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Chief Samuel Wood Cherokee

Chief Samuel Wood Cherokee

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Chief Samuel Wood signed the Hiwassee Purchase in 1812.
Searching for someone who can tell me how to find a list of Cherokee Chiefs you may email me at

Chief (?) Wood

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I have a question or two for you:

In and around the 1812 era, the Native Americans very rarely were using "white" names. Do you have the Native name for this Samuel Wood?

As for the 'list' of the various chiefs, certainly someone, somewhere, would have something like that....but for the past umpteen years that I've been doing research on the Cherokee Nation, I can't say that I've ever heard of such a listing.

I can suggest this to you: The Cherokee Nation had their leaders, of that you can be sure, but the tribe (as far as I know of it) never had one leader, per se. The leadership was usually wrapped up in a package of about a dozen men, each having a particular strength in one area, and all minds met in meetings to come to decisions which benefitted the tribe. Now, this is a generalized way of stating how the tribe was run, and I've certainly cut corners saying this in a mere few words, but this is the jest of it.

If you can produce the Indian name for your Samuel, I will certainly offer my help in obtaining any information for you I can get my hands on.

Hiwassee Purchase

Linda Proctor Benskin (View posts)
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Did you find a list (if there is one) of the Cherokees living on the purchase. In some papers file by Samuel Blackwell,(born 1820 in Meigs Tenn.) he said that his grandparents lived and died on the purchase. I looking for infomation on Nancy Bushyhead (the one married to George Washington Blackwell) Samuel said that his grandfather was John Bushyhead. He didn't know his grandmothers name since she died when Nancy was a small child and was raised by Mollie Brooks. I would appreciate any help. Thanks!


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Unless you look at each specific card, there is no way for me to tell you exactly where these people were living at any given time.

I can, however, tell you that the rolls verify that there were four Bushyhead's that were on the Emigration Roll of 1817. Understanding the roll was taken three years before the birth, it still establishes, without conflict, that the Bushyheads were Cherokee. All this particular roll says is that they were part of the nation, and were on tribal land. It doesn't tell where.

The ones I found: Bushyhead (probably an older person that only used one name), George Bushyhead, Isaac Bushyhead, and Nancy Bushyhead. It is possible that these people were from GA or TN...just by the dates of the rolls.

The next roll was done in 1835, so your person (if registered) would be here. most likely - unless the family relocated. We show three unnamed Bushyheads, Jessee, and Nancy. Nancy, Jessee, and one Bushyhead were from TN, the other two unknown Bushyheads were from GA. [Hmmm.]

The next time a Bushyhead comes up on the rolls is when George appears on the Chapman Roll in 1852.

The generations keep going as we get nearer to today. On the Swetland Roll of 1869, there are a few listed. Anna, George W., Nancy, Rachel, Sarah, and Waleoah.

By 1883 there was only one listing, George.
Ben and Nancy Bushyhead were listed on the Churchill Roll of 1908, but you still would need to locate their card(s) to find out where. All I have for a clue is that they were in the Eastern Band. Oh, they also made it onto the Guion Miller Roll of 1909.

On the last census of the Eastern Band, the Baker Roll of 1924, Ben, Nancy, Joel, and Robert are listed. Their numbers are consecutive, so I would believe the two new givens are the children.

Lastly, I've not heard of a list from the purchase you speak of. It may well exist, but I'm not familiar with it. Sorry, but I'll be of no use to you there.


Uowntu (View posts)
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There is also a large Cheyenne family named Bushyhead.Just a thought

Re: Chief Samuel Wood Cherokee

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This caught my attention. I must admit I have JUST STARTED my Cherokee heritage search. But all I have to go-on is that my mother’s extended-family used to say that my grand father’s "ancestor" was a Cherokee indian chief. My grandfather’s name was Cecil Robert Wood, his father’s name was Isaac Wood. I have reached a wall beyond that. I have found some extensive Cherokee links to research. I am going to start to search them for any links. I will also requst the birth certificates of Cecil & Isaac to see who their parents are as well as where they were born this might tell me more.

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