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GenForum Search Capabilities

GenForum Search Capabilities

Posted: 1427070880000
Classification: Query
The new "Read Only" Genforum might as well be taken down entirely as it is virtually unusable. I can't believe anyone that anyone with even a bare bones knowledge of genealogical research would have designed the new format.

Example. I cannot find a way to conduct a search within a single forum. One can only search through all message board posts, which can yield thousands of results. Today I wanted to search for the surname Nicholson in the Harris Forum but the search pulled 31,000+ results from the entire universe of forums.

Also, one used to be able to click on any post and see the contributor's e-mail address. Now, you have to conduct a search for the contributor's name among all GenForum contributors to get a list of e-mail addresses. You must do additional searches for each address to view their posts and (hopefully) identify the person you wish to contact. Good luck if the person you want to contact is named John Smith. I guess identifying the e-mail address of the person you want is possible, but it sure does take a lot of valuable time.

If anyone can tell me how to do productive searches under the new format I'd be most grateful. If this is "user error' I'll be happy to retract my comments. Thank you.

Re: GenForum Search Capabilities

Posted: 1427256343000
Classification: Query
A very nice user of the forums has told me how to narrow a search of GenForum posts. I should have simply entered "AND" ( in caps) with the surnames Harris and Nicholson. This worked much better. Thank you to my anonymous helper.

Re: GenForum Search Capabilities

Posted: 1427411406000
Classification: Query
Well, one of the reasons you may not be able to do a good search on GenForum, is because they don't have all of the Forums on their site anymore. I noticed when trying to find some of the State and County Forums I used to visit, that there are no County Forums for a of the States. While they have the links up for the States, and include links to each County from there, many of those pages don't exist. I didn't check all of the States but it seems they have Counties for Alabama thru Colorado, then Delaware & Florida, but the States after that are mostly no County pages. I suppose they are working on getting each State online, but I'm pretty sure this means that any search will definitely not bring up what's supposed to be on GenForum. Hopefully they do intend to bring back all of the Locations and to bring back their much more user-friendly Search Engine, or at least something that does a better job.

Re: GenForum Search Capabilities

Posted: 1429175064000
Classification: Query
How hard is it to try to find this post I wanted without being diverted to anything but?

Re: NOBLE FAMILY › ... › U.S. States › Wisconsin Genealogy Forum
Aug 13, 2006 - 10 posts - ‎1 author
In Reply to: NOBLE FAMILY by Verna Noble Kojima, of 25810 ... 17 June 1851; Ransom Beckwith b. 7 Dec. 1852 and Lorena Matilda b. 30 Dec ...

I tried every way possible and still I get diverted every time. I want this very specific one because that's my 3rd cousins.

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Posted: 1429192598000
Classification: Query
Edited: 1429201748000
The NewGenforum search and format SUCKS. I tried a Google search, which brought me to the main Genforum search page.

The Noble family thread starts here, scroll down to the bottom (which is STUPID) to see the other replies.

The post about Ransom Beckwith b. 7 Dec. 1852 and Lorena Matilda b. 30 Dec 1856 ... is here:

Another one about the Noble family.

Re: GenForum Search Capabilities

Posted: 1485392995000
Classification: Query
The Genforums website used to be so good. It's practically useless now.
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