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Landowners, circa 1870s

Landowners, circa 1870s

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Surnames: Abbott, Abercromby, Adams, Ahern, Aherne, Alcock, Aldworth, Allen, Alleyn, Allin, Allman, Alman, Anderson, Andrews, Annesely, Anthony, Appelby, Armstrong, Arnott, Ashe, Atkins, Attridge, Austen, Austin, Aylmer, St Leger, Grove, Evanson, Townsend
Per genealogy library reference book, the following individuals owned one or more acres of land in Co. Cork, Ireland, the latter part of the 1870s. Some owned property in Co. Cork but lived elsewhere. Of course, many more Irish owned less than one acre, or none at all, and their names would not appear on this list.

1. John Abbott, address Glanmire, owned 130 acres.
2. Sir Robert John Abercromby, address Forglen, Aberdeenshire, owned 434 acres.
3. Bernard Adams, Reps. of, address Cork, owned 104 acres.
4. David Adams, address Ballyoneen, Ballincurrig, owned 108 acres.
5. James Adams, address Western-road, Cork, owned 20 acres.
6. Richard W. G. Adams, Reps. of, address Jamesbrook, Cloyne, Cork, owned 1,249 acres.
7. Robert Adams, Reps. of, same address, owned 751 acres.
8. Robert H. Adams, Reps. of, address East Ferry,
owned 109 acres.
9. Rev. Samuel Adams, address Cregg, Fermoy, owned 209 acres.
10. Wallis Adams, address Janemount, Glanmire, owed 1,600 acres.
11. Charles Ahern, address Herin's Brook, Co. Limerick, owned 1,240 acres.
12. Cornelius Ahern, address Dunmanway, owned 3 acres.
13. Cornelius Ahern, address Piercestown, Ballyfeard, owned 307 acres.
14. Eugene Ahern, addres Urraghilmore, owned 81 acres.
15. James Ahern, address Castlemartyr, owned 33 acres.
16. Thomas Ahern, M. D., address George's-street, Cork, owned 433 acres.
17. Timothy Ahern, address Glounthane, owned 60 acres.
18. Timothy Ahern, address Commons, Carrigboy, Macroom, owned 44 acres.
19. Johanna Aherne, address Cloghroe, owned 250 acres.
20. John Aherne, address Dromroe, owned 2 acres.
21. Margaret Aherne, address Gortroche, Ballyhooly,
owned 105 acres.
22. Mason J. Alcock, address Ballymena, Antrim, owned 221 acres.
23. Chas. Oliver Aldworth, address Poulacurry, Riverstown, owned 830 acres.
24. Edward Aldworth, no address given, owned 77 acres.
25. Rev. John Aldworth, address The Glebe, Glanworth, owned 556 acres.
26. Richd. Oliver Aldworth, address Newmarket House, Newmarket, owned 8,064 acres.
27. Col. Robert Aldworth, address Montenotte, Cork,
owned 1,149 acres.
28. Captain St. Leger Aldworth, address Queenstown,
owned 1,644 acres.
29. Mrs. Anne Allen, address Stone Hall, Glandore,
owned 178 acres.
30. Anne Allen, no address given, owned 543 acres.
31. F. and C. Allen, Reps of, address Glandore, owned 40 acres.
32. Francis Allen, address Cork, owned 458 acres.
33. George W. Allen, address England, owned 671 acres.
34. Rev. James Allen, address Creagh, Skibbereen,
owned 404 acres.
35. Kyrl Allen, address Clashmure, Ovens, owned 562 acres.
36. Mary Allen, no address given, owned 11 acres.
37. Mrs. Samuel Allen, address Youghal, owned 7 acres.
38. Mary Alleyn, address 84, Tritonville-road, Sandymount, Dublin, owned 59 acres.
39. Westropp D. Alleyn, same address, owned 185 acres.
40. Nicholas G. Allin, address Dublin, owned 241 acres.
41. R. L, and J. C. Allman, address Bandon, owned 15 acres.
42. George H. Alman (see #41), address Bandon, owned 771 acres.
43. James Anderson, address Waterford, owned 550 acres.
44. John P. Anderson, address Ballinaboy, Ballinhassig, owned 1,149 acres.
45. Thos. Wm. Anderson, addess Grace Dieu Lodge, Co. Waterford, owned 836 acres.
46. William Anderson, address England, owned 354 acres.
47. Anne Andrews, address Dublin, owned 220 acres.
48. John Grove Annesley, address Ballykeating, Glanworth, owned 105 acres.
49. Richd. Grove Annesley, address Annsgrove, Castletownroche, owned 1,757 acres.
50. Michael Anthony, address Tallow, owned 147 acres.
51. Edward Appelby, address Coolbane, Ballinspittle,
owned 180 acres.
52. Elliott Armstrong, address Enlaroy, Dunarvon,
owned 318 acres.
53. J. C. Armstrong, address Dublin, owned 5 acres.
54. Sir John Arnott, address Woodlands, Cork, owned 4 acres.
55. Charles Evanson Ashe, addres Codrum, Macroom, owned 45 acres.
56. Andrew Atkins, address Dunmanway, owned 6 acres.
57. John Atkins, no address given, ownd 383 acres.
58. John Atkins, address Dunmanway, owned 44 acres.
59. John D. Atkins, no address given, owned 86 acres.
60. Robert Atkins, address Glavafin, owned 417 acres.
61. Robt. St. Leger Atkins, address The Crescent, Queenstown, owned 1,658 acres.
62. William Atkins, address 39, South Mall, Cork, owned 1 acre.
63. William Atkins, no address given, owned 267 acres.
64. Anne Attridge, address Lakeview, owned 1 acre.
65. Philip and Thomas Attridge, Reps. of, same address, owned 564 acres.
66. Sarah Anne Attridge, address Aughadown, owned 2 acres.
67. Henry Austen, Reps. of, Address South Ring, Clonakilty, owned 59 acres.
58. Mrs. Mary Austen, addres Glanmire-road, Cork, owned 27 acres.
59. William Austen, address Ring House, Clonakilty,
owned 10 acres.
60. William Austen, address Bath, England, owned 806 acres.
61. Wm. Austin, Reps. of, address (Agent - H. R. Townsend, 39, South Mall, Cork), owned 137 acres.
62. Michael Aylmer, address Western-road, Cork, owned 9 acres.

