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Bonnie Parker (Famous Bonnie Clyde team!)

Bonnie Parker (Famous Bonnie Clyde team!)

Connie (View posts)
Posted: 930254551000
Anyone with info on Bonnie Parker? Just met someone whose mother came from the Parker line; an old family story that Bonnie was related, through half-brother Ed Parker. TX!
Posted: 930866915000
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Hello my father-in-law said bonnie was there 2 cousin. I have some info. But not much. Maybe we can share. my Email is

Bonnie Parker relatives

TropicRain222 (View posts)
Posted: 931136711000
Hi! I'm just getting started on my family history, but yes, I've been told that I come from the same line as Bonnie Parker. I also supposedly come from the line of Butch Cassidy(Robert Parker) Cynthia Ann/Quanah Parker. Don't know how accurate all of this is, but would love to find out! I've only gotten back to my great-great grandfather, Lewis F. Parker(possibly spelled Louis) born December 3, 1874; died May 22, 1961 in Rusk County, Texas. He married Mowina A. Hudson. Don't know how many children they have, but my great-grandmother, Jennie Florence Parker, was their daughter. Doubt this will help you, but hope so! If you have any info, please email me at Thanks!

Bonnie Parker

WestTexasParker (View posts)
Posted: 931659136000
I to have been told that our family of Parkers is also related to Bonnie and Butch Cassidy. Relatives claim to have remembered when young, that Bonnie and Clyde were plotting bank robberies in their attic. Many of the towns were action took place are locations where relatives lived, such as Atoka, Oklahoma, and Wellington, Texas.
Working toward Bonnie's end - a no no for geneology - I was able to confirm that Bonnie was born on Oct. 1, 1910 at Rowena, Runnels Co., Texas to the parents of Henry and Emma Parker. Henry (A very hard name to find) was a brick layer who died in 1914 in Rowena, Texas. No death records found to date. Emma's father was born in Germany, and her mother was born in Louisiana. Hubert "Buster" Parker was born around 1907 in Texas, Billie Jean Parker Mace was born around 1912 in Texas. Bonnie had an aunt named Mrs. E. M. "Millie"Stamps who lived near Carlsbad, New Mexico. Bonnie married Roy Thornton at age sixteen and never divorced him. She died on May 23, 1934 on a road southwest of Gibsland, Louisiana, near Arcadia and was buried at the Fishtrap Cemetery in West Dallas. Cement City was were Emma raised Bonnie and Billie and Buster. It is actually the immediate residential area just west of Downtown Dallas.

The earliest information I have regarding the Parker family is this: Col. John A. and Jonah Parker were one of the earliest families to settle in Hawkins County, Tennessee. He was born in Virginia on Feb. 14, 1845 and died on Apr. 6, 1931 in Persia, Tenn. with burial at Dodson Creek Cemetery. He had two brothers and may have had other siblings. Jonah was born on Jan. 19, 1855 and died on Sep. 10, 1932 in Persia, Tenn.
They had two sons named George Washington Parker and Porter G. Parker. Porter was born on June 20, 1879, married Betty H. ? and died on May 7, 1945 in Persia. (Their were three unmarked graves beside these four Parkers.

George Washington Parker was born on June 3, 1874 in Persia, and died on Nov. 19, 1944 in Persia and was buried at Dodson Creek Cemetery. He married Salley Ann Sumner born Nov. 14, 1868 in Surgoinsvile, Tenn, and died on July 15, 1942 in Persia, Tenn. They were married on Aug. 16, 1893 in Persia and they had nine children; Betty Ruth Parker, Hannah John Parker, Joseph Dedrick Sirus Parker born June 24, 1898 at Hawkins Co., Persia, Tenn., Prescilla Daril Parker born June 12, 1899 in Persia, George Russel Parker, Daniel Boone Parker born Mar. 3, 1907 in Persia, Clora Belle Parker, Robert Lee Parker (Butch Cassidy line?) who married Ethel, and Johnny Parker (Bonnie Parker line?)

Joseph Dedrick Sirus Parker married Minnie Elvia Hardage on Dec. 25, 1920 in Atoka, Oklahoma. They had eleven children; Sylvia L. Parker born Dec. 3, 1922, Clora May Parker born Jan. 23, 1924, Nora Lucille Parker born Feb. 18, 1926, Russell Dedrick Parker born July 28, 1927, Floyd E.Parker born Aug. 4, 1929, Willie James Parker born Sep. 22, 1931 Betty Ruth Parker born June 22, 1933, Everett Ray Parker born Oct. 8, 1935, William Monroe Parker born Nov. 12, 1937, Georgia Faye Parker born Aug. 8, 1939 and Billy Dan Parker born Dec. 1, 1945.

I have a full history of each of these families except for Robert and Johnny's lines. I would be happy to share full content of my parker history with anyone having likewise information. - Gary

Cora Parker

Trisha Rohde (View posts)
Posted: 932093518000
Hello i was told at a very young age that she was the older sister to Bonnie
I don;t know if this is true but would like to talk . She married a man by the name of John Ben Buchanan.


Donnie McDowell (View posts)
Posted: 932160735000
Mother's father Bonnie. Also trying to search for Missouri Seals,Hugh Nugent J
oseph Cephus Parker,Celia Nugent Parker.

Bonnie Parker

Andrew Price (View posts)
Posted: 933637414000
I was told by my grandmother(maiden name Parker)that Bonnie Parker was a distant relative of hers.They are from around Arcadia,LA.Her grandfather's name in the family Bible was J.W.Parker(don't know what J.W. stands for)and he was married to Marenda Hite.They lived in McNeil,Ark. or Arcadia,La. or somewhere in between.J.W. had a son Noah Edmond Parker on Oct. 11, 1898 and possibly a daughter known to us only as "Zee". That is all the information we have on J.W. Noah married Velma Miles of Arcadia, LA on Feb. 4, 1918. If you recognize the name let me know.

Bonnie Parker

Debbie Ann Stewart Cline (View posts)
Posted: 936942214000
I don't have any info on Bonnie Parker. But I do know that my late grandmother, Flora Allene (Parker) Stewart was related to her. The other Parker names I have are: Bertha, Beulah, Cecil, Chester, Emona, 2 Georges, James, Jean, Jessie, John B., Lucille, Nannie, Oscar, Rachel, Roda, Virgil, William.>>>>

Bonnie Parker

Debbie Ann Stewart Cline (View posts)
Posted: 936942497000
In the last 2-3 years I've been told my grandmother-on my dad's side-is related to Bonnie Parker. Don't know how though. And my grandmother died quite a few years ago. Can't ask her no one else knows. If you would like some other Parker names that you might think be of some help, e-mail me.

Parker/Nugent Connection

Posted: 961388203000
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Read your July 1999 post, and question if you know anything about Joseph N. Parker and Celia E. Nugent Parker. Celia's parents were Isaiah Nugent and Mary Partin Nugent of Grant Parish, Louisiana.
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