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Littlejohn, henry

Littlejohn, henry

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looking for decendants relatives in spartanburg south carolina

Littlejohns from Spartanburg, SC

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My name is Mary and my Grandmother father was Pink Littlejohn. according to the 1880 census from Spartanburg, SC. Pink married Rhoda, I donot have a last name for her, but she was his first wife and there were several children; Mary J, Sumpter, Layman, Kate, Ever, Elliott and Florend. After Pink lost Rhoda, he married my Grandmother's who was Mary Harris and they had the following children; Ametta, who I was told my elders that she left from home at an early age and noone know where she went, June, Floyd, Ada and Alfred are all deceased. My Grandmother is the only survivor and she is at the Brookview Nursing Home in Gaffney, SC. Also there was a grandson name Jason that lived with Pink and his family. My grandmother married Cornelius Baxter. Please, if you have any information about this family, e-mail me. Thank you, Mary

Littlejohns of SC

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There are 2 wonderful books in the library in Gaffney. One is Iris Littlejohn McKown's book on the descendent's of Oliver Littlejohn. There is also a wonderful book on the history of the black Littlejohns in the same area. I will have to dig out the name of the book, but it links the black and white families. Email me and I will send you the name of the book. The library (I think ti's the Cherokee Co Library in Gaffney) has a whole room devoted to genealogy - and they're very helpful!

Littlejohns in Gaffney, South Carolina

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Hello Ann,

I would be very pleased if you could send me the information for the Littlejohn Family from the Gaffney's library. I still have family members there to obtain the book for me. I lives in Milford, VA. Once again, thank you. Mary

Littlejohns of SC

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The title of this book is:
The Story of the Littlejohns snd Littlejohn Geneology

Descendents of Betsy, Mesh, and Gillie Littlejohn

By Patricia Littlejohn Bates Farr Revised Edition 1993

"This book is dedicated to the Littlejohn Family Reunion which was organized at Mulberry Chapel United Methodist Church GAffney, South Carolina Septemeber 13, 1953"

This book has a 10 page introduction (which is all I copied, and I won't attempt to include here), which is accredited as: "The Story of the Littlejohns has been left in tact basically as researched and written by Gaiser B. Littlejohn."

It describes the history of Oliver Littlejohn obtaining the slaves Mesh, Betsey and Gillie from the Governor of Fairfax, Virginia, and how the group moved from Virginia to Maryland to South Carolina. Some of the names mentioned in this history are Oliver, MArcellus, Charles and Polly Littlejohn; Charles, Samuel & Henry (sons of Marcellus); Winnie and Ann, who was in the home of the "Knuckles" (Nuckolls?); John Knuckles and his wife Agatha, his daughter Susannah and her husband Charles Littlejohn, Lola (Winnie's great-great granddaughter); Rev. Sam, Mandy, Nora, Nathan, Ellison, Ferdinan and Mary Knuckles; Duncan Littlejohn; Daniel Littlejohn (a blacksmith who purchased his freedom); Caleb Littlejohn (who gained his freedom by saving the son of Robinson Littlejohn from drowning in Thickety Creek); Mariah Littlejohn ( who gained her freedom and that of her children Strapp and Lillie by nursing her mistress back to health from typhoid fever); Henry Evans the freeborn son of Annie Littlejohn,( beleived to be the first of the Littlejohn group to go into the gospel ministry); Salethial and Richard "Marse Dick" Littlejohn (white teachers in the school started for newly freed black Littlejohns); Emanuel Littlejohn, The Reverends Wiley, R.N., B.F.., M.L. "Moaning Luke", Thad, A.D., W.M., Barney, Govan, J.H., and McKinley Littlejohn; Major Jack Littlejohn, Strapp and Eliza Littlejohn, Isaac and JAne Littlejohn, Isom and Martha Littlejohn, Wiley and "Sweet" Millie Littlejohn, Thad and Mandy Knuckles, Dorcas Knuckles, Ellison Knuckles; Lockhart and Charles Littlejohn, Dave, William, Caleb, Goodman, Pink and Frank Littlejohn; C.N. Littlejohn; Dr E.L. McPherson (son of James and Alma Littlejohn McPherson); Clarence Littlejohn (son of Lucious Littlejohn); and Edward Littlejohn.

Most, but not all of the above named are from South Carolina. Some are from North Carolina, Oklahoma, California, Cleveland, Ohio, Arkansa, Virginia, Tennessee.

As I said, a wonderful book full of a very rich history. I have heard that the reuinion of black Littlejohn families takes place in the Gaffney area, and I would love to know when the last reunion of white Littlejohns took place there.

Hope this helps.


Herbert Littlejohn (View posts)
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Thank you very much for the information. However, I have not been able find the information when I get to the site. I don't know where to go from there. Can you tell me where you went from the site.
The Verige that I have was born around 1800. In the 1900 Census it list him as married to Laura and age 50 at that time. I don't think this is the same Vergie. But there might be a connection. Again thanks!

Littlejohn in South Carolina

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Dear Ann,

Thank you for the information. I will check out the book that you as soon as possible, I believe the Pink Littejohn is the one that I am searching for. Thank you and God Bless you.


Re: Littlejohns of SC

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Littlejohn reunion in Gaffney always held first Sunday in October. E-mail me and I will forward notice/details when I receive mine.


Re: Littlejohns of SC

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hi i'm a littlejohn from trenton nj but my family is in rockinham nc do you know of a nez littlejohn he has family in spartanburg sc please get back to me

Re: Littlejohns of SC

Donna Conner (View posts)
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Surnames: Littlejohn/Taylor
Looking for information on Eli LIttlejohn. Only known residence is in Burke County and Caldwell County, North Carolina.
I believe the Eli Littlejohn's family is tied into my Taylor family line.
Thank you,
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