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Information wanted?Desperately!

Information wanted?Desperately!

ruth (View posts)
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Hi, I have Front Page 2003, comes with my domain, plus links to a Legacy File and Family Tree Quick and Easy File. Two separate family trees linked to my ugly home page. I hate my format and the Front Page Templates just aren't attractive to genealogy sites. I have considered downloading a template from a designer, but don't know how that would work with Front Page. Plus all my files are messed up. is there a rule of thumb as to where the web site should be stored and how to make subfolders for the two sites? Either C drive, documents and settings? My Documents? Also how do I break the site into pages, instead of one long scroll?
I am just beginning.
Thank you,

Re: Information wanted?Desperately!

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KISS - Keep it short and simple and create your own template.

Check out my page

I try to keep the format very clean and not too clutteres so people can navigate easily. I lovingly built this site page by page.

As to answer your other questions.....this is mostly a personal preference. Try to keep your files organized so you can always find them.


Re: Information wanted?Desperately!

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Hi Ruth,

If you want, post your web site URL here and I'd be glad to give you some feedback. I'm sure others will too.

Something to consider is a Genealogy Blog or Blog rather. I have one but its focus is Google Earth & Genealogy, not my personal family history. Do a search for Genealogy blogs and you might just like what you see. You won't need FP for it, sorry to say. I have FP 2003 as well and don't use it for publishing/creating web sites about Genealogy. Don't mean to burst your bubble, but FP may be near the best HTML/Web Site creator, but it’s just not for me when it comes to this subject.

If you want to see what I have done, and its $14 a month; it’s worth it to me. Or you can certainly try their free version.

As far as your other questions go...designer sites can be good, but you lose flexibility when trying/wanting to change things around. I do concur with Joe on his points.

You don't really break your existing site into pages....well, in a sense you may. This can be done by keeping each subject on a separate page. Like Joe is doing, as well as include a main menu with the primary subjects on it. This is where blogs come in handy, plus they are the NEW Web. Anyway, keeping each topic short with a link for more on a separate page is what keeps people reading your site content. Instead of having to read all the topic to get to the next then can choose if they are interested further and select a >>more<< link or something like that.

Let me know if I can help further and please do post your URL here for us to take a look.

My Blog is here >>

Re: Information wanted?Desperately!

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Absolutely, you can use other templates in FP2003. There are a lot out there and they are designed for use anywhere. I downloaded one just to play around with - don't know if I'll replace my current design. I just downloaded it and then opened a blank web in FP and imported the template files, then went to work adding my own data. There are some tips on genealogy web design on my site also at under the New Website Help" section.

Good Luck!
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