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Connections to Lithuania c. 1880?

Connections to Lithuania c. 1880?

Jonathan Fine (View posts)
Posted: 975863395000
My great-grandafter was born in a small village called Plunge/Plungyan, Lithuania, late in the 19th Century. Some family went to the USA - bacame FAIN - some went to South Africa - FINE - and some went to Israel. Do you know any familial links that may fit these descriptions?


Barbara (View posts)
Posted: 978165572000
My grandfather was Jay Fain, and I am told the family name was originally Fine. His parents were Bertha (Sobel) and Samuel, and most of the family settled in Philadelphia when they came to the U.S. They may have come through Baltimore rather than Ellis Island. I can't remember too many other specifics, but I can ask my mother for more information if it sounds like there might be a connection. Please let me know.
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My Fine is Morris Fine born around 1880. Left from Riga, Russia in 1880. Settled in Kansas City, Mo. around 1906. Don't know names of parents.

Fine from Riga

Jonatahn (View posts)
Posted: 983947871000
That sounds like a possible link. I know that my family lived in Riga for a while. Do you know someone in the family who would know Mo's birth/original name - something that sounds foreign - maybe in Russian, Yiddish, or Hebrew? Of course, the names of his parents would be a great help too. Where did Mo die? Is there possibly a death certificate, or an official record in that county/city that may contain more useful information. Who was Mo married to, and are you aware of any other siblings?
Lots of questions, I know, but a way to track down he rest of the widespread family.

Jay Fine Details

Jonathan (View posts)
Posted: 983948103000
When and where was Jay Fain born? Did he have any siblings that you know of. How about his parents - do you have any details about them? My family also spent time living in Riga, Latvia, as well as in small villages/shtetls in Lithuania. So their roots track all over that part of the world. Let me know further details so that I can see if a link exists.
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Morris Fine's wife was Rose Segal, father Hyman Segal. Can't find Morris siblings or parents. which tells me they had a name change but have not as yet found this out. Morris lived in Mo. for 35 years. can't find him before that. have hired a genalogist to help.
Have asked around about what FINE means in Russian/Jewish but have not found that one out as yet.

Meaning of "Fine"

J M Fine (View posts)
Posted: 984046418000
I haven't been able to find any sort of real meaning to the word "Fine" in Hebrew, Russian, or Yiddish. I have seen the name spelled "Fein" in old Lithuanian documents that were translated into English. My grandfather's 2 brothers who emigrated to the USA called themselves "Fain", and the 2 brothers who emigrated to South Africa, called themselves "Fine". The original name must have sounded something like that back in the "old country".

Some Information on the Fains

B. Schwedel (View posts)
Posted: 984219310000
Jonathan, thanks for your reply. As you might expect, some of your questions are easier than others--here goes:

When and where was Jay Fain born?
March 1902 in Philadelphia.

Did he have any siblings that you know of?
Three sisters and a brother, who I knew very well and can provide quite a bit of information on. Your Fain relatives in the U.S.--do you know much about them? Please let me know if you do, because that may be the way to establish a link.

How about his parents - do you have any details about them? This is the hard question. I phoned my mother, who is the last Fain in our branch, this morning. She does not know exactly which town(s) her Fain grandparents came from. I can investigate, but it may take some time. Do you know anything about my great grandfather's wife, Bertha Sobel Fain? She is distantly related to some other branches of my family, so I can probably tell you more about her side. Right now, I can tell you she had a sister named Dorey, because Aunt Dorey was around when I was a little kid. The other thing I can tell you is that there was an uncle in the family who was a twin and ended up going, in my great aunt's words, to "the Texas." (Sorry this last story is so vague. But I thought I'd mention it, just in case it jogs something in your mind.)

Now I have some questions for you that may help:

Do you know what class (Cohains, Levis, or Israelites) you're from? I know what my grandfather was, so that may help.

Purely out of my own curiosity, what country are you from? Are you from the South Africa or Israeli branches of the family?

You said in a post that two of your grandfather's brothers went to the U.S. and became Fain. If there's a link, one of those brothers would be my great grandfather, Samuel Fain, who was the one in my Fain branch who immigrated to the U.S. If my grandfather was born in 1902, I would guess my great grandfather would be about 30 years older, making him be born around 1872 or so. I'm not sure when he came to this country, but I would guess the 1880s or 1890s. This great grandfather died before my mother was born, so he would have died somewhere around the late 1920s or possibly a little earlier. My great grandmother was probably born a little after my great grandfather. She died in 1950. My mother thinks the two of them met in the U.S. rather than Lithuania or elsewhere in Russia. Does any of this sound like there could be a link?

Sorry this was so long, but maybe there's something familiar here. Please let me know what you think.

Fain origins in Lithuania

Jonathan (View posts)
Posted: 984240555000
Thanks for your detailed response. I am still relatively new at this genealogy stuff, so my family tree has some missing pieces, and maybe that's why I don't have an easy answer to your questions & comments.

The Fain/Fines in my family started with a Mishel Zelig Fein (that how it is sometime spelled), b 1840, who married a Sheina Fruma ? My records show that they had 7 children: Shimon/Simon Fain (b 1870), Isaac Fine (b 1872), Chava Springsen (b 1875), Joseph Fain (b ?), Baruch Fain, Devorah Dogopolsky, and my grandfather Israel Fine (b 1893). Some were born in shtetl called Plungyan (called Plunge today), Lithuania or Riga, Latvia. We consider ourselves Kohanim - are your Fines/Fains also?

I grew up in South Africa, and have been living in the USA since 1988, when I came over for graduate school. Back to the American Fains. My notes show that Joseph Fain married Leah Gordon and Kate Plotnick - had 8 children between the 2 wives. Simon Fain married Chana - they had 8 children too! I don't see a Jay Fain, but see a Samual Fain who was born in 1920 and married Carmen Montenegro. Do you find any common links from the above ramblings? If so, please let me know!


Posted: 985872175000
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I am looking for any info on a Dora Segal, born in Russia abt. 1892, father is Hyman. Dora died in 1918 in Philadelphia. Do you have any other info, I would be grateful.
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