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lillias lorimer & Matthew Walker

lillias lorimer & Matthew Walker

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Surnames: Lorimer, Walker, Lambie, Millne, Shields
I am looking for relatives Lillias Lorimer & Matthew Walker married 30 August 1860 in Dalry their children
Hugh 1862, John 1863, William 1865, Adam 1866, Jean 1869, Matthew 1869, Jeannie 1871, Agnes 1872, Thomas 1874, Lillias 1876, Lilly 1877, James 1878, Wightman 1884.
Matthews parents were Hugh Walker and Jean or Jane Lambie,
lived mostly in the Dalry area,
James 1878 married Sarah Millne or Millen they were my GG Grandparents
Any help would be greatly appreciated

Re: lillias lorimer & Matthew Walker

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Hello Ian,

It looks like your Matthew Walker, was born 27/Dec/1835. New Cumnock, Ayr. to parents Hugh Walker, and Jean Lammie.

This birth is from Scotlandspeople. and his full name is Matthew Kirkland Walker.

In 1861. census Dalry, Ayr. he is living with Wife Lillias, and son Hugh. aged 2 months.

Next door, or its maybe the same house, are his parents and siblings.


Re: lillias lorimer & Matthew Walker

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Thanks John, I have confirmation re marriage records etc however thanks for consolidating this info for me, what I am really seeking is confirmation of the KIRKLAND name as yet I have not been able to confirm this and am hoping that other researchers may be able to help

Re: lillias lorimer & Matthew Walker

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Hello Ian,

I think you will find that Matthew Kirkland Walker, was most probaly named after the Reverend Matthew Kirkland, who was appointed as Minister, of New Cumnock, Ayr. in 1835.

You can Google, Matthew Kirklands, name and you will find a History of the man.

In short he broke away from the established Church of Scotland, and started a Free Church, in New Cumnock, Ayr. and accordingly most of the parishioners followed him.

Alas after building the first Free Church, in New Cumnock, and a Manse, Matthew Kirkland, died 1846. in New Cumnock, where there is a large Memorial, dedicated to him.

As there is no apparent connection of the surname Kirkland, in your family then i am almost certain this is where the name came from.


Re: lillias lorimer & Matthew Walker

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Surnames: Walker
Related to Lillias and Matthew through their son John Kirkland Walker (1863). John moved to USA about 1880 and married in Illinois. John and Hugh(1862) lived in Langlade County, Wisconsin, USA in 1910 and thereafter and may be found at that location in the US census.

John was my g. grandfather. Let me know if additional information about them would be helpful to you.

Re: lillias lorimer & Matthew Walker

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Surnames: Lorimer, Walker
I am a decedent of Lillias Lorimer and Matthew Walker. My grandmother Jane Mackintosh Walker (Jean) immigrated to Canada from Lochwinnoch, Scotland at the age of 19, married Frank and had three children - my mother was daughter number two. My grandmother 'Jane' died in 1999 at the age of 91.
My grandmother was one of 10 (or 11) children - Hugh, Agnes, James, Lillian, Robert - I can't remember all the names (though I did write them down many years ago)- wish I could find the list.
My grandmother often told me stories about her GG Lillias who fled France to avoid the guillotine during the French revolution (though why someone would end up in Scotland at this point in history boggles the mind).
My great uncle Hugh died a few years ago (he also emigrated to Canada). We've lost touch with his family - his grandson's last name is Woods. Aunt Lil lived in Galt, Ontario for many years then went back to Scotland. We have relatives in Paisley but haven't seen them for many years.

Re: lillias lorimer & Matthew Walker

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Thankyou for the reply would you have any information on youre line that you would share


Re: lillias lorimer & Matthew Walker - LORIMER TREE

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Descendants of Alexander LORIMER Generation No. 1

1. ALEXANDER1 LORIMER was born 1777 in Sanquhar, Dumfries, Scotland?. He married JANET WIGHTMAN 1808 in Sanquhar. She was born 1782 in Sanquhar, Dumfries, Scotland?.

2. i. JOHN2 LORIMER, b. Abt. 23 Jul 1809, Sanquhar, Dumfries, Scotland FHL Film 1067971; d. 1859, Dalry, Ayr, Scotland.

Generation No. 2

2. JOHN2 LORIMER (ALEXANDER1) was born Abt. 23 Jul 1809 in Sanquhar, Dumfries, Scotland FHL Film 1067971, and died 1859 in Dalry, Ayr, 9cotland. He married JANE (JEAN) BALLANTINE, daughter of THOMAS BALLANTINE and JEAN BAXTER. She was born 27 Mar 1814 in Wanlockhead, Dumfries, Scotland Re 1881 Census Reg at Sanquhar, and died 1890 in Dalry, Ayr, Scotland.

