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Joseph(e) and Elise Credeur Cormier

Joseph(e) and Elise Credeur Cormier

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Surnames: Cormier
Hi, these two are buried in the Rayne cemetery. They had 7 kids, one of which was Albert Cormier born in 1923. Joseph Cormier died around 1940. Can anyone help with birth and date dates on these two? Also any info on their parents would be appreciated. I can't find info on either of them and they are my great grandmaw and paw.

Re: Joseph(e) and Elise Credeur Cormier

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I was able to find some info on Joseph Cormier. First of all, I found his death record which told me the following:
[1] He died 1/6/1942 in Rayne
[2] His age was 39 [bn ca 1902]
[3] He was born in Acadia Parish
[4] He was married
[5] His wife was Ellis Creaeur [obviously misspelled]
[6] His father was Lovis Cormier [figured it sb Louis]
[7] His mother was Lapare Doucette [misspelled]

The State Archives in Baton Rouge has this death certificate and a copy can be had for $5.00. [Vol 500, page 4].

I found Joseph & Elise on the 1930 Calcasieu Parish census.
Joseph Cormier 27
Elise 23
Albert 7
Annie 5
Gervais 3
Percy 1

I then found that "Lovis" was actually Louis and I found him on the 1910 census in Acadia Parish.
Louis Cormier 60 widower
Relia 12
Sidney 10
Joseph 8
Pearl Doucet 30
Ella 1 year 3 months

Then I found the 1900 census for Acadia Parish. Joseph would not have been born yet.
Louis Cormier 48
LaPearle 28 single, 2 kids, listed as a "concubine"
Moise 16
Louis 5
Relia 2

Evidently Moise was a child from a previous marriage and Louis had two children with LaPearle without being married. Joseph would would have been her son, too.

I was not able to find Joseph on the 1920 census when he would have been about 17 or 18. I did find Louis, his father, in Acadia Parish.
Louis Cormier 69
Lapearl 45 [listed as wife, but I did not find a marriage]
Ella 11
Adelle 9

Louis Cormier died 6/27/1920 at age 70. His certificate is at the Archives [vol 13/page 5862]. His parents may or may not be listed on the certificate.

Elise was listed on Joseph's death certificate as Credeur. I don't know where exactly the couple married since they were living in Calcasieu Parish in 1930. However, in Acadia Parish I found a marriage for a Jospeh Cormier and an Elice Coruthers on 6/23/1921 [#11018]. The time period is about right, but her last name is not. Could her last name have been Coruthers rather than Credeur? Or, was this a mistake? Or, is this a different couple? I don't know. Do you know for sure that Credeur was her name?

I hope this helps with your research.


Re: Joseph(e) and Elise Credeur Cormier

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I have additional info on LaPerle Doucet Cormier. She died 11/1/1929 in Acadia Parish [vol 33/page 12472]. She was 57. Her parents were Charles Doucet [son of Joseph Doucet] and Caroline LeBleu [dau. of Julian LeBleu & Caroline Matte]. Charles died 12/22/1931 [cert. # 14293] in Acadia Parish. He was 86 and a widower. Caroline Doucet died 5/11/1920 [cert. # 4801] at Church Point, Acadia Parish. She was 74.

Charles Doucet and his family are on the 1880 St. Landry Parish census and on the 1900 Acadia Parish census.

Joseph Cormier and his family are on the 1940 St. Landry Parish census. There are nine children listed. It is indicated that he lived at the same place in 1935.

I may have found Elise Credeur. However, I am not sure of this. On the 1910 Acadia Parish census, there is a Liza Credeur, age 2, who is the daughter of Edmond and Oliva Credeur. It is a possibility.

I will see what I can find on the LeBleu and Matte families.


