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William and Nicholas Hunter

William and Nicholas Hunter

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Surnames: Hunter
looking for ancestors of william hunter b. abt 1620 > son nicholas hunter b. 1634 in england buried in nansemond virginia > son william b. 1660 in alwick northumberland england died 1747 in nansemond virginia...he was justice of peace and court clerk also given land patent april 21 1695 for 200 acres in upper nansemond virginia.(weaver by trade)> children (1) nicholas b. 1688 nansemond virginia (2) isaac b 1690 in nansemond virginia (3) sarah b. 1684 in nansemond virginia (4) william b 1686 in nansemond virginia (5) robert b 1689 in nansemond north carolina (6) alice b 1690 in nansemond north carolina (borders changed nansemond from virginia to north carolina after war of independence then became west virginia)

please email me thanks

Re: William and Nicholas Hunter

Brian Hunter (View posts)
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Surnames: Hunter
Hello Terril:

I recently became the admin for the Clan Hunter message board. Whilst I was reading some of the past posting I discovered your message regarding the connection between the Hunters of Alnwick, Northumberland and the Hunters of Nansemond Virginia later Carolina.

I really find this fascinating .I have searched for the William Hunter and Nicholas Hunter at Alnwick (locally pronounced Anik). Although I could not find an exact match with the dates you gave there were instances of records for William and Nicholas Hunter, born at Alnick around the same time. Although I live in England, my home is about 200 miles from Alnwick. at the present time I am unable to visit the Northumberland Archives at Morpeth, which is about 20 miles south of Alwick. The souce of this information on the IGI is not clear, but in some instances it doessuggest an American connection.

I know, from the internet, that there has been extensive research on the Hunters of Nansemond. And these researchers would be as fascinated as I am to learn more about the connection.

Have you discovered anything further since you posted your message and would you share, with our users, any additional information which you may have. This is a tremendous leap, How did you discover the connection?

I am looking forward to reading your reply
Brian Hunter

Re: William and Nicholas Hunter

Jody (View posts)
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Surnames: Hunter
I am a decendant of this line also. You are a little off on your geography. Nansemond County is now the City of Suffolk, and it is on the Virginia and North Carolina Border, but it has never been part of West Virginia. I live in Chesapeake, Va, which borders Suffolk on it's east side. All of the records from the Nansemond County Court House were lost in a fire. I have a lot of the same information as you have some additional information that I do not have. Feel free to E-mail me At


Re: William and Nicholas Hunter

Brian Hunter (View posts)
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Surnames: Hunter
Hello Jody:

Thank you for the the historical and geographical information on the Hunters of Nansemond County.
I will look up the region on the map to learn more.

These Hunters must have been some of the earliest, people with that name, to settle in North America.

My interest arises from the suggestion by Terrill Hunter, the originator of this topic, that the William Hunter, the American progenator of this line was born at Alnwick in Northumberland. Previously it had been suggested that he was born in Scotland, but no evidence has been given to support this scottish connection.

I know Alnwick well, I worked in Northumberland for 25 years before I retired. I do have some ancestors on my maternal line who lived in Northumberland, to the north of Alnwick, close to the Scottish border. I am unable to go to the Northumberland Record Office at Morpeth, to examine the parish records for Alnwick, but I have examined those available on the Family search web site. In my opinion there are close similarities in the patern of first names between the Hunters of Alnwick and the Hunters of Nansemond, but , a word of caution, there is some conflict between the assumed dates and also the source of the Family Search data is not known.

May I suggest that you post a further reply to this topic with the details of your earliest Hunter ancestors and I will check this against the pedigree data which I hold.This would help me to to identify a common ancestor., between your line and the data which I have. There may also be other people who, have an interset in this subject and can contribute to this discussion.

Re: William and Nicholas Hunter

Jody (View posts)
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The information that I have is from a Hunter family researcher with 35+ years of research. His name is Raymond Hunter. It does not list a country from which the Hunter clan came. It only talks about a ship named the "Beauty" that came over in about 1635-6. I am going to try to contact him and see if he has any additional information that would help with where this immigrant came from. He list the name as William Hunter the immigrant. As soonas I can speak to him I will post further.


Re: William and Nicholas Hunter

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Surnames: Hunter

There does appear to be a link between the Hunters of Alnwick, Northumberland and the Hunters of Nansemond County.

