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George W. Eubanks

George W. Eubanks

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Surnames: Eubanks, Davis
My gggrandfather was George W. Eubanks(Eubank) from Lamar Co. He married Lucy A. Davis in Fannin Co. 15 Jan 1870. I beleive he was from Lamar Co. as I found G. W. Eubanks on the 1860 census in Lamar Co., also a marriage of Nancy Woodard and Geo. W. Eubanks 17 Jan 1861. Any information on this family would be appreciated.
Charles Crouch

Re: George W. Eubanks

Stephanie Sullivan (View posts)
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Charles, I believe that he was also my gggfather. My great grandfather was James Calvin Eubanks b.1869 whose mother was possibly Nancy Woodward.

Re: George W. Eubanks

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My George W. Eubanks, m. Lucy Ann Davis in Fannin Co., 15 Jan 1870. In the 1870 census we have a Nancy A. age 8 and James C. age 4. Do you know where George W. was buried? Lucy and George had a son George W. and this is the way we connect. Lucy was living with her father Duncan Davis in 1880 but not the other children. That is about all I have on George W. any help would be appreciated. Lucy and son George W. came to Missouri where they lived until death.
I have tried to contact anyone that might have information on this family.

Charles Crouch.

Re: George W. Eubanks

Stephanie Sullivan (View posts)
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Unfortunately, no. My ggrandfather James (born in 1865) stayed in the northeast Texas area all of his life. Me married Georgia Hestella McCan and they had eight children. James was something of a rogue and was sent to prison for counterfeiting around 1900. He died in Dallas in 1914. My grandfather, Jesse, grew up around Paris and was the only one of James' children that led a decent life. He left home at a very early age. My mother was ashamed of this part of the family and didn't ask too many questions. I have searched for George W. prior to his arrival in Texas and after his marriage to Lucy without success. I didn't know what happened to Lucy and son until your message.

Re: George W. Eubanks

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Surnames: Eubanks, Lutman
Hi Stephanie,
I hope we can put our heads together on this one. I have been tracking James C. Eubank from Lamar County also. I believe he first married Mary Lutman 1884 in Lamar County, at least records show that a J.C. Eubanks married her. I don't know what happened to her, whether they divorced or she died. I believe he then married Georgia in 1886. I found Georgia in 1910 but not James. Do you know where he is for that census? My interest is in the Mary Lutman. I have that James' father was George W. and mother was Nancy Woodard. George W.'s father was James with mother being Elizabeth ?. James Calvin Eubank's sister Nancy (Nannie) is found in her uncle Perry Woodard's house in the 1880 census, but I have not been able to find James in that one either. Any information would be helpful... Thanks, Terry

Re: George W. Eubanks

stephanie (View posts)
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Terry, I have checked my notes and don't have a location for James in 1910. He may have been in jail again. I believe that I found him in 1880 living with George W. and his new wife Lucy Davis. Her father was Duncan Davis. Another relative told me that he was traced Lucy and her son back to Missouri but does not know what happened to George. I was not aware of James having a previous marriage, but may be. As for Nancy (Nanie), I found a Woodard family relative in Fort Worth, who believes that her parents were James and Tabitha Woodard. James would be a son of John Wesley Woodard, Sr.

Re: George W. Eubanks

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I also believe that Nancy M. Woodard who married George W. Eubank in Lamar County, Texas is the daughter of James & Tabitha Woodard. I was referring to George W. and Nancy Eubank's daughter, Nancy A. (Nanie) as being in the household of her Uncle Pery Woodard in the 1880 census. I was looking for James C. Eubank in 1880 as well, but have not found him yet. Terry

Re: George W. Eubanks

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Surnames: Eubanks, Ridings
I know this is a long way around to get to the Lamar Co., TX family, but please take a look.

My 4th great grandmother was Sarah E. Eubank[s] b 04 Sep 1804 in NC. She d 24 Mar 1857 in Schuyler Co., IL. She married William Ridings about 1820, probably in TN. He was b in NC about 1800, but his family migrated to Humphreys Co., TN by 1812. I have found hundreds of her descendants, but have no siblings or parents for her.

Based on the births of their children, William & Sarah Ridings lived in Humphreys Co., TN through Feb, 1823. Sometime between 1823 and June 1825, they moved to Carroll Co., TN where three of their children were born.

In Carroll Co., TN they were members of Mud Creek Baptist Church. They were dismissed by letter to MO in August of 1831. By April of 1832 they were in Cape Girardeau, MO, where they remained until sometime between late 1834 and early 1837.

By 14 Feb 1837 they were in Hancock Co., IL. By Sept. 1839 they had moved to Adams Co., IL where they remained through the 1850 census. At some point prior to their deaths in 1857 they moved to Schuyler Co., IL. Letters of dismissal were given to them by Providence church in 1856.

In my search for Sarah's family I have the following data, which proves nothing and does not tie Sarah, known as Sally, to any of it.