Re: Joseph(e) and Elise Credeur Cormier

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As I've already pointed out, Caroline LeBleu's parents were Julian LeBleu and Caroline Matte. This info was taken from her death certificate. In 1850, I found Caroline and her older brother, Julian, living with Onesime Matte, Jr. who was likely their uncle. He was living next door to his parents, Onesime Matte, Sr. [bn ca 1800] and his wife, Caroline [bn ca 1805]. So, this couple was likely the grandparents of Caroline LeBleu Doucet. Caroline's father, Julian, was living in the vicinity with apparently a new wife, Laure. In 1860, Laurre [Bellard] LeBleu is apparently a widow. With her are Caroline and 4 other younger LeBleu children. This family is living next door to the Joseph Doucet family. Later, Caroline LeBleu married Charles Doucet. Charles' father was Jospeh according to his death record, but his mother was not listed. On the 1860 census, Joseph's wife is listed as Carmelete Richard [bn ca 1810]. In 1850, her name is given as Emelite, but I think it's the same person. Therefore, Charles Doucet's parents were Joseph Doucet and Carmelite Richard.

This now gives you several generations for Joseph Doucet. Nothing yet on Elise Credeur.

Will keep looking.


Re: Joseph(e) and Elise Credeur Cormier

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Correction from my last posting. At the end, I meant to write Joseph Cormier rather than Joseph Doucet. Sorry.

I may have found something on Elise Credeur. It's been tough going! I had mentioned that I found an Edmond Credeur [bn ca 1870] who had a daughter named Liza [age 2 in 1910]. I thought she might be your Elise. However, I now see that she had a sister, Elle or Ella, who was two years older, born ca 1906. On the 1930 census, Elise's year of birth is ca 1907 and in 1940, it is ca 1906. What I found next is amazing. I found the same family in 1920 and Edmond's last name is spelled "Cruthers". Remember that I found a marriage record for a Joseph Cormier and an Elice Coruthers in 1921. Why would he have changed his name?

I found a death record for an Edmond Credeur who died 11/21/1955 in Acadia Parish at age 85. That would make him having been born in 1870.

In 1910, Edmond Credeur's wife is named Oliva and by 1920, he is a widower. There seemed to be as many as 13 children.

More later...


Re: Joseph(e) and Elise Credeur Cormier

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I found a marriage record for Edmond Caruthers and Oliva Comeaux in Acadia Parish. They married 2/10/1892 [certificate #00531].

On the 1880 census for St. Mary Parish, I found what may be Oliva. She is listed as Olla V. Como, age 10. The father appears to be deceased. The census reads:
Desire Como 46 [female]
Lee 17
William 16
Granville 13
Lillian Clare 11
Olla V. 10
Jane R. 8

I tried finding this family in 1870 and was unsuccessful. I was hoping to find the name of the father.

I found Edmond Carethurs on the 1880 census for St. Landry Parish. The father is apparently deceased. The census reads:
Modest Carethurs 35
Marie 13
Edmond 9
Modest 11
Eva 7

I found the 1870 St. Landry Parish census for the family of Edmond Carothers who was not yet born. The census reads:
Edmond Carithur 31
Modes 25
Mary 4
Modes 2
Rosa 4 months

On the 1860 census I found what I believe to be Edmond [the father] off in another parish working.

On the 1850 St. Landry Parish census, I found Edmond [the father] living with his father, Samuel Carothers [55, planter] and his younger brother, Cesaire [16]. Edmond is 18. No mother is listed.

If you live in Louisiana, I suggest that you use Father Hebert's sacramental books [a huge set with many volumes] to get dates for births/baptisms, marriages and deaths for all these ancestors. The books should be at most libraries.


Re: Joseph(e) and Elise Credeur Cormier

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Wow!!! So much to take in. U really found some amazing stuff! Wait until i show this to my sister!

They really managed to butcher "credeur" a few times there didnt they? But with joseph and elise in ur first post, with albert and percy and gravois (aka uncle gertis) u were right on the money!!!

Please let me know what else u find and i will send this info to my sister asap because shes been looking for years, literally, and couldnt find anything!

Thanks again!!!!

Re: Joseph(e) and Elise Credeur Cormier

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I'm glad you are pleased with the research. As I mentioned, it would be good to find the church/civil records in Father Hebert's books, Southwest Louisiana Records. Then you could be 100% sure that we are on the right track.