Landowners, circa 1870s

Sandy Fackler (View posts)
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Surnames: CAMPION
Would you give us the name of the book, author, publisher and date? Are there other names in this list? If so, I'd be interested in the name CAMPION.


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Surnames: Babington, Baggot, Baggs, Bagwell, Bailey, Bainbridge, Baker, Baldwin, Ball, Ballard, Bandon, Banfield, Bantry, Barrett, Barrow, Barry, Smith, Harris, Harte, Redmond
Per genealogy library reference book, the following individuals owned one or more acres of land in Co. Cork, Ireland, the latter part of the 1870s:

1. Thomas Babington, address Marlboro'-street, Cork,
owned 552 acres.
2. John Baggot, address Anglesea-street,Cork, owned 65 acres.
3. Henry Baggs, Reps. of, address Doughloyne, owned 68 acres.
4. John Bagwell, address Marlfield, Clonmel, and Belgrave, Queenstown, owned 509 acres.
5. David Bailey, address Cork, owned 1,110 acres.
6. John H. Bainbridge, address Frankfield, Douglas,
owned 964 acres.
7. Godfrey Baker, address Lower-road, Cork, owned 419 acres.
8. Anne Baldwin, Reps. of, address Clonakilty, owned 519 acres.
9. Catherine M. Baldwin, address Bandon, owned 2 acres.
10. Miss Frances Baldwin, address Boveen, Torquay,
owned 273 acres.
11. Godfrey Baldwin, address Bandon, owned 89 acres.
12. Hen. Baldwin, Reps. of, no address given, owned 114 acres.
13. Jas. Baldwin, Reps. of, address Mount Pleasant, Bandon, owned 3,188 acres.
14. Mary Baldwin, address Leap, Co. Cork, owned 344 acres.
15. Saml. Baldwin, Reps. of, no address given, owned 315 acres.
16. Wm. B. Baldwin, Reps. of, address Glandore,
owned 2,381 acres.
17. Mary Ball, no address given, owned 5 acres.
18. John Ballard, address Cork, owned 70 acres.
19. Earl of Bandon, address Castle Bernard, Bandon,
owned 40,941 acres.
20. Thos. Banfield, Reps. of, address Bandon, owned 153 acres.
21. Bank of Ireland, Provincial, address Youghal, owned 35 acres.
22. Earl of Bantry, address Bantry, owned 69,500 acres.
23. John Barrett, address Bogstown, Kinsale, owned 110 acres.
24. John Edward Barrett, address Carriganass Castle, Bantry, owned 818 acres.
25. Richard Barrett, address Mallow, owned 260 acres.
26. Richard Barrett, Reps. of, address Youghal, owned 174 acres.
27. Thomas Barrett, address Commons, Blarney, owned 37 acres.
28. Thomas Barrett, address Liskehane, Millstreet,
owned 13 acres.
29. William Barrett, address Commons, Blarney, owned 2 acres.
30. William Barrow, address Dublin, owned 217 acres.
31. Anne Barry, address Cork, owned 577 acres.
32. Arthur H. Smith Barry, address Foaty, Queenstown, owned 12,890 acres.
33. David Barry, address Cork, owned 517 acres.
34. Edmond Barry, address Ballynaskeha, Lisgoold,
owned 186 acres.
35. Edward R. C. Barry, address Kilbolane Castle, Charleville, owned 306 acres.
36. Ellen Barry, address Dublin (Agent--R. Harris, 39, Marlboro'st., Cork), owned 455 acres.
37. Garrett Barry, address Cork, owned 389 acres.
38. George Richard Barry, address Fermoy, owned 581 acres.
39. Gerard P. Barry, M. D., address Kanturk, owned 917 acres.
40. Henry Harte Barry, same address, owned 126 acres.
41. Mrs. J. J. Barry, address Dublin, owned 27 acres.
42. Captain James Barry, address Ballyclogh, Fermoy,
owned 3,910 acres.
43. James Barry, address Raffeen, Monkstown, owned 59 acres.
44. James Barry, address Bally Ellis, Doneraile, owned 73 acres.
45. James Barry, address Clontinty, Glanworth, owned 76 acres.
46. James Barry, address Mallow, owned 2 acres.
47. James Barry, Reps. of, address Queenstown, owned 244 acres.
48. James Redmond Barry, address Dublin, owned 439 acres.
49. Jane Barry, address Dublin, owned 8 acres.
50. Sir John Barry, address Claremont-road, Sandymount, owned 672 acres.
51. John Barry, address Patrick-street, Fermoy, owned 2 acres.
52. John Barry, address Bally Ellis, owned 153 acres.
53. John Barry, address Mellifonstown, Castlelyons,
owned 242 acres.
54. John Barry, address Cullenagh, Fermoy, owned 299 acres.
55. John Harold Barry, address Ballyvonare, owned 1,662 acres.
56. Mary Barry, address Ballinacurra, owned 107 acres.
57. Mary Barry, address Greenville, Carrigtwohill,
owned 156 acres.
58. Mary Barry, no address given, owned 18 acres.
59. Maurice Barry, address Cork, owned 517 acres.
60. Michael Barry, address Ballyduff, owned 127 acres.
61. Patrick Barry, address Corballybane, Lisgoold,
owned 104 acres.
62. Penelope S. Barry, address Lemlara, Lisgoold,
owned 672 acres.
63. Philip Barry, address South Mall, Cork, owned 561 acres.
64. Pierce Barry, address Dundellerick, Ballincurry,
owned 868 acres.