1830 Humphreys Co., TN
George Eubanks Males 1020001 (George 40-50 b 1780-1790) Boys are young, b 1825-1830; and 1815-1820.
Females: 01102001 (wife b same) girls are young, too.
Slaves: Males 2 under 10; 2 10-24; 1 24-36; Females 2 under 10; 1 10-24
This is the only year I find any Eubanks family in Humphreys Co., TN. By 1830 Wm. and Sally are married and have moved to Carroll Co., TN. A distant family member, who produced no papers or proof, stated that Sarah's father was George Nathaniel Eubanks, died June 6, 1835 in Tennessee. I have copies of tax lists from Humphreys Co., TN from 1837-1843. No Eubanks is listed.

In 1830 census Carroll Co., TN there was a Robert Eubanks, as well as a Wm. Ridings.
In 1840 there is both a William and Joseph Eubanks in Adams Co., IL in the census, exclusive of the City of Quincy. The Ridings family is in Quincy. Joseph is 30-40. William's household has a male 30-40 and one 40-50.
By 1850 there is only a James Eubank, 20 b KY left in Adams Co., IL. He is living with the family of Horatio Ellis and works as a clerk.

Since William Ridings writes to his father in TN inquiring about Sally's inheritance and no mention is ever made about any of her family living in IL, I doubt the IL Eubanks listed above are closely related to her.

1840 Henderson Co., TN (I read the entire county) Page 342:
Line 12 William Eubanks 011101 (b 1800-1810) Females 3110001 No slaves

Line 14 Nathaniel Eubanks 00012001 (50-60 b1780-1790) Females 000011 (30-40, young wife or old dau) 1 Free Colored Female 21-36; 1 Male slave 10-24 1 Female slave under 10.

The above two are likely prospects as brothers for Sally. I have a copy of a letter written by Wm. Ridings to his father in TN inquiring about Sally's inheritance. In that letter he refers to the Eubanks boys Wm. & N. He also inquires of his father who still lives in Humphreys Co., TN if he knows whether or not the slaves have been sold.

By 1840 in Carroll Co., TN William and Robert are both gone. There is a Warner Eubanks there as is Absalom Ridings, William's brother.
1840 Carroll Co., TN, Eubanks Warner Males 110001 (b 1800-1810) Females 110001 No Slaves

Carroll Co., TN Chancery Records Index:
1850 EUBANKS Nathaniel etals STILL George W. -
1870 HARRIS W. H. EUBANKS Robert Boswell, John estate
Carroll Co., TN Estate Records

The only families I can find in the 1850 census that could be the families found earlier in TN are these:
1850 Precinct 6 Lamar Co., TX
Eubank William 50 farmer NC
Jane L. 50 TN
Terrance 18 farmer TN
Madolina 15 TN
Nancy A. 13 TN
Wency/Weney female 11 TN
Nathaniel 7 TN
This puts them in TN from at least 1832-1843 if birth states are correct.

Eubank George (W or N) 26 grocer TN
George N. 5 TN
James W. 3 TN
Mary E. 2 TN
Carpenter Nancy 40 TN
Eubank Nathaniel 37 grocer TN
This family was in TN from 1813-1848 if birth states are correct.

1850 Precinct 1, Lamar Co., TX
Eubank James 35 NC
Elizabeth 33 TN
George 15 TN
James 11 TN
Sarah 8 TX
William B. 5 TX
Calvin C. 2 TX
This family was in TN from at least 1834-1839

If anyone has more information on any of these families, I'd appreciate receiving it. I'd like to be able to either rule them out as Sally's family, or know they're worth pursuing farther.

LouAnn Cameron in NC

Re: George W. Eubanks

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Surnames: Boyd
LouAnn, I know it has been several years but I'm checking back to see if you ever found any more about Sally and/or her family. I've been working on this Eubank group for a number of years and with DNA technology, have found a new trail to follow, at least for my relation, George W Eubank born in Tennessee around 1844. Checking also to see if you have run across any family named Boyd regarding this same group of people. Thanks.

Re: George W. Eubanks

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Surnames: Eubanks, Ridings, Boyd
Stephanie, I haven't worked on the Eubanks family in a very long time. I don't have anyone named Boyd connected to the Eubanks family in my file. I'm interested in your new trail using DNA. I have done an autosomal test at Family Tree DNA, but so far haven't found any connection through it to my Eubanks family. I'm interested in your new trail for the family. I know my cousin Mary Lee, now deceased, was convinced the Lamar Co., TX, Eubanks were related to our Sarah "Sally" Eubanks Ridings. Neither of us could find any proof. I tried to find her tree on Ancestry, but neither of the 2 trees I thought were hers have an owner name that fits, and neither of them have names for Sarah's parents. I have a list of items for the TN State Archives, but have never been able to visit there. Do you live close enough to visit there? I'll be happy to send you my list of items to check. I need a refresher course on my Eubanks family, as I haven't entered the Lamar Co., TX folks into my Legacy file. I know I have Word files for them. I'll look into those & let you know if they contain a Boyd.
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