Occupation: Apr 1851, Ironstone miner at Brackenhills, Beith

i. JEAN3 LORIMER, b. 26 Mar 1836, Dundonald, Ayr, Scotland.
ii. WIGHTMAN LORIMER, b. 29 Jul 1837, Riccarton, Ayr, ,Scotland; d. Bef. 1840, Riccarton, Ayr,Scotland.
iii. ALEXANDER LORIMER, b. 27 Mar 1839, Riccarton, Ayr, ,Scotland.
iv. WIGHTMAN (WEIGHTMAN) LORIMER, b. 12 Nov 1840, Riccarton, Ayr, Scotland; d. 1914, Beith, Ayr, Scotland.

Occupation: Apr 1881, Fruiterer at 5 Richard St., Barony, Glasgow

3. v. LILLIAS LORIMER, b. 01 Dec 1842, Riccarton, Ayr, Scotland.
vi. MARY LORIMER, b. 05 Dec 1844, Beith, Ayr, 9cotland.
4. vii. ADAM LORIMER, b. 03 Jun 1846, Beith, Ayr, 9cotland.
viii. MARGARET LORIMER, b. 18 Jan 1849, Beith, Ayr, 9cotland.
ix. JOHN LORIMER, b. 05 Mar 1851, Brackenhills, Beith, Ayr, Scotland.

More About JOHN LORIMER:Occupation: Apr 1881, Iron miner at School Row, Dalry

x. JANE LORIMER, b. 09 Aug 1854, Dalry , Ayr, Scotland.
xi. THOMAS LORIMER, b. 25 Sep 1856, Dalry , Ayr, Scotland.

Generation No. 3

3. LILLIAS3 LORIMER (JOHN2, ALEXANDER1) was born 01 Dec 1842 in Riccarton, Ayr, Scotland. She married MATTHEW WALKER 30 Oct 1860 in Dalry , Ayr, Scotland, son of WILLIAM WALKER and MARY DAVIES. He was born 1833 in Beith, Ayr, Scotland.

Occupation: Apr 1881, Iron miner at Dens Rows, Dalry

i. WILLIAM4 WALKER, b. 28 Jan 1855, Dalry , Ayr, Scotland.
ii. HUGH WALKER, b. 09 Feb 1861, Dalry , Ayr, Scotland.
iii. JOHN WALKER, b. 15 Jan 1863, Dalry , Ayr, Scotland.
iv. ADAM WALKER, b. 04 Mar 1867, Dalry , Ayr, Scotland.
v. JEAN WALKER, b. 1868, America Re 1881 Census.
vi. MATTHEW WALKER, b. 1868, America Re 1881 Census.
vii. AGNES WALKER, b. 1871, America Re 1881 Census.
viii. THOMAS WALKER, b. 1873, Dalry , Ayr, Scotland.
ix. LILLIAS WALKER, b. 1875, Dalry , Ayr, Scotland.
x. JAMES WALKER, b. 1878, Dalry , Ayr, Scotland.

4. ADAM3 LORIMER (JOHN2, ALEXANDER1) was born 03 Jun 1846 in Beith, Ayr, Scotland. He married MARJORY MCALLISTER 31 Dec 1867 in Dalry , Ayr, Scotland, daughter of RONALD MCALLISTER and MARY ROBISON. She was born 1842 in Dalry , Ayr, Scotland.

Occupation: Apr 1881, Iron miner at Old Carsehead Row, Dalry , Ayr, Scotland

i. JOHN4 LORIMER, b. 16 Feb 1869, Dalry , Ayr, Scotland.
ii. MARY LORIMER, b. 17 Jan 1871, Dalry , Ayr, Scotland.
iii. RONALD LORIMER, b. 28 Apr 1874, Dalry , Ayr, Scotland.
iv. JANET LORIMER, b. 1877, Dalry , Ayr, Scotland.
v. MARJORY LORIMER, b. 03 Jan 1881, Old Carsehead Row, Dalry , Ayr, Scotland; m. EUGENE GOWAN, 21 Oct 1925, Vancouver, BC, Canada; b. Abt. 1877.
vi. JEANIE LORIMER, b. 1888, Dalry , Ayr, Scotland; m. THOMAS DONALDSON MARTIN, 26 Aug 1917, Vancouver, BC, Canada; b. Abt. 1884.

For other connections to this tree e-mail me at
Charles Houston

Re: lillias lorimer & Matthew Walker

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Lots of Huguenots ended up all over Europe after the revocation of the Edict of Nantes in 1685. Many of them were lace makers and were heavily involved in lace making at Nottingham in England. What is not so well known is the lace making industry of Darvel/Newmilns in the upper Irvine Valley in Ayrshire. It is quite probable that Huguenot lace makers came there. There are claims of some Caldwell families in the USA that the Caldwell's in Scotland were originally Huguenot lace makers. This I find hard to believe but it is possible that the Huguenot connection came from a female line. I am researching both Caldwells from that area and also Matthew Walker b Newmilns 31/5/1767.

Re: lillias lorimer & Matthew Walker - LORIMER TREE

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Charles, I can help with Ann Lorimer b 2/12/1811 m Alexander Wilson whose parents seem to have been Alexander Lorimer and Jean Wightman.
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