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Surnames: Barry, Barter, Bass, Bassy, Bastable, Bateman, Baylor, Bayly, Beale, Beamish, Beaufort, Becher, Beecher, Beechinor, Norton, Cotter, Poole, Baldwin, Crawford, Swayne, Newman, Webb, Morrison, Wrixon, Alleyn
Per genealogy library reference book, the following individuals owned one or more acres of land in Co. Cork, Ireland, the latter part of the 1870s:

1. Richard Barry, address Barry's Lodge, Carrigtwohill, owned 963 acres.
2. Richard Barry, address Ballyduff, owned 110 acres.
3. Richard Barry, Reps. of, address Monaninny Castle, owned 254 acres.
4. Richard H. S. Barry, address Ballyedmund, Midleton, owned 8,137 acres.
5. Robert Barry, Reps. of, address Johnstown, owned 30 acres.
6. Mrs. Smith Barry, address Dunkettle, owned 3 acres.
7. Stephen Barry, address Cork, owned 140 acres.
8. Thomas Barry, address Kockananig, Fermoy, owned 217 acres.
9. Thomas Barry, address Greenville, Carrigtwohill,
owned 147 acres.
10. Thomas Barry, address Kilquaire, Ballyhooly, owned 66 acres.
11. Thomas Barry, address George's Quay, Cork, owned 598 acres.
12. Thomas Barry, address Doneraile, owned 1 acre.
13. W. John Barry, M. D., address Carrigtwohill, owned 44 acres.
14. William Barry, M. D., address Greenville, Carrigtwohill, owned 76 acres.
15. William H. Barry, address Ballyadam, Carrigtwohill, owned 894 acres.
16. William J. F. Barry, address Mullingar, owned 702 acres.
17. William Norton Barry, (a minor), address Castlecor, Mallow, owned 1,023 acres.
18. Benjamin Barter, Reps. of, address Ballywilliam, Kinsale, owned 428 acres.
19. Benjamin Thos. Barter, address Ballinphellic, Ballinhassig, owned 1,406 acres.
20. Eliza Barter, address Aharinagh, Dripsey, owned 115 acres.
21. Jane Barter, no address given, owned 78 acres.
22. John Barter, address Droumcarra, Macroom, owned 3,566 acres.
23. Richard Barter, address St. Anne's Hill, Blarney, owned 539 acres.
24. Richard Barter, address Cooldaniel, Macroom, owned 459 acres.
25. Richard H. Barter, address Ballinphellic, Ballinhassig, owned 92 acres.
26. William Barter, address Aherla, owned 522 acres.
27. Captain Bass, no address given, owned 24 acres.
28. Francis H. Bass, address Clogheen, Cork, owned 95 acres.
29. Philip William Bass, address Carrigrohane, owned 253 acres.
30. Thomas Bassy, Cork, owned 167 acres.
31. Daniel Bastable, address Dublin, owned 248 acres.
32. Daniel Chas. Bastable, address Gurteenard, Kanturk, owned 880 acres.
33. Mary A. Bastable, no address given, owned 337 acres.
34. Sarah Bastable, address Dublin, owned 189 acres.
35. Susan Bastable, address Dublin, owned 445 acres
36. John James Bateman, address Chetwynd, Cork, owned 40 acres.
37. John Baylor, address Fermoy, owned 3 acres.
38. Henry C. Bayly, address Cork, owned 121 acres.
39. Robert M. Bayly, address Ballyre, Killeagh,
owned 1,728 acres.
40. George Cotter Beale, address Ballyvolane, Cork,
owned 12 acres.
41. Beamish, (first name and address not given), owned 38 acres.
42. Beamish, Reps. of, (first name and address not given), owned 223 acres.
43. Albert Beamish, address Leemount House, Coachford, owned 343 acres.
44. Andrew Poole Beamish, address Kilmalooda House, Bandon, owned 89 acres.
45. Messrs. Beamish and Crawford, address South Main-st., Cork, owned 5 acres.
46. Benjamin Swayne Beamish, no address given, owned 146 acres.
