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William Bradford Descendants

William Bradford Descendants

Robert P. Webb (View posts)
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Surnames: Bradford Webb Flair Bernhardt Romero
This is my immediate Family's contact info. All of us descend from "The Mayflower"'s William Bradford.
My Grandmother Constance Webb married Charles Allen Webb, Jr. (Bradford). They live in Fairfax, Virginia near Washington, DC. I was born in Washington, DC. My Mother was married two times. The first Husband was Robert Philip Tierney, Sr. He and my Mom Caroline Lykes Webb (Bradford) had three Sons. Robert P. (myself), Charles and John. All three of us were the adopted by my Mom's second husband Gonzalo Romero and our last name was changed to Romero. I now use the last name Webb. I am a Bradford. My Mom is now dead. My Brothers Charles and John use the last name Romero. Then I have two half Brothers Alexander Romero and Allen Romero. All of my Brothers and half Brothers are Bradfords. My Mother has two Sisters Constance Webb (Bradford) now Constance Flair in Macon, Georgia and Kathi Webb (Bradford) now Kathi Bernhardt in Fairfax, Virginia. Kathi had two children Allison and Ryan both died in an automobile accident. Connie has 1 Son named Christian Flair (Bradford) and a mentally retarded Daughter, Katie Flair (Bradford). Connie's Husband is Carl Flair. Kathi's Husband is Stephen Bernhardt.
My address: Robert Philip Webb (Bradford) PO Box 1117 Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33302 USA
I am The Grandson of Constance Bernetta Barnosky who is Frank Baranauskas' Daughter. My birthname was Robert Philip Tierney, Jr. I changed it to Webb to honor my Mother. The legal document is filed in The City of Alexandria, Virginia USA.

My Brother Charles Webb Romero (Bradford) (originally Tierney)
1825 Westmoreland Street, McLean, Virginia 22101 USA
His wife is Tammy (Meyers) Romero, Daughters: Ava Nicole Romero (Bradford) and Alexandra Elizabeth Romero (Bradford). Charles' birthname was Charles Webb Tierney.

My Brother John Matthew Romero (Bradford) (originally Tierney)
749 Euclid Circle, Birmingham, Alabama 35213 USA
His wife is Catherine (Smith) Romero, Son Matthew Charles Romero (Bradford), "Daughter" Elizabeth Jane Romero (Bradford). John's birth name was John Matthew Tierney. *More on Elizabeth Jane at another time. * Matthew has Apert's Syndrome.

All three of us were adopted by my Step Father Gonzalo Romero of Colombia, South America but I now use my Mom's maiden name of Webb. Both my Mother, Caroline Lykes Romero and my Father Robert Philip Tierney, Sr. are now dead.

My two Half Brothers are Alexandrer Gonzalo Romero (Bradford)
1849 Chestnut St., #1, San Francisco, California 94123 USA He is married to Allison (Scott) Romero. No children yet.

Allen Xavier Romero (Bradford) unmarried.
2501 Jones St., San Francisco, California 94133 USA

My Mom has two Sisters. Both are alive. My Mother died September 25, 2003 in Reston, Virginia. She was born in Hazleton, Pennsylvania. She lived mostly in McLean, Virginia.

Constance Allena Webb Flair (Bradford)
131 Lake Ridge Dr. Macon, Georgia 31220 USA
Her Husband is Carl Flair. She has a Son, Christian Flair (Bradford) and one Daughter who is mentally retarded and a real Angel named Katie Flair (Bradford). She is special and greatly loved but is Handicapped.

Kathi Charles Webb (Bradford) is My Mom's other Sister and YES her middle name is Charles. My Grandfather, her Father is eccentric. He wanted a male Webb heir. She is married to Stephen Bernhardt. They had two children but both died in an automobile accident. There names were Ryan Stephen Bernhardt (Bradford) and Allsion Page Bernhardt (Bradford). As I said they died very young and never married or had children.

My Grandmother Constance Bernetta Barnosky (Baranauskas) Webb lives with her Husband Charles Allen Webb, Jr. (Bradford) at: 3509 Barkley Dr., Fairfax, Virginia 22031 USA

Re: William Bradford Descendants

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We are 12th generation direct descendants of Gov. William Bradford, of Plymouth fame. We have traced our family back to 1435 in England. If you would like to share information we will be happy to do so.

Re: William Bradford Descendants

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Surnames: Governer William Bradford Connections
I have researched back to William Bradford and am fairly certain I am also a direct descendant. My grandfather was the son of Norman Lawrence and Jane Bradford Lawrence, who was the daughter of Simeon, son of Wait, son of Ephraim, son of Major Bradford, son of Gov.William Bradford. I just need to get verification of the birth,marriage, death records of Norman Lawrence, his son(my grandfather) Orrin Lawrence and then my mother Lilith Lawrence, then me. Do you have any information on this or a place to look. I believe Norman Lawrence and Jane Bradford were married in 1838 in Turner, Androscoggin, Maine. Thank you, John

Re: William Bradford Descendants

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Can you reply to me personally at my home email if I give it to you? I can't seem to get onto your site to share information w/ you. Or pls give me your personal email address.