There is a correction to the Como/Comeaux census of 1880. Desire is listed as a female and I thought she would be the mother [Desiree]. However, I found the 1870 census record for the family and Desire is the father. The mother is listed as Sarah [bn ca 1840]. The children are: Irwin [11], Everett [9], Lee [6], Willis [5], Granville [2] and Clara [1]. So, by 1880, it is the mother and not the father who is deceased.

In 1860, I found Desire Coman [it actually read Comau] in St. Mary Parish. He was a planter, had $30,000 in real estate and $20,000 in personal estate. His wife was S.J. [Sarah Jane] and their child, Irwin, was one. An O.C. Murry [25] was also in the household. Listed just before this family was Antoine Coman, age 50, had $75,000 in real estate and $80,000 in personal estate. Six-year old Louisa lived with him. This Antoine is no doubt the father of Desire. Just after Desire's listing was a Mrs. C. Hayes [40], Mrs. A. Coman [85], Desire Hayes [17] and Deliane Hayes [14]. The older lady was no doubt the mother of Antoine Comeu. Mrs. Hayes [Clementine Como] was married to David Hayes on 4/18/1843. I also found a marriage record for an Antoine Comaux and Eliza Leblanc on 10/19/1829.

I've found a marriage record for Joseph Doucet and Carmelite Richard. They married 8/19/1828. These last three marriages are on the Internet, but were abstracted from Father Hebert's books.

I really don't know what to make of the Credeur/Carothers name changes. It seems that most of the time some form of the Carothers name is used. Every once in a while, Credeur is used. It just doesn't seem to me that it is the same name. It's a puzzle...

If you have a pedigree chart, it would be good to enter all the info so that you can see what is what. Just a suggestion...

More to come...

Re: Joseph(e) and Elise Credeur Cormier

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We are entering it now :)

I am just astonished at all this info. Are you finding this stuff online? I couldn't even find a marriage record for my immediate grandparents who got married in the 30's or 40's and I actually knew them before they died. Much less anything from 1830s. We are just so excited to get all this new info!!

Re: Joseph(e) and Elise Credeur Cormier

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Yes, everything I sent is online and is found at various websites. I've used mostly census records, parish archives and the Mormon records.

Since I last wrote, I've found a death record for Louis Cormier, the father of Joseph. I had not been able to go beyond Louis. I had last found him in 1920. I also had a census record for 1900 and 1910. Nothing beyond that. The death record gives the following info:
[1] died 6/27/1920 at Branch, Acadia Parish
[2] age 70 [born ca 1850 at Branch]
[3] was a widower [apparently he never married LaPearle]
[4] his wife was Ozaof Stelly [first name obviously misspelled] She must have been the mother of Moise [bn ca 1884]
[5] his father was Joe Cormier
[6] his mother was Meliza Rona [Rona is probably not a correct spelling.]

I also found a death record for a Joseph Cormier who died at age 75 on 12/11/1930. His parents were given as Joseph Cormier and Mulazie Royer [another spelling]. He had to be a brother of Louis.

I then found a death record for Numa Pierre Cormier who died at age 68 on 7/18/1939. His parents were Joseph Cormier and Melaize Royer. He, too, must have been a brother of Louis.

I found the 1880 St. Landry census for Joseph Cormier.
Joseph Cormier 50
Melazie 40
Aurelien 21
Aurelia 21
Lastie 21
Marie C. 15
August 13
Pierre N. 10 [Numa Pierre]
Delaide 7

I can't find this family in 1870 and 1860. The mother is too young to have had Louis and Joseph. They may be already gone from home in 1880, but that age for Melazie "worrys me". I was hoping to find that in 1860 and 1870, she was older.

I can't find anything on the Stelly woman, but she would not be your ancestor since LaPearle Doucet was Jospeh's mother. I also have not yet found anything on Melazie Royer.

I'll see what else is out there.

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