47. Chas. Beamish, Reps. of, address Delacour Villa, owned 1,671 acres.
48. Colonel Beamish, address Cork, owned 595 acres.
49. E. L. Beamish, address 5, Verdon-row, St. Luke's, Cork, owned 37 acres.
50. Francis Beamish, address Killinear, Enniskean,
owned 2,249 acres.
51. George Beamish, address Dyke-parade, Cork, owned 171 acres.
52. Dr. H. Beamish, no address given, owned 91 acres.
53. Hen. Baldwin Beamish, address Muckross, Clonakilty, owned 507 acres.
54. Henry George Beamish, same address, owned 82 acres.
55. J. Beamish, Reps. of, no address given, owned 454 acres.
56. James D. C. Beamish, address Ditchley, Glanmire, Cork, owned 60 acres.
57. John Beamish, address Corran, owned 125 acres.
58. John Newman Beamish, address Queenstown, owned 439 acres.
59. Richard Beamish, address Skibbereen, owned 80 acres.
60. Richard Beamish, address Lahanaght, owned 413 acres.
61. Richard Beamish, address Wilston Lawn, Southampton, owned 392 acres.
62. Richard Beamish, address Leap, Co. Cork, owned 561 acres.
63. Robert Beamish, aaddress Ditchley, Cork, owned 571 acres.
64. Robert D. Beamish, address Castleview, Glanmire,
owned 3,852 acres.
65. Sampson Beamish, address Kilmalooda, Timoleague,
owned 3,180 acres.
66. Rev. Samuel Beamish, address East Indies (Agent--Richard Webb, Timoleague, Co. Cork), owned 289 acres.
67. Mrs. Sophia Beamish, address Corriga, Clonakilty, owned 239 acres.
68. Mrs. Susan Beamish, address Beaumont, Clonakilty, owned 1,563 acres.
69. Dr. Thomas Beamish, address Passage West, Cork,
owned 124 acres.
70. Thomas Beamish, address Harehill, Bandon, owned 1,281 acres.
71. Thomas Beamish, address Ringmeen, owned 56 acres.
72. Thos. Beamish, Reps. of, address Kilmalooda, Clonakilty,owned 3,446 acres.
73. William H. Beamish, address North Mall, Cork,
owned 136 acres.
74. Wm. Morrison Beamish, address Dublin, owned 286 acres.
75. Rev. William Beaufort, address Brook Lodge, Riverstown, owned 21 acres.
76. Sir Henry Wrixon Becher, address Ballygiblin, Mallow, owned 18,933 acres. (Note, see Beecher entries)
77. John D. Becher, Reps. of, address England, owned 1,636 acres.
78. John R. H. Becher, address Lochine, owned 935 acres.
79. John Wrixon Becher, address Castlehyde, Fermoy,
owned 382 acres.
80. Michl. Richard Alleyn Becher, address Ballyduvane, Clonakilty, owned 2,101 acres.
81. O'Donovan Beecher, address Cork, owned 8 acres.
82. Richard H. Beecher, address Lakelands, owned 331 acres.
83. Wm. Wrixon Beecher, address Ballygiblin, Mallow,
owned 192 acres. (Note, see Becher entries).
84. Daniel Beechinor, address Caher, Clonakilty, owned 58 acres.
85. Francis Beechinor, same address, owned 62 acres.
86. Jeremiah Beechinor, address Reenroe, Drimoleague, owned 164 acres.
87. Robert Beechinor, address Caher, Clonakilty, owned 74 acres.


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Surnames: Begley, Belcher, Bell, Bellis, Bennett, Berkley, Bernard, Berry, Berwick, Bibbin, Bible, Biggs, Bird, Bishop, Bishopp, Blackburne, Blake, Bland, Blandford, Blaquiere, Bleasby, Blennerhasset, Blood, Bloomer, Boland, Boles, Bollard, Bolster, Bolton, Boozan, Bouchier, Bourk, Bourke, Bowen, Bowler, Boyan, Boyce, Boyd, Boyle, Beamish, King, Cole
Per genealogy library reference book, the following individuals owned one or more acres of land in Co. Cork, Ireland, the latter part of the 1870s:

1. Henrietta Begley, address Benburg, London, owned 392 acres.
2. Henry Belcher, address Bandon, owned 139 acres.
3. John T. Belcher, address Cork, owned 1 acre.
4. Frederick Bell, address Gurrane Cottage, Fermoy,
owned 201 acres.
5. Sandes Bellis, address Lisnabrine Lodge, Tallow,
owned 35 acres.
6. Francis E. Bennett, address Classes, Coachford,
owned 2,846 acres.
7. George Bennett, no address given, owned 257 acres.
8. George Bennett, address America, owned 421 acres.
9. John J. Bennett, address Queenstown, owned 1,851 acres.
10. Robert Bennett, no address given, owned 68 acres.
11. Samuel Bennett, address Ballymore, owned 341 acres.
12. Thomas Bennett, address Shannonvale, Clonakilty,
owned 22 acres.
13. William Bennett, address Skull, owned 153 acres.
14. William Bennett, no address given, owned 119 acres.
15. William H. Bennett, address Charleston, Midleton, owned 391 acres.
16. Robert Berkley, no address given, owned 136 acres.
17. Hon. Eliza Bernard, address The Farm, Bandon owned 399 acres.
18. Hon. H. B. Bernard, address Coolmain Castle, Bandon, owned 1,038 acres.
19. Parsons Berry, address Mallow, owned 45 acres.
20. Walter Berwick, Reps. of, no address given, owned 653 acres.
21. Clara Bibbin, no address given, owned 66 acres.
22. Stephen Bible, address Clonmel, owned 1 acre.
23. Jacob Biggs, address Callatrim, Bandon, owned 149 acres.
24. Thomas Biggs, Reps. of, address (Agent--Thomas Beamish, Clashuacrina, Dunmanway,) owned 815 acres.
25. Thomas A. Biggs, address America, owned 204 acres.
26. John Bird, address Bantry, owned 3 acres.
27. John S. Bird, address Kinsale, owned 236 acres.
28. Kate Bird, address Bantry, owned 56 acres.
29. Robert Bird, address Bantry, also owned 56 acres.
30. W. S. Bird, address Bantry, owned 1,214 acres.
31. William H. Bird, address Kinsale, owned 2 acres.
32. Alice Bishop, address Galbally, Tipperary, owned 11 acres.
33. Edward Bishopp, M. D., address Kinsale, owned 281 acres.
34. E. Blackburne, address Rathfarnham Castle, Co. Dublin, owned 525 acres.
35. Matthew Blake, address Lackaroe, owned 60 acres.
36. Ven. Archdeacon Bland, address Sneem, Co. Kerry,
owned 301 acres.
37. Joseph Blandford, address England, owned 181 acres.
38. Thomas Blandford, address England, owned 254 acres.
39. John Wm. Blaquiere, address Carrigeen Lodge, Tallow, owned 131 acres.
40. Charles Bleasby, address In Chancery, owned 708 acres.
41. William Bleasby, address Ballinacurra, Kinsale,
owned 691 acres.
42. William J. Bleasby, address Blesby Hall, Rosscarbery, oowned 743 acres.
43. Rev. J. Blennerhasset, address Ryme Rectory, Sherbourne, Dorset, owned 2,374 acres.
44. Neptune Blood, Reps. of, address Kanturk, owned 28 acres.
45. Mr. Bloomer, address England, owned 693 acres.
46. "Board of Ordnance," no address given, owned 36 acres.
47. "Board of Public Works," address Custom House, Dublin, owned 5 acres.
48. Anne Boland, address The Green, Passage West, owned 4 acres.
49. Henrietta Boland, same address, Cork, owned 117 acres.
50. Robert Boles, Reps. of, address Timoleague, owned 740 acres.
51. Spotiswood Boles, address Springfield, Castlemartyr, owned 540 acres.
52. James Bollard, address Mountpleasant, owned 115 acres
53. John Bolster, address Boherboy, owned 3 acres.
54. John H. Bolster, address Glenmount owned 63 acres.
55. Mary Anne Bolton, address Knockrobin, Kinsale,
owned 648 acres.
56. Thomas Boozan, address Muckridge, Youghal, owned 41 acres.
57. John Bouchier, address Baggotstown, Bruff, owned 65 acres.
58. John Bourk, address Kanturk, owned 262 acres.
59. Garrett Bourke, address Donoure East, Millstreet, owned 9 acres.
60. George King Bourke, address Ballyvoluck, Kilworth, owned 148 acres.
61. Michael Bourke, address Lecklash, Fermoy, owned 37 acres.
62. Mary Bowen, Reps. of, no address given, owned 24 acres.
63. Robert Cole Bowen, address Bowen's Court, Kildorrery, owned 1,680 acres.
64. Robert Francis Bowen, address Oakgrove, Killinardrish, owned 1,420 acres.
65. Ellen Bowler, address London, owned 38 acres.
66. George Bowles, address Aherne House, Tallow,
owned 1,192 acres.
67. John Boyan, address Greenfield, Kanturk, owned 540 acres.
68. John Boyce, address Via Sistina, Rome, owned 939 acres.
69. Mary Boyce, address Kilworth, owned 40 acres.
70. Captain Thomas Boyce, address Charles-st., St. James's, London, owned 2,669 acres.
71. James Boyd, address England, owned 12 acres.
72. Lady Boyle, address Cortmasherry, owned 2,515 acres.
73. Mrs. Catherine Boyle, address Ring Mills, Clonakilty, owned 103 acres.
74. Lady Charlotte Boyle, address Courtmasherry, Bandon, owned 1,424 acres.
75. Lady Elizabeth Boyle, same address, also owned 1,424 acres.
76. Lady Jane Boyle, same address, also owned 1,424 acres.
77. John Boyle, address Dublin, owned 1,428 acres.
78. Lady Sarah Boyle, address 24, East Cliff, Dover,
owned 1,424 acres.