Thanks...Kathlene Bradford-Marks :o)

Re: William Bradford Descendants

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Surnames: Bradford Connections
Thank you for getting back to me so soon. Yes, I can respond to your home email address...
Thank you,
John Lewis

Re: William Bradford Descendants

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Kathlene Bradford-Marks

Re: William Bradford Descendants

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Hello Kathlene,
I am concentrating on my Bradford connection to the Gov. William Bradfords' parents, and his sons to the recent, a very daunting task, but fun anyway.

So, from my mothers side,looking to go further, anyone have information on maybe Ephraim Hill(b.Feb. 6, 1768,in Williamsburg,Hampshire,Ma. & Sarah Bradford, b.March 15,1768,died Dec.28,1843.

I believe this may be my first introduction to the Bradford family, including both William Bradford Maj.(b.June 17,1624, Plymouth, Ma. died either Dec.or Feb. 20,1703,who was the son of the Governor William Bradford of the Plymouth Bay Colony. (He sailed on the Mayflower over here)

The Governor William's father was also named William Bradford, who was married to Alice Hanson, but that's all I have.

Does anyone have any charts or links of this family tree they wish to share? I would be very appreciative indeed! Thank you!

Re: William Bradford Descendants

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Hello..just to let you know. William (1557-1597) married Alice Hanson (1562-1597); they were the parents of Wm. Bradford (1589-1657), who was baptized on Mar 19, 1589 by Rev. Henry Fletcher (Family Bible info), and married Dorothy May Dec 10, 1613 whom died Dec 17, 1620 of "The grip" (Pneumonia), then married Alice Carpenter on Aug 14, 1623 whom died Mar 26, 1670 of complications of wound. (We are thinking "lock-jaw" or Tetinus. Dorothy and Wm. son was John Bradford, 1618-1679) and Wm. and Alice's children were Wm June 17, 1624-Feb 29, 1703) married Mary Atwood; Mercy Bradford 1626-1657) and Joseph Bradford 1630-July 10, 1715.

My brother and I, and now another distant cousin, have created a genealogy chart, going back to 1435. There are pictures of so many of our relatives and homes too.

Alice Hanson's parents were John Hanson and Margaret Gressam Hanson. Alice was born in Austerfield, Eng., 1562 and died in the same town in 1597. she was baptized on Dec. 8, 1562 at St. Helen's church. She was buried on May 23, 1562 in Austerfield.

I have several Sarah Bradford' listed in 1706, however; that doesn't seem to be the one you are looking for. To whom was she married?

I can walk you backwards on some of our ancestors if you wish to give me what info you need. I have found a copy of the family Bible, located in Kansas. The person in posession of the Bible has been kind enough to copy some of the pages for me. My family also lives in Michigan and they have been checking the cemeteries and we have a plethora of pictures of grave markers also. Please contact me if you wish further information that I might have.


Re: William Bradford Descendants

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Surnames: Lawrence Bradford
Norman Lawrence is I believe you will find the son of Zachariah Lawrence born 1781 and Sally Lawrence born 1790 both of Massachusetts they came to Famersville, Cattauraugus, New York in 1812:

"Town of Farmersville.
...Zachariah Lawrence explored the towns of Rushford and Farmersville in 1812 and made a permanent settlement in Rushford near the town line in 1818, moving into Farmersville in 1822, where he was a successful farmer. One son, Hiram M., is now a resident at Farmersville Station..." Historical gazetteer and biographical memorial of Cattaraugus County, N.Y . (page 87 of 168)

For confirmation you may wish to secure his last will and testament:
LAURENCE, ZACHARIAH FARMERSVILLE NY-5-2-307 - Cattaraugus County, New York Will Testators"

Norman and Jane Bradford Lawrence's daughter Sally Jane "Jennie" Lawrence (1846-1924) married 1st to Edwin H Dimick (1837-1902) with children Norman S Dimick (1866-1938); Hilan E "Harley" Dimick (1870-1950) and Harlan K Dimick (1873- bef 1900). She married 2nd about 1906 to George B Jones (1837-?).

Edwin and Jennie Dimick; along with their son Hilan and 2 of his three wives are buried at Woodlawn Cemetery (Sect/Plot L52), Wellsville, Allegany, New York.

There is a mention in the Ellicotville Post-Farmersville Station News section published:

14 Jul 1895 - "Hilan Dimick of Wellsville visited his uncle, H. M. Lawrence, Wednesday and Thursday."

8 Dec 1897 - "Mrs. Jennie Dimmick of Wellsville is visiting her uncle, H.M. Lawrence."

Hiram M Lawrence born abt 1826 New York appears on the 1850 US census with Zachary and Sally Lawrence in Famersville, Hiram married Mary A Baker and named their son Edwin Baker Lawrence born abt 1861-

Re: William Bradford Descendants

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Surnames: Lawrence Bradford
Thank you so much for this information. I have a person working on finding documents for me in Allegany County and other places where Norman and Jane Bradford Lawrence lived. This is good information to put the pieces together for me making a connection with William Bradford. Do you have further information regarding my Lawrence background?
John Lewis
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