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Denied entry to the US?

Denied entry to the US?

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Surnames: Petersen
I have a question in regards to the notes on a passenger list.

Holger Amandus Petersen (born May 1, 1859, Copenhagen) entered United States twice, the first time on June 23, 1880 through Hamburg, but where back in Denmark according to the 1885 Danish census, in Copenhagen, not found in 1890 Danish census, but live with his father in 1901. I found him trying to enter United States a second time, departure from Copenhagen September 24, 1902, but on the “List or Manifest of alien immigrants” it says he claims to be a US Citizen, and that he lost his papers. Well it is possible he could have gone back to the US 1886-1900, he consistently says he lived in the US but I have not been able to back that up.

Would he have been denied entrance to the US? If so how can I find out? Did they then just take his word for it; I have not been able to find any more information about him since this entry.

Re: Denied entry to the US?

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Maybe some other volunteer researcher will find the answer.

Some thoughts:

An immigrant must live in the USA continuously for five years before he/she can become a citizen. The immigrant must file a "Declaration of Intention To Become a US Citizen" three years before citizenship is granted. This rule was in effect also at the times Holger A. Petersen came to the USA.

I don't know why he would lie about having citizenship papers, as he could be admitted to the USA as a non-citizen also. Some persons were excluded from immigrating, such as the feeble-minded or people ill with tuberculosis or those who might be unable to support themselves. Such persons would be admitted if they were already US citizens of course.

Holger was a cook, a single man of middle age. No obstacle to his entry is noted on the Ellis Island passenger manifest.

On the Ellis Island passenger manifest, he gives his final destination as New Haven, Connecticut. I did not find his declaration of intention or his naturalization papers in Connecticut.

Danish Emigration Record 1902

Navn: Petersen, Holger Amandus Stilling: Kok
Alder: 43 Bestemmelsessted: N.Y.
Kontrakt nr.: 259800 Forevisningsdato: 9/24/1902
Fødested: Kjøbh. Fødesogn: København
Sidste oph.sogn: ? Sidste oph. amt: - USA
Sidste oph.sted: U.S.A. Bestemmelses land: USA
Bestemmelses by: New York City Bestemmelses stat: New York State
Skibsnavn: Norge
IDkode: D0103P2207

I don't know if this is your H.A. Petersen, below; I have not been able to open this file.

U.S. Subject Index to Correspondence and Case Files of the Immigration and Naturalization Service (from database at

Names of Persons in Entry: H A Peterson
Subject Title: Declarations Of Intentions Applications For Copies
Date: Jan 1911
INS Reference Number: 117,692

Re: Denied entry to the US?

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Thank you for your thoughts.

I’m trying to figure out, if it was possible for him to be in United States for five consecutive years. He left Denmark the first time June 1880 through Hamburg, was back in Denmark Feb 1885, he was present in both census. Did not find him in Feb 1890 census, that doesn’t mean he wasn’t in Denmark at the time, next census is Feb 1901 where he lived with his father. That is a window of 15 years he could have been in the US, but there are not records of him going back to the US until 1902, not in the Danish Emigration Record database you are referring to, nor in for passenger lists.

If he in fact was in United States he could have arrived approx 1886, been there 5 years, which would make it approx 1891, before he could file the “Declaration of Intention to Become a US Citizen”, add 3 years before the citizenship is granted. The period to look for citizenship would then be 1894-1900.

If the record you found is him, then he did lie about being a US Citizen in 1902, you don’t apply again in 1911, if you already got citizenship. The record you found is for a H. A. Pederson, Cir. Ct. Kane Co, Ill, that is all the information stated on the record. It still could be him, but I don’t really know how to be sure.

So if he told the truth a citizenship would have been granted between 1894-1900, well that narrows it down a bit, I just think it is weird I can’t find him anywhere after 1902 in the United States.

Re: Denied entry to the US?

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Danish census in 1885 was taken in February? I suppose in that case he could return to the USA anytime after the census that February of 1885.

He could be in the USA two years and then file "Declaration of Intention to Become a US Citizen", then be eligible to receive citizenship three years later, in about March 1890 - a five-year process total.

See Naturalization Process,

In any case he certainly could have been a US citizen in Feb 1901 when he was living in Denmark.

I thought the record I noted and you opened was a request for a copy of papers that had been previously received, but lost.

I suppose he could have died before the 1910 census - among other possibilities.

Re: Denied entry to the US?

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Well, I guess I can conclude that he might have told the truth after all. Even if I found him in the Danish Feb 1890 census, he could still be a US Citizen.

I know that he died before 1931, so there is a possibility that he died before 1910 as well. This is going to be a tough one to crack.

Thank you “falsterden” you have been a great help.
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