Boleyn surname

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Surnames: Boleyn, Bowlen, Boylen, Bullen, Bolling
Am interested in where you came across such records, the names wer familiar in sound to mine and would like to know if you might have seen any that looks familiar to mine?


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Surnames: Braddell, Bradell, Bradley, Brady, Brazier, Bread, Bredin, Breen, Brennan, Brian, Bribasia, Brickley, Brien, Briscoe, Brooke, Brown, Browne, Browning, Bruce, Bryan, Buck, Buckley, Bull, Bullen, Burke, Burns, Burton, Bury, Busteed, Butcher, Butler, Byrne, Cagney, Harris, Russell, Garde, Hamilton, Swiney
Per genealogy library reference book, the following individuals owned one or more acres of land in Co. Cork, Ireland, the latter part of the 1870s:

1. E. Anne Braddell, address Dublin, owned 189 acres.
2. Henry Braddell, address Modelligo, Fermoy, owned 1,872 acres.
3. M.A.S. Braddell, address Mallow, owned 203 acres.
4. Matthew Braddell, Reps. of, no address given, owned 78 acres.
5. John W. Bradell, Reps. of, address Mallow, owned 3 acres.
6. James Bradley, address Commons, Carrigboy, Macroom, owned 30 acres.
7. Louisa Brady, address Quartertown, owned 281 acres.
8. Brook Brazier (minor), address Ballyellis, Mallow, owned 246 acres.
9. Bread, Barkly, J. M., address London, owned 739 acres.
10. Mrs. Anne Bredin, address Maulmore, Clonakilty,
owned 151 acres.
11. Honora Breen, address Doonasleen, owned 7 acres.
12. Ellen Brennan, address Curraglass, Tallow, owned 10 acres.
13. Cornelius Brian, address Skull, owned 4 acres.
14. Ellen Brian, same address, also owned 4 acres.
15. Dr. Bribasia, address Namur, Belgium, owned 81 acres.
16. Miss, Tim, and James Brickley, address South Ring, Clonakilty, owned 10 acres.
17. Mary Brien, address Garrymore, owned 3 acres.
18. Bridget Brien, same address, owned 2 acres.
19. John Brien, address (Agent--R. Harris, 39, Marlboro'-st., Cork), owned 206 acres.
20. Robert Briscoe, address Fermoy, owned 394 acres.
21. Capt. Sir William Brooke, address Market Harborough, England, owned 2,132 acres.
22. Rev. John Brown, Reps. of, address England (Agent--Jas. Russell, Glanmire, Cork), owned 572 acres.
23. Stephen Brown, address Bandon, owned 164 acres.
24. Mrs. Daniel Browne, address Glenfield, Liscarroll, owned 87 acres.
25. Dora A. Browne, no address given, owned 10 acres.
26. Henry Browne, address Marmullane, Passage West,
owned 47 acres.
27. J. C. Browne, address Mistletoe Castle, Youghal,
owned 16 acres.
28. Jane Browne, address Smithfield, owned 404 acres.
29. Rev. John Browne, Reps. of, address England (Agent--J. Russell, Cork), owned 4,919 acres.
30. John Browne, no address given, owned 53 acres.
31. John G. Browne, address Rowgurrane, owned 80 acres.
32. John Garde Browne, address Passage, Cork, owned 1,474 acres.
33. Thomas Browne, address Rowls, Newmarket, owned 69 acres.
34. W. Garde Browne, address Coolcower House, Macroom, owned 1,699 acres.
35. Rev. William Browne, no address given, owned 269 acres.
36. William Browne, address Horsehead, Passage West,
owned 9 acres.
37. Rev. William Henry Browne, address Launceston, Tasmania, owned 637 acres.
38. Thomas Browning, address Ashgrove, Cork, owned 129 acres.
39. Jonathan Bruce, address Blackrock, Cork, owned 170 acres.
40. Jonathan Bruce, address Miltown Castle, Charleville, owned 440 acres.
41. Andrew H. Bryan, M.D., address Ballineen, owned 102 acres.
42. Hamilton Bryan, address Underhill, Dunmanway,
owned 222 acres.
43. John Hamilton Bryan, address Prospect Hill, Dunmanway owned 596 acres.
44. Joseph Bryan, address Dunmanway, owned 91 acres.
45. Harriett Buck, address Cork, owned 357 acres.
46. Mrs. Samuel Buck, address Curra, Belgooly, owned 165 acres.
47. Timothy Buckley, address Inchigaggin, Cork, owned 77 acres.
48. Timothy Buckley, address Caherdowney, owned 42 acres.
49. Timothy Buckley, address Horsemount, owned 8 acres.
50. Joshua E. Bull, address Knockrea, Cork, owned 23 acres.
51. Ellen Bullen, no address given, owned 61 acres.
52. Joseph Bullen, Reps. of, address Cork, owned 732 acres.
53. Thomas Bullen, no address given, owned 13 acres.
54. Thomas Bullen, address Ardrally, owned 44 acres.
55. William Bullen, address Bandon, owned 809 acres.
56. William Bullen, address Cork, owned 73 acres.
57. William C. Bullen, address Bath, owned 197 acres.
58. Edmond Burke, address Prospect Villa, Shanbally,
owned 312 acres.
59. Edmund Burke, address Lota Park, Cork, owned 2,543 acres.
60. Edward Burns, address Bandon, owned 17 acres.
51. Thomas Burns, address Butter Exchange, Cork,
owned 2,730 acres.
52. Francis Burton, address America, owned 37 acres.
53. Phineas Bury, address Little Island, Cork, owned 890 acres.
54. Dora Busteed, address Ballyfeard, owned 38 acres.
55. George Busteed, address Commons, Carrigboy, Macroom, owned 20 acres.
56. John Busteed, address Ballykennefick, owned 80 acres.
57. Right Rev. Dr. Butcher, address Ardbraccan Ho., Navan, owned 733 acres.
58. Margaret Butler, address Dublin, owned 527 acres.
59. Eugene Byrne, address Kilworth, owned 290 acres.
60. Mrs. J. Byrne, Reps. of, address Newgrove, Mitchelstown, owned 154 acres.
61. James Byrne, address Cork, owned 134 acres.
62. Richard Swiney Byrne, address Graigue, Kilworth,
owned 77 acres.
63. Mrs. D. L. Cagney, address Tivoli-terrace, Cork,
owned 255 acres.
64. David Cagney, address Parkgaraffe, Monkstown,
owned 880 acres.
65. James Cagney, address Cork, owned 226 acres.
66. Johanna Cagney, address Teeveenee, Liscarroll,
owned 458 acres.
67. M. Cagney, Reps. of, address Cork, owned 208 acres.

