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Joseph Bailey Newbury,Essex Ma

Joseph Bailey Newbury,Essex Ma

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HI: I am looking up my grandfathers side of the family I am up to Joseph Bailey b.4/14/1648 d.10/23/1723 Married to Priscilla Putnam 1675. Possible his father was John Baily from England any help of brothers sisters, aunts uncles anything would be appreciated. contact me or leave a message. again thanks

Bailey Family

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I have Joseph Bailey born in 1848 in Cambridge, Boston MA. He is the son of James Bailey born about 1826 in MA. I can't go back any further than that. If you can help, I would appreciate it. Thanks, Marilyn

Baileys Mass.

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There is a chance of your Baileys and ours, Our Bailey Line as far back as I can go for a moment is to England to John Bailey SR, some say the 1st. John Bailey Jr.or 2nd had a bunch of children this goes back to 1613-1690/91. Out of all the children which I have Joseph, and another person I met has Isaac, there also was a son James. Your Bailey may come from this son, which I have not researched yet. This James Bailey is 1650-1707. I hope this is some sort of help for you. If I can be of any other help my E-mail is Virginia

Bailey from MA

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Thanks for the information. If you get any further in your search, please let me know. I will do the same.

Re: Joseph Bailey Newbury,Essex Ma

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Surnames: Bailey, Putnam, Emery, Bayley
Joseph Bailey is my 8th great grand uncle. He was the son of John Bayley and Eleanor Emery of Newbury MA Here is information that I have on file

. Joseph BAILEY reference 0000000000000053C was born in Newbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts 4 APR 1648. He died [23?] OCT 1723 in Arundel (Now Kennebunkport), York Co., Maine, at age 75. He married twice. Joseph married Priscilla PUTNAM first child born 25 OCT 1675 in Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts. (Priscilla PUTNAM reference 0000000000000053D) Priscilla was born 4 MAR 165[6/]7 Salem Village (now Danvers) in Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts. Priscilla was the daughter of Capt. John PUTNAM (Jr.) and Rebecca PRINCE. She died 16 NOV 1704 at age 47. She was buried at Wadsworth Cemetery, in Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts AFT 16 NOV 1704. Joseph married Sarah POORE Sawyer 27 NOV 1707 in Newbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts. Sarah was born 1655.

He resided in Arundel (Now Kennebunkport), York Co., Maine bought 1692. Ab. 1700 he rem. to Arundel, or Kennebunk, Me., left there in 1703, returned in 1714, and was killed by Indians, Oct., 1723. Hoyt S&A p. 45

He bought land in "Cape Porpus" [Arundel, or Kennebunk Port] in 1692 and 1700; was at Casco Fort, March, 1703-4; selectman of Arundel, 1719 Hoyt S&A p. 613

bot Maine lands in Indian country in 1692 and persevered in settling them until killed. GD p. 73

He resided in Casco, (Now Cumberland Co.), Maine by MAR 1703/4. He resided in Cape Porpus (Now Arundel), (now York Co.), Maine 1714.

Joseph and Priscilla were married in 1675 and Priscilla was the daughter of the infamous John Putnam and Rebecca Prince from Salem Village MA and were accusers in the Salem Witch Trials.

I would be happy to send you a gedcom file of the Bailey family if you would provide your e-mail address.

Re: Joseph Bailey Newbury,Essex Ma

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Thank you so much after all this time on your family information. I would like to have your file on the Baileys.
As I see in your information all the names click.
I don't remember about him being married twice, I'll have to go over my notes.
You see back in 2000 when I posted, I was brand new to computers, and I was gathering so much information without printing everything out. Then I had this major crash and lost so much.
There was another family who had sent me their files on the Baileys which believe it or not, went back to the year about
800 and something when people only had first names.
I was going to print it out, but it was 400 pages long. That is why I lost so much on the Baileys fromt this family. I have now learned over the years to back everything up and print it out if you can.
my E mail is
I also found an old book that went back to the Salem trials, and the Baileys and Burroughs and Putnams are all in this book. I need to see where I put it.
Thank you so very much after all these years for your help. This may help me get started again.
I will be joining one of the sites so that I can get into
archival information. I'll do that this winter I hope.
Thanks again Virginia

Re: Joseph Bailey Newbury,Essex Ma

Marilyn (View posts)
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Surnames: Bailey, Fitzer-Beal
Hi Virginia, I have a Joseph MacGraw Bailey born 1848, Cambridge, MA. He is the son of James Bailey, born 1826, and Hannahile Unknown. Joseph married Jennie Fitzer-Beal from Burmingham, England. I can't go back as far as you, but if you have any information, I would be so delighter. You may E-mail me at Thanks, Marilyn
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