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Cadieux, Estrie, QC

Cadieux, Estrie, QC

Constance Claudette Cadieux (View posts)
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Surnames: Cadieux, Tetreault
I was born in Farnham, Quebec in 1938. My father's name was Armand Emile Cadieux and my mother is Alice Tetreault. We were 9 children, and my father passed away in 1965. He worked for the Canadian Pacific in Farnham and was later transferred to work in Newport, Vermont. I know that I have many cousins out there that I don't know, but I would like to get to know all of you. My dad had brothers named Maurice, Stanislaus, Gerard and Jean-Guy. My godparents were Stanislaus et Adde Cadieux. They had a daughter named Ruthie, and I believe they had a son named Marcel...My dad also had sisters named Georgette, Denise, Yvonne, Jeanine, Yvette and I don't really remember all of them, but this is a clue. If you know this family, please get in touch. I reside in Cleveland, OH., but I lived in Farnham until I was 12. Hope to hear from a relative. Thank you....

Are you related to me

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Surnames: Cadieux, Masse, Tetreault
Hi Claudette,
I have your line back to France. Armand Cadieux married Alice tetreault, April 2, 1934in Farnham Que. I have no children by them, so they must have moved to the USA after they were married.Armands parents were Stanislas Cadieux married to Eva Masse, Feb. 11, 1907 in St. Cesaire Que.They had 14 children. I can give you a lot more info if you want it. Email me at
Have you ever heard about the Cadieux lament.
Ernest Cadieux
Cornwall, Ontario

Are you related to me

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Hi Constance,
Your godparents Stanislas Cadieux Adde Cadieux (lapatrie)are your aunt uncle. He was your fathers brother. Ruthie is their daughter who married George Smith, June 9, 1950 in Farnham.
Ernest Cadieux
Drop me a line

reply to your info

Ernest Cadieux (View posts)
Posted: 970209951000
All the info you gave me is correct. However, my parents had four daughters in Farnham, then came to the states. You have the right parties because the names you gave me are all correct. However, his brother Stanislaus and his wife Addee were also my godparents. I believe they have both passed on , I'm not sure. I know Ruthie and her husband, but I haven't seen them in years. I know that I have many cousins out there, but lost track of most of them when we came into the states, and since my dad passed away. It would really be nice to hear from some of them if they have a computer. However, I appreciate your interest, and if you come up with more info, I would be very appreciative. My mom's dad was named Oscar Tetreault. They had a large family as well. Between my dad's family and my mothers', I know that I have many relatives out there. We were all together at one time years ago, but that was many moons passed. I'm sure that many of them have probably left this earth by now, but I know that they have many siblings out there. Let me know if you come across anything new. I appreciate your time. Thanks......

Are we related

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Hi Claudette,
I have you in my database as having 2 brothers, Roger Robert Armand 4 sisters, Blanche Anita, M. Jacqueline, Janet Alice, Rachel Blanche. Can you give me any info on them such as marriage children. I have over 21,000 Cadieuxs so far. I have written 3 books on the Cadieuxs so far. I DO Not sell them but donate them to geneolgy centers librarys. My last book was done in May 1999 when I had 18,689 Cadieuxs.
Any info would be of great help.
Ernest Cadieux

related ?

mariah cadieux (View posts)
Posted: 987802731000
hi claudette..from what i have been able to piece together we may be related...i was born in perci canada in 1959 at father was carlton clyde cadieux.i remember my god-father (jeane bouchardt) telling me that my middle name..clydeine..was part of a history of names and now the 3 were complete...claudette,claudia,clydeine.i dont remember very much from 8 yrs. old back.i did find out however 2 weeks ago that i have 2 brothers,and we have been in touch.the reason your name jumped out at me was because him and i was just talking this evening and he said he remembered a claudette,that his dad(and mine)talked about the 3 names being complete me anytime,so we can talk.

Cadieux relatives

Constance C. Cadieux (View posts)
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Surnames: Bessette, Cadieux, Gobeil, LaRoche, Masse, Roi, Tetreault
Hi Mariah: I have many relatives all over Canada, so many, in fact, I don't know half of them...My dad, Armand came from a family of 14 children, and all of them were either railroad workers (Canadian Pacific) or the Police Force....I was born in Farnham, Que., and came into the States when I was 10..I speak full french (that was the only language in Canada when I lived there),and kept speaking the language even when I was in the States...My dad in now gone, but my mom and I speak it all the time...Most of the relatives I know personally have the names "Tetreault,, Masse, Gobeil, Bessette, LaRoche, Roi and lots and lots of Cadieux cousins...Most of them to this day reside in Montreal, Granby, Farnham and maybe smaller towns surrounding these larger cities...Constance is my first name, Claudette is my middle name, and that name was given to me because my Godmother's name was Claudette...Back then, a lot of kids were named after their Godmother one way or the other...The whole Cadieux clan I know are all Catholics, and very hard working individuals...Most of them are retired now, such as myself because were talking about many years ago, but they're still out there...I know that I have many cousins I will never know, because there are too many of them, and we lost track...the Cadieux clan I come from and remember was totally French (I'm talking about all my aunts, uncles, cousins of my generation). The younger generation I'm sure got into different lives from the parents...I can't think of much more to say at this moment, but I hope that this will help you out...

Re: Are you related to me

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Hi. I was wondering if you have a Cadieux married to a Belrose, Bellrose or Bellerose in your files. My great grandfather, Pierre Peter Bellerose married a Alice or Eliza Cadieux in the 1870 in NY. but I have never been able to find a marriage certificate or their death or the parents of Eliza or Alice. Thought you may be able to help.

Re: Cadieux, Estrie, QC

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Surnames: Belisle, Tetreault
My father, Wilfrid Tetreault, born June 14, 1917, was your mother's brother. He passed away on March 7, 1983. My father married Gertrude Belisle and she is still living in Farnham and will be 87 in June. I have a sister Lise, and two brothers Normand and David. We grew up in Farnham and were close to all my dad's brothers and sisters. Aurore Jette, Yvonne Bolduc, Therese Roy, Berthe Laroche, and his brothers Maurice and Roland. I can tell you all about your cousins on your mother's side. I remember your parents coming down to visit in Farnham at Paul and Therese Roy's house and seeing some of their children - a girl called little Alice and a boy little Armand. Please e-mail me if you want more info.

Re: Cadieux relatives

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Surnames: Rival dit Bellerose
Hi . I am Henry Belrose, 83 yrs old, of the Rival dit Bellerose family and my GGmother was Eliza Cadieux. She married Pierre (Peter) Bellerose (Bellrose) They were married in upstate New York.She was the daughter of Augustin and Zoe.Do you have anything on them. I guess we are related. If you would like to exchange information you can contact me at
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