Resources - Genealogy Libraries and LDS Family History Centers

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Hi Tim,

This list only represents those who owned an acre or more. In Ireland, in 1876, for example, most of the land was owned by only 2,000 individuals, while millions owned less or none at all, working on a patch of land belong to someone else.

Wonderful resources for you would include a genealogy library as well as your local LDS (Mormon) Family History Center. The FHCs are free and open to the general public and contain millions of Irish and worldwide records! Check out their microfilmed and microfiched information in their FHC Catalogue computer diskettes for civil registration, censuses, census substitutes, etc. A volunteer will assist you.

I suggest you ask to see their MICROFICHED IGI INDEX FOR IRELAND. Located in catalogue card type drawers under the heading "British Isles," subheading "Ireland," you will find 1-4 little black squares of fische containing much birth/christening/marriage information for each Irish county. This information is alphabetized, (includes alternate spellings as found in that county), pertains mostly to the latter part of the 1860s, but also with some earlier and later dates. You should find a lot of data on her surnames in it. If you use the microfiche, ask the FHC volunteer to place the largest magnifying lens into the microfiche reader for easy viewing before you get started. You can make a photocopy of a whole list of your surnames in Co. Cork right at the machine with a touch of the button! Jean

Boles family tree

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Surnames: Boles
I am interested in any further info. you can offer on items #50 and #51 such as dates, etc... Thank you in advance!


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Surnames: Cagney, Cahill, Callaghan, Callanain, Callanan, Campbell, Campion, Cantillon, Carbery, Carden, Carey, Carleton, Carmichael, Carnegie, Carney, Carpenter, Carrig, Carroll, Casey, Cashman, Cavanagh, Chambers, Charters, Chatterton, Chesney, Chetwynd, Chinnery, Chudleigh, Chute, Clanchy, Clancy, Keily, Broderick
Per genealogy library reference book, the following individuals owned one or more acres of land in Co. Cork, Ireland, the latter part of the 1870s:

1. Mrs. D. L. Cagney, address Tivoli-terrace, Cork,
owned 255 acres.
2. David Cagney, address Parkgaraffe, Monkstown, owned 880 acres.
3. James Cagney, address Cork, owned 226 acres.
4. Johanna Cagney, address Teeveenee, Liscarroll,
owned 458 acres.
5. M. Cagney, Reps. of, address Cork, owned 208 acres.
6. Anne Cahill, address Cloyne, owned 42 acres.
7. Edward Cahill, address Mountain Common, Clonakilty, owned 1 acre.
8. John Cahill, same address, owned 2 acres.
9. Timothy Cahill, address Knockcoolkeare, Abbeyfeale, owned 822 acres.
10. William Cahill, no address given, owned 14 acres.
11. Catherine Callaghan, address Carhue, owned 105 acres.
12. Charlotte Callaghan, address Superioress of Midleton Convent, owned 899 acres.
13. Daniel O. Callaghan, address Queen's-square, Fermoy, owned 131 acres.
14. Capt. Fred. Callaghan, address Bath, England,
owned 1,025 acres.
15. John Callaghan, address Curragraigue, owned 39 acres.
16. John Callaghan, address Old Abbey, Ballinhassig,
owned 65 acres.
17. John Callaghan, address Cleanrath, Inchigeelah,
owned 155 acres.
18. Maria Callaghan, address Millstreet, owned 70 acres.
19. Patrick Callaghan, address Curragraigue, owned 1 acre.
20. Richard Callaghan, address Ballydoyle, Castletown Roche, owned 68 acres.
21. Timothy Callaghan, address Curragraigue, owned 87 acres.
22. James Callanain, address Dunownen, Clonakilty, owned 3 acres.
23. William Callanan, no address given, owned 601 acres.
24. Arthur John Campbell, address St. James-pl., Fermoy owned 592 acres.
25. Charles Campion, address Dromdeer, owned 3 acres.
26. Henry Campion, address Cork, owned 282 acres.
27. Jeremiah Campion, address Mallow, owned 281 acres.
28. Mary Campion, address Streamhill, St. Luke's, Cork, owned 73 acres.
29. Roland Campion, Reps. of, address America, owned 179 acres.
30. Denis Cantillon, address The Island, Dunkettle,
owned 148 acres.
31. Mrs. W. Carbery, address Queenstown, owned 22 acres.
32. John Carden, Reps. of, address Midleton, owned 9 acres.
33. Edward Keily Carey, address Careysville, Fermoy,
owned 1,670 acres.
34. Jane Carey, no address given, owned 101 acres.
35. Langan Carey, no address given, owned 290 acres.
36. Rev. William Carey, address Bantry, owned 981 acres.
37. C. D. Carleton, address Bruges, Belgium, owned 832 acres.
38. Col. Carleton, address Dublin, owned 253 acres.
39. James Carmichael, address Cork, owned 53 acres.
40. John Carmichael, MD, address Patrick-street, Cork, owned 2,164 acres.
41. Thomas Carmichael, address Mallow, owned 93 acres.
42. Carnegie, Reps. of, (first name and address not given), owned 31 acres.
43. James Carnegie, address North Esk, Glanmire, owned 76 acres.
44. Thomas Carney, address Islandbrack, owned 1,216 acres.
45. Joseph V. Carpenter, address Mallow, owned 214 acres.
46. A. and E. Carrig, Reps. of, no address given, owned 67 acres.
47. Anne Carroll, address Anglesea-street, Cork, owned 8 acres.
48. Anthony Carroll, address Kildorrery, owned 62 acres.
49. Jennetta Carroll, address Patrick's-hill, Cork,
owned 228 acres.
50. Michael Carroll, address Park Mills, Doneraile,
owned 729 acres.
51. Thomas Carroll, address Mitchelstown, owned 282 acres.
52. Timothy Carroll, address Laghtneill, Lissardagh,
owned 10 acres.
53. William Carroll, address Garrynagranoge, Charleville, owned 165 acres.
54. Edward Casey, address Lehenagh Beg, owned 121 acres.
55. George Casey, address Dublin, owned 1,390 acres.
56. Maria Casey, address Shandon-street, Cork, owned 322 acres.
57. Richard Casey, address Old Market-place, Cork,
owned 274 acres.
58. Denis Cashman, address Killydonohoe, Glountane,
owned 72 acres.
59. Ellen Cashman, same address, owned 48 acres.
60. John Cashman, address Ballyvinny, Riverstown, owned 68 acres.
61. Michael Cashman, address Riverstown, owned 93 acres.
62. William Cashman, address Crushyviree, Riverstown, owned 235 acres.
63. William Cashman, address Rathfiloda, Riverstown,
owned 301 acres.
64. William Cavanagh, address Queenstown, owned 57 acres.
65. Robert Chambers, Reps. of, address Queenstown,
owned 159 acres.
66. Court of Chancery, address Dublin, owned 3,594 acres.
67. Richd. Charters, Reps. of, no address given, owned 226 acres.
68. General Sir James Chatterton, Reps. of, no address given, owned 4,660 acres.
69. Louisa Chesney, address Ballyardle, Newry, Co. Down, owned 2,630 acres.
70. Edward Chetwynd, and others, no address given,
owned 271 acres.
71. Richard Broderick Chinnery, no address given,
owned 239 acres.
72. Mrs. Chudleigh, no address given, owned 516 acres.
73. "Presbyterian Church," no address given, owned 2 acres.
74. "Church Representative Body," address Stephen's-green, east, owned 156 acres.
75. "Church Temporalities, Commissioners of," address Dublin, owned 1,914 acres.
76. Josephine Chute, address Glenbrook-terrace, Monkstown, owned 82 acres.
77. Fanny L. Clanchy, address Hawthorn Lodge, Lee, Kent, England, owned 46 acres.
78. Thomas Clanchy, address Charleville, owned 473 acres.
79. John Clancy, address Bridgetown, Castletownroche, owned 115 acres.
80. Maurice Clancy, address Billeragh, Kilworth, owned 40 acres.
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