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MUNRO, the Hon. Captain John

MUNRO, the Hon. Captain John

Lois (View posts)
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Surnames: Munro, Beckstead
I am looking for any information on Capt. the Hon. John Munro, who was one of the councillors in the Legislative Assembly of Upper Canada. He was married to Maria Beckstead and obtained Lot 14, Concession 4 in Winchester Township of Eastern Ontario in 1817.

MUNRO, John b. Lanark, Ontario

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Surnames: Munro
Lois -

My great-great-great-grandfather was a
John Munro born in Bathurst Township, County
Lanark, Ontario, Canada.
I don't have any dates of birth or
information on his spouse, but he
had 4 daughters (Margaret, Rose Ann,
Katherine, Elizabeth) and 4 sons
(Thomas, John, William, Peter).
All the children were born in Bathurst
Township, County Lanark, Ontario, Canada.
The only date I have is Peter, born
April 15, 1833. So the dates certainly
make this a possibility. I have a family
record showing that John moved from
Bathurst Township for Bruce County at some
point. We also have mention that Peter
changed the spelling of Munro to Monroe
because of the large number of Munro
families living in the same area ...
Since we have no reference to Winchester
Township, it's possible your John Munro
is from another family.

MUNRO, the Hon. Capt. John m. BROUWER, Maria in 1760.

Lois (View posts)
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Surnames: Munro, Brouwer, Beckstead, Rosenburg
My regrets for taking so long to reply. Many computer problems over the last several months. Forced deletions of material and links.

I was mistaken. The Honourable Captain John Munro and the John Munro who was married to Maria Beckstead are not the same person. However they are related. The Honourable Captain John Munro was my great-great-great-great grandfather. John Munro who was married to Maria Beckstead is my great-great grandfather. So many John's in our family tree. It is confusing. My grandfather was John Enos Earl Munro.

Captain John Munro was married to Maria Brouwer in April 5, 1760(Marytje, b. Oct. 9, 1738). Captain John Munro died in 1800. A memorial for him and his wife is at Riverside Heights, east of Morrisburg, Ontario. John Munro who was married to Maria Beckstead was his grandson. He is buried at Maple Ridge, just west of Chesterville, Ontario. To make it more confusing John Munro's father was a "John Munro". He was married to a Katherine Rosenburg. I do not know where he is buried.

By chance I found a wonderful book entitled "From Captain John to Me ", that was wrote by Robert C. Munro. This has given me a lot of information on Captain John and his family.

Thank you for your assistance. It was appreciated.


Joan McIlmoyl Cleghorn (View posts)
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Surnames: Munro, Middaugh, Sipes, Wickwire, Rose

Boy, can I ever relate to your "John MUNRO" problems! At the same time and place of your Capt John the Hon., is 'my' John A. MUNRO who was married to Mary MIDDAUGH, d/o Martin MIDDAUGH and (possibly) Mary HOUGH/HUFF and lived a couple of Concessions north of Capt. John. To make things even more confusing, about the same time as some of your MUNROs headed off to Chesterville, so did mine!! John A's son, William A. who married Elizabeth SIPES, d/o Andrew SIPES and Mary 'Polly' MIDDAUGH (d/o John MIDDAUGH) went to Chesterville in 1833/34 and the family continued to live there for another 2 generations.

John A MUNRO also had a brother, William married to Elizabeth WICKWIRE and sisters Catherine married to John ROSE and Jennet/Janet married to Gilbert MIDDAUGH all living in Matilda around the Dixon's Corners area.

Hope this helps eliminate some of your confusion<g>

Joan McIlmoyl Cleghorn U.E.
From Beautiful Victoria BC Canada

Re: MUNRO, John

Lois (View posts)
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Surnames: Munro
Thank you for responding to my post. I did locate a William Munro in 1879 on the Canadian County Digital Atlas Program.
I wonder if he was your John. A.'s son. His property was located on what is now the Forward Rd, I believe. He had 50
acres each in concession number 111 lot 16 and 17. Right beside him to the west was a George Munro.
Possibly a brother etc.

William Munro's property was located east and north of my gg grandfather John Munro. I know this information is accurate
since family members still acquire a portion of this

Although the atlas is dated 1879, it is very possible that the settlers where here before that date, since the
farmhouse that is located on my gg grandfather's property in Nation Valley west of Chesterville dates before 1879. My
father told both my sister and myself that prior to the farmhouse there was a loghome.

There is a John Munro that is buried in Williamsburg Old Union Cemetry and also one in Dixon Corners. Although I was
unable to locate the one in Williamsburg, I did locate the one in Dixon Corners. Perhaps this is your relative.

If you are interested the link for the Canadian County Digital Atlas is:

Perhaps it will help you with your search.

Again thank you for taking the time to respond to my query.


Re: MUNRO, John

Joan McIlmoyl Cleghorn (View posts)
Posted: 1008191234000
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Surnames: Munro, Forward
Yes, that was my William A. MUNRO on Forward (his daughter Marie actually married Thomas FORWARD) and beside him, George, his son and my g-grandfather.

The John MUNRO buried in Williamsburgh may be one of yours I think. The one in Dixon's Corner is mine I believe though I can't recall which one off the top of my head<g>.

The Digital Atlas project is quite wonderful isn't it? My only complaint is that many of my mysteries/brick walls are considerably prior to that time frame (1780s to 1840s) so the atlases don't help much........

