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Milo/Lapine/Lepine Family

Milo/Lapine/Lepine Family

Shirley Strich (View posts)
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Great-grandmother's name was Mary Milo, married Joseph Lapine, supposedly both were born in Woodstock, VT--no records. They had a son named George William Lapine, born 8/2/1871 in Cornish, NH--no records. George had half-siblings--Harry, Fred, Phillip and Burton "Lenois". George, one of 13 children? Would appreciate any information with regards to these people.


Shirley Strich (View posts)
Posted: 958026888000
Cousins remember "family friend" visiting as children (1920-1940's) from the "MICMAC" Indian tribe in Canada. Also, there is a Dennis Lepine, Tribal Chief, of the "CREE" Indians in Alberta, CAN. "CREE" tribe originated in Ontario, CAN. Having trouble getting records for any of my ancestors--HELP! would be greatly appreciated!

Milo's and Lenois

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Dear Shirley, Yes indeed we are on the right track. I already responded to one of your messages to me, regarding the Milo's, then I read another message you have posted. The Mary Milo I was talking about who married Tom Milo, well, she was a Lenois!! Her Mother was a Milo, Mary (Milo) Lenois, and Mary Milo Lenois Father being John Milo, she married a Lenois, and they lived up in Monteque/Millers Falls, after the Milo's family migrated down from Swanton, Vt. I have Mary's mother, Mary Milo Lenois, and her grandfathers (John) obituary, and last summer I took a trip back east and was actually at the grave sites there in Millers Falls. John Milo, was my great great grandfather! John had been married three times and thats why Mary Lenois was Tom's first cousin. You see, Mary's lineage came from the second wife of John Milo, and I and Tom come from the third wife's linage, as far as I can tell. Mary and Tom had the same Grandfather, John, but would have had different biological grandmothers. I think John was married to a Mary Mouchan, Delia Bousher and a Mary Plouff. (sp?) I do believe that John and Delia, his second wife, had Mary Milo who later married a Lenois. Mary Lenois had Mary, who later married Tom Milo. On the other hand, John's third wife was Mary Plouf. They had a son named Charles Milo, who he married a Ludivine Fredette, who they later had Thomas Milo (my grandfather Bert was also one of their children) and then Tom Milo ended up marrying his HALF-first cousin, Mary Lenois. I know that sounds confusing, but I do have a lot of info I could share with you.

Milo's and Lenois

Shirley Strich (View posts)
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I have read your message three times and still am not quite sure how it all works! I'll keep working on it.

I was real surprised to find that the Milo's were from Miller's Falls. My grandmother's side of the family were the Taylor's from Montague (one of the founding fathers). My grandmother, Hilda May Hulbert Squires (mother was Neva May Taylor Hulbert), married a George William Lapine in Montague--this was his second marriage. His first wife was a Carrie Newton of Montague and they had several children--William Franklin, Marion May, Lucy, Charles
Lawrence and Barbara.

According to George's Death Certificate, his parents were Joseph Lapine and Mary Milo. George was born in 1871 supposedly in Cornish, NH although they have no record of his birth and the Catholic Church in the area doesn't either. It also listed Joseph Lapine and Mary Milo as being born in Woodstock, VT--also no records on any Milo's or Lapines in Woodstock--I went there.

Maybe Joseph Lapine and Mary Milo got together in the Montegue/Millers Falls area instead of where I have been looking! Do you show any Lapines in your records? The only reason I knew about a Lenois connection was a document I have which states that George had 4 half brothers (Harry, Fred, Philip and Burton Lenois--not sure if older or younger). Harry--married with 2 children--living in Springfield, MA in 1942(?), Fred--married with 10 children--living in Bernadston and Philip Burton--living in Hartland, VT. A half sister (Mrs. Thomas Milo--Mary, of Hartford, CT, married to 1st cousin). It also mentioned Mary Milo's daughter, Miss Madeline Dinsmore--Hartford, CT. It also mentions a Bert Milo who was a cousin to George and a brother to Thomas--Windsor, CT--I guess he would be your grandfather!

I would love to get any information you may have. It gives me new areas to look for records. I have several documents about Lepines in Quebec prior to 1730 but have not been successful in connecting anything to date. Your message was were I learned that the Milo's came from Canada through Swanton, VT. I have since found a document which states that there was a Peter Lapine--1804, M. Cynthia--1813, in VT and also a Henry Lapine, 1850 and an Alfred Lapine 1853, both of VT. If I can make the connection in VT, it goes back to the Berard dit Lepines in the Quebec vacinity? Some people kept the Berard name, others used Lepine and Lapine is the Americanization of that name.

Feel free to contact me at

Thanks, I'll let you know what I find on the Milo's--the Americanized name.
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