I have listed the Hunters of the Parish of Alnwick Northumberland. Using, as an aid, the Society ofGenealogist 25 year, Generation Grid.
I have not made any assumptions about relationships other than those recorded, on the IGI.

Source: (IGI) Northumberland

Alnwick ( Anglican Church) Parish Records

Generation I - Births/Baptisms (1620-1649)

William Hunter No record of birth
John Hunter No record of birth
Mary Hunter No birth record
Mary Hunter Marr. William Robinson 18 Jan 1647.
Jane Hunter d/o John Bapt 14 Aug 1646
Isabel Hunter d/o John Bapt 1 April 1649
Jane Hunter No record of birth
Jane Hunter Marr John Child 17 May 1647
Jane Hunter Marr Oliver Law 23 Nov 1662.
Jane Hunter Mar Matthew Forster 14 Feb 1666
Thomas Hunter No record of birth
Thomas Hunter marr. Isabell Stephenson 20 May 1647
Henry Hunter no record of birth
Ann Hunter no record of birth
Ann Hunter Marr Matthew Alnwicke 22 April 1656.

Generation J – Births/ Baptisms (1650 – 1679)

William Hunter No record of birth.
Nicholas Hunter s/o John bapt 26 Jan 1668
Nicholas Hunter Marr Phillis Clarke 12 July 1681
Elizabeth Hunter d/o Henry bapt 15 Mar 1674
John Hunter no record of birth
John Hunter Marr Jane Wilkinson 30 April 1667
John Hunter s/o John 12 July 1671
Margaret Hunter d.o Thomas bapt 19 Oct 1669.
Margaret Hunter d/o of William bapt 18 Mar 1666,
Mary Hunter d/o Michael bapt 27 Sept 1662
Mary Hunter d/o Luke bapt 7 May 1676
Elizabeth Hunter d/o Henry bapt 15 Mar 1674
Edward Hunter s/o William bap July 1672
William Hunter s/o William bapt 20 Aug 1676
William Hunter mar Elizabeth Cahoun 1677
Thomas Hunter Marr Dorothy Hall 17 Feb 1662

Generation K - (1680 – 1709)

John Hunter s/o John 2 Nov 1680

Re: William and Nicholas Hunter

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Still searching for Hunters in Nansemond VA/NC? yDNA test results are online on several Hunter Surname Project sites.

Re: William and Nicholas Hunter

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Surnames: Hunter
Hello everyone,

I have found this message most interesting as I am a from this hunter linage.

I am from Tennessee but have researched the Hunter family to Virginia. My ancestors received a land grant shortly after the Revolutionary War, and the land grand was for the Hunter's, Hunt's, Teasley's, and Sharon Families.

However back to the information. I have gone back to William Hunter Born in 1650 was a weaver and came to America. American notes say he was from Alnwick. But I have A Christening record for him in Newcastle upon Tyne in 1666. Is father is listed as William Hunter as well Born abt 1624.

However, from stories from my uncle Dempsey, who was a 102 in the late 70s. he and I had long discussions regarding the hunter family. And according to him, we are from the Hunter Clan, and the head of the family is the Laird of Hunterston. Scotland. But I have not found the connection as of yet. But I would be happy to share any information.

Re: William and Nicholas Hunter

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Do not know if you got my Email. You can e mail me at . Here is my line and i hope it is right. William HUNTER.b.1641-642d.1729 Carolina, Nicholas b,1680 d., 1708--0 9 Married Ann Norworthy English or Indian)Joab 1795 Rebecca Hardy 1710,Nicholas 1730d.1758 married Joanna Norworthy?Hardy James b.1777 d .1856 married Jane Clark,Nicholas(my greatx2g.father0b.1816 1885 Married Mary(Polly Hudgens)William Edward Hunter b.1842 d.1908 married 3rd sister Elizabeth Wright. This is my grand mother father WE Atholia Nick, WE and Hardy? are buried at Athens cemetery In Ark.William from Wales ? Hunters are kin too everyone. W.E had 22 kids by Elizabeth Married 4 times.In1500+ a Nicholas Hunter was burn to the stake in England 19 yrs old. for Regilous reason.If any of my inf. is wrong and you have more info. please e mail me Elizabeth
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