Please don't hesitate to ask if you are unsure of any of the rest of the MUNROs of that area - I may not know details but can usually tell if they are mine or yours<g>.

Joan McIlmoyl Cleghorn, U.E.
From Beautiful Victoria BC Canada

MUNRO on Forward Road

Lois (View posts)
Posted: 1008210521000
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Surnames: Munro, Forward, Dubois
Today, I questioned my mother about other MUNRO's that possibly were living on the Forward Road when she married my
father and moved here (about 1943). I had no knowledge of any Munro's living on the Forward Rd. There were several living on Nation Valley Rd, and the Bethune Bush (these were distant cousins) area but none that I remembered on the Forward Rd.

My mother said she remembered Munro's living on the Forward Rd., but said they were not related to us. She thought she
remembered a Albert Munro that lived on the Forward Rd., but this could be wrong. (My Father's older brother was a Albert Munro also -again using the same names - a trend I think)

I believe the farmhouse belonging to William or George Munro is still standing and lived in. It is a story and a half wooden frame house and of similar structure and time period to my parents home. I believe William or George Munro's farmhouse now belongs to a Dubois.

I think I know the Thomas Forward that you mentioned. He was probably the father of Bill Forward. I went to school with his youngest son, Bob.

I am curious where did your Munro's originate from. I assume they were UEL (New York???). I wonder if your family and my family were not cousins at one time.


MUNRO, Albert

Joan McIlmoyl Cleghorn (View posts)
Posted: 1008228113000
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Surnames: Munro, Cook, Scarborough, Forward, McLeod, Shaver
Albert MUNRO would have been Albert Carl MUNRO, son of Solomon Watson (Watt) MUNRO and Ann E. COOK. Watt was the youngest son of William A. and Mary Ann SCARBOROUGH (his second wife).

Albert had a sister, Florence Bernice MUNRO and brother, Wesley MUNRO.

Watt had a brother, Dr. William Albert MUNRO.

Re the FORWARDs - I have some info but not handy at the moment. Thomas & Maria did have a son William but I'm unsure of who his children were. I do know that what would have been the next generation moved out here to Vancouver Island.

Origin of my MUNROs is one of my main mysteries<g>. In 1784, my 4g-grandfather, Alexander MUNRO received 2 land grants in Stormont County - 1 in what is now Avonmore and the other on the North Side of the North Branch of the River aux Raisin which is Concession 7/8, Lots 2,3,4 originally. Beside him was David MUNRO who we believe to be his brother though we have no definitive proof as yet and on David's other side was Widow Isabella MUNRO McLEOD, Alexander's sister.

I have nothing which says where Alexander came from but both his sons, William and John A., on their petitions for land as Loyalists, indicate that they were from Albany County, Province of New York. They received their land in Matilda.

Isabella appears as a U.E. in her own right and I found what is likely her tombstone transcript in one of Alex Fraser's books on the cemeteries of Glengarry. It says she was from the Isle of Skye!! Her daughter, Jennet, is shown as having been born in Jamestown, NY.

Prior to Alexander's death in 1802 (I have his will), a controversy erupted regarding the land of all 3 of these MUNROs. It continued at least until 1866, after David & Isabella had also died. The resolution of the land squabble? David & Isabella each received additional land grants in Lancaster to replace the originals. Minor detail that they'd lived there for 23 years, made imporvement.

By the 1940s, all my direct MUNROs had left Chesterville. George Alexander died in 1912, having signed over his farm to my grandfather, Alexander William Creighton MUNRO who then turned it over to his mother Martha Louise SHAVER MUNRO and she promptly sold it and moved into 'downtown' Chesterville. She died in 1924.

I'll look up the FORWARD info for you.

Joan McIlmoyl Cleghorn, U.E.
From Beautifull Victoria BC

Re: MUNRO, the Hon. Captain John

Léon Codebecq (View posts)
Posted: 1011237429000
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Surnames: Munro, Brower, Beckstead, Rosenberg, Serindac
Dear sir, I have a lot of documents and informations about the honorable John Munro, Captain in the King Royal Regiment ( 1726, 1800 ). X Maria Brower 1760

One of his small children John Melburn Munro( by his son John and Katherine Rosenberg ) married Mariah Beckstead .

If you wish, it will be a pleasure for me to share those informations,

Léon Codebecq ( I descend of Captain John by Henry and Josephte Serindac )

Re: MUNRO, the Hon. Captain John

C. Saint-Laurent (View posts)
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Surnames: Munro, Brouwer, Bruere, de Lotbiniere
Dear M. Codebecq,

I would love some information about Capt. John Munro. I've only just discovered that I am descended from him and his second wife Maria Brouwer (or Marie Bruere in other records), through their daughter Marie Charlotte, who married Michel Eustache Gaspard Alain Chartier de Lotbiniere (one of my great, great, great, great grandfathers). I have found some records which suggest that Capt. John Munro was born at Foulis Castle, Scotland in 1728. His father seems to have been born there in 1702 and his mother (Christiana) in 1906. It would seem also that Capt. Munro had a son (Hugh) with his first wife, and she may have died in childbirth. The records (from the Mormon archives and Rootsweb) are not completely clear or consistent, however. Any light you could shed on this would be much appreciated.

Thank you in advance and best regards,

C. Saint-Laurent
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