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Zelem, Cherep, Wilcha

Zelem, Cherep, Wilcha

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Surnames: Zelem, Cherep, Wilcha, Halko, Zagursky, Rusyn, Rusin
All from the Lemko area in south-east Poland before WW2. Towns include Macyna Velika, Zurawin. I believe that Zelem relatives now live in Borislav, Ukraine--I need address.

Re: Zelem, Cherep, Wilcha

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Surnames: Zagursky, pregnar

I just read your post and the village Macyna Velyka is the same village that my grandmother {Anastasia Zagursky} was born.It is named Micina Wielka today.She married Wasil Pregnar from the village of Rozdziele a couple of miles away.They came through New York and settled in Paulsboro New Jersey. I have been tracing the family for about 5 years;even went to Poland and visited the villages.I have great pictures of the churches the families attended. The part about family in Borislav matches some of the info that I have. My aunt Rose in the 1950's I believe was writting to cousins from that area of the Ukraine.

Re: Zelem, Cherep, Wilcha

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Surnames: Zelem, Kret, Kaczmarczyk, Boryk
I am also searching Mecina Wielka. My family came to Olyphant PA, USA.

Re: Zelem, Cherep, Wilcha

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Surnames: zagursky
our records spelled it Metzina - Velicka, but it's the same thing, and in this case, the same family.

Re: Zelem, Cherep, Wilcha

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Surnames: Zelem

I just read your post and wonder if my husband's relatives are related to your relatives. His great grandmother was named Irene Zelem (born 1897) and settled in the Paulsboro area. She married a Maxim Grabania. I don't have much more information than that, my husband is clueless on his relatives. Any connection?

Re: Zelem, Cherep, Wilcha

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Adam....My Great Frandmother was Thecla Zagursky (1860 - 1035) from Macina Velyka. She married John Zelem (1855-1915). Check out this website: It has the Austrian Census from 1787 with all the Lemkos living in Macina Velyka at that time. What more can you tell me about your family?

Re: Zelem and Zagorski (Zagurski)

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Surnames: Zelem, Zagurska, Szopa, Kret
I've made research in Mecina Wielka (Macina Velyka) and Rozdziele. In my notes there is marriage record dated 1884.11.23 of:
Stefan Zelem (unknown date of birth, son of Danko Zelem and Maria Mizio) and Tekla Zagorska (born around 1864, daughter of Jozef Zagorski and Maria Kret). Connfession: Stefan - greek catholic, Tekla - roman catholic. Marriage was done in Kobylanka roman-cath. church.
I have also a record of marriage in 1927 of Stefan and Tekla's daugther - Stefania Zelem with Ignacy Szopa.
Maybe these data match to yours? I have much from from these area.
Wojtek (

Re: Zelem family in Mecina Wielka

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So far as I know there was a marriagge on 1884-11-23 between:
Stephan Zelem (??y, son of Danko Zelem & Maria Mizio) and Tekla Zagorska (20y, d. of Joseph Zagorski & Maria Kret).
I have registered also a record of death in 1944 (1944-10-25) of Olga Lopata (married to Szymon Lopata) who was a daughter of Stephan Zelem and Tekla Zagorska.
I'm working on Rozdziele and Mecina Wielka records.
Wojtek (

Re: Zelem, Cherep, Wilcha

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Hi Colleen; this is going to be a quick reply. I hope you can get back with me quickly. The Grabania name has been floating around my family search for years. I have a short note from my mother saying that Grabania and the Yuchak Families could be cousins. I believe that there were Grabanias at my wedding back in 1968.

Hope you see this soon!!!

Terry and Eileen

Mecina Wielka / Matsyna Velika > formerly Lemko village in Gorlice

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From late 18th century to 1919 Mecina Wielka (Polish name)/ Matsyna Velika (Rusyn/Lemko name) was predominantly a Lemko/Ruthenian village w/its own Greek Catholic Church (Sts. Kosmas & Damian est. 1807) > Gorlice was both the administrative district (powiat) and the judicial/tax district (gmina) > Krosno Woijiwodstwo > Galicia Province, administered by ethnic Poles for the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The filial Roman Catholic church was in Kobylanka. In 1919 region became part of Reconstituted Poland, that had not existed as a geopolitical entity for appx 125 yrs. This immediate region was also informally called Lemkivschyna (Land of the Lemko). Today this is Podkarpackie Region, SE Poland.

LDS microfilm #0766029
includes births 1822-1850
marriages 1784-1846
deaths 1821-1834

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