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Horgan's of Killorglin, Co Kerry

Horgan's of Killorglin, Co Kerry

Katie (View posts)
Posted: 948104138000
I am the descendent of Michael Horgan of Killorglin, Co Kerry, who left Ireland in 1850 with his older brother John, younger sister Abigail (who died on the ship), and younger brother Patrick. They sailed out of Cobh (Queenstown) Co. Cork.

I was in Killorglin last year, and couldn't find any Horgan gravesites for their parents, but they died during the famine years so it is probably unlikely there would have been any gravesites to visit. I will return next year and hope to find more information.

Michael Horgan had a large family, and I am descended from his son Michael Horgan Jr. That Michael Horgan married Joanna Sullivan, also from the Kerry/Cork area of Ireland. They lived in southern Minnesota for most of their lives.

I don't know much more than this, so any information, especially about Horgans in Ireland, would be wonderful. Thanks to you.

Horgan's of Killorglin, Co. Kerry

Tom (View posts)
Posted: 962368619000
My mother's mother was Mary Horgan, who left Farrinfore, Co. Kerry, around the turn of the century. She married Thomas Ryan, and lived in Worcester, Ma., until her death, in the mid '40's. Possibly related?


Sheila (View posts)
Posted: 966496633000
Hi Katie, I have a Michael Horgan b. around 1864, I don't know who or if he married. He had about 14 siblings. His parents would be John Horgan and Mary Ann McAuliffe. I just came back from Ireland, a Horgan wedding, I still visit relatives there. When my grandmother, who would be a niece of your grandfather's, came over in the early 1900's she went to Minnesota. She became a nurse, joined the military in WWI and married her Lieutenant, they settled in Brooklyn, NY and had 3 sons. About 4 or 5 of them came over, I don't know if they all went to MN, or just started there, or if any went to Canada or Australia. If any of this sounds familiar, let me know

Michael Horgan

Katie (View posts)
Posted: 967475096000
Dear Sheila,

Well, I think we are coattail relatives! Is that how the saying goes?
I think the original Michael Horgan I was referring, who left Ireland in 1850, left with an older brother named John. I believe he settled on the east coast, and I think his son is the Michael Horgan you may be referring to. Does this sound possible? Do you know when John Horgan left Ireland, and where he came from? The emigration I am referring to happened in 1850 from around Killorglin, Co. Kerry. A John Horgan, Michael Horgan, Abigail Horgan, and Patrick Horgan, all young adult siblings, sailed out of Queenstown (now Cobh), Co. Cork on the ship Uranus bound I think for Boston. I have the details recorded by Michael Horgan Jr., the son of the Michael who made that journey. Feel free to e-mail me and tell me what you think. I am going to graduate school in Ireland for two years, starting next month, and would love to make some contact with some Horgans there!
Best wishes and hope to hear from you,

Michael - Horgans from Cork

Frank Horgan. (View posts)
Posted: 967814361000
Reading Katie's message left me wondering about the similarity of my own ancestry. My great grandfather John Cornelius (who married Mary Flinn or Flynn) came to N.B. from Cork about 1828 with two children, Mary Ellen and Cornelius. They had at least five more children, Michael, Jeremiah, Daniel, Catherine, and Johannah. Michael, my grandfather, was born in 1835 to a girl 20 years younger, Margaret McManus, and they had 11 children, of whom my father Frank was the 8th, born 1890. The Horgans are plentiful around Saint John, N.B. We've never been able to pin down Irish origin.
Your family names are similar, and I have a lot of data on succeeding generations, John and Cornelius being passed down the chain.
Glad to hear from anybody who might be able to help.

Michael Horgan

Horgan (View posts)
Posted: 968247020000
In my request for info., Sept. 1, 2000, I stated my grandfather, Michael Horgan, was born in 1835 to a girl 20 years younger. That should have read, married a girl 20 years younger!!


Margaret Wilson (View posts)
Posted: 968818243000
Kate, read your message, my mother was Madge Horgan from Beencuneen, Causeway, co.Kerry(approx 14 miles from Tralee) Eire.From a large family,two sisters still alive Bridie who lives in Clasmalcon,Co.Kerry,Mary now living in Zimbabwe,brother Brendan I believe in UK. If you care to e mail me I can give you more details and you may find it helpfull when you go back to Ireland. Sadly my mother Madge, passed away 2 yrs ago she had great knowledge on the Horgans from Kerry area, my aunty Bridie may be of some help to you! email
Regards, Maggie

Information on a Michael Horgan

Posted: 972570714000
Edited: 993505291000
My father's name was Michael Charles Horgan. He was born in Cork at a place(I think) called Mills Station. He was born September l2, l889. He came to the United States in l9l2. His father was Cornelius Horgan and his mother was Julia Kelly. They came to Cork and I haven't any other information right now. I do remember they had 9 sons and at least one daughter.

Cornelius HorganJulia Kelly Horgan

James J Horgan (View posts)
Posted: 972655407000
I believe the people you are seeking are my great grandfather and mother.They had nine children:Cornelius,John,Edward,Jermiah,Daniel,Michael,Patrick,Elizebeth and Margaret.I believe Michael was the youngest.Write to me and I'll give you all the information I have.

Cornelius and Julia Horgan

Posted: 972676203000
Edited: 993505291000
To: James Horgan, received your message but do not have email addess to respond. I may not know how to get your email to respond. My father was Michael Horgan who came to New York in l9l2. He enlisted in the New York National Guard and was federalized for WW1. He was in the occupation of Germany after WW1 and did visit Ireland after the war. My family consised of my brother Cornelius Joseph, John Michael, and my older sister Eileen Veronica and my younger sister Regina. We had two twin sisters who died at birth and I am now trying to find out their names through contacts with Brooklyn cemeteries. Write me if we are talking about the same tree.
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