dead end it would be nice to keep each other posted on our searches. Hope to hear from you soon...Pat


Brenda (View posts)
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Pat,I don't know how we keep missing each other but I sure hope that you get this.I have sent e-mails to you describing Everett to you.He is 5'7" tall,kinda dark complected,hazel eyes.I told him about you he definely wants to talk to you.His e-mail address is He lives in Mississippi.He said he was told that he had irish in him.Please,Pat stay in touch with me.Send me your e-mail address ok.Talk to you real soon,I hope. Bye for now.
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Brenda-Hi Everett had a message posted and I put in a reply but he never answered me. I would like to have all my notes go through Family History I'm sure you can understand why.I hope to hear from you and Everett soon....Bye for Now Pat


Brenda (View posts)
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Hi,Pat what do you mean Everett had a post. Where was the Post?And what do you mean Family History?Did you get my last post in the Adoption message board with his description?And,Everett's e-mail address.Hope to here from you real soon,bye.
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Hi Brenda....These messages have been through is where you saw my first message.....Everett also had one posted there but it was after mine. It was posted around the begining of May. I did send him a reply but as of yet he has not answered me.If you like you can have him contact me the same way you are through FamilyHistory...My original message was 4/17.
Hope to talk to you soon.....Pat
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