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Charles Morgan & family

Charles Morgan & family

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Looking for the family(children/Grandkids) of Charles Morgan
Charles Morgan Sr born 1846/ wife was Adele Gutridge-Morgan.
Charles Morgan Jr-1872* (wife: Belle)
Ammanda Morgan-1878
Adele Morgan-1880
George Morgan-1882 (wife:Isbella)
Lavinia Morgan-1884
Joseph Morgan-1886
P Edward Morgan-1889
Bertha Morgan-1894

I found Charles and his family in the 1880 and 1900 census.
The sons(Charles jr & George were found in the census in LaFourche with their own family). The sisters couldn't be found-think they got married and changed names.
My line runs through Charles Jr.
Any help on this family will be appreicated.

Re: Charles Morgan & family

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Hi Gina,

It's been a while since we have been in touch. I may have found a few things for you to ponder. First of all, the George who was married to Isabella was likely the uncle of Charles, Jr. rather than his brother. I think that the brother, George, was married to an Emma [per 1920 census]. George [bn ca 1855/1856] and Isabella were on the 1880 and 1900 census with their family.

In 1880, I think that the George, Charles and Hampleton Morgan may have been brothers. Perhaps their mother was Harriet who was also in Lafourche Parish. George and Hampleton both had daughters named Harriet. Also, in 1880, Elis Morgan, age 9, is listed with Harriet and also with Hampleton. I figure he was staying with his grandma when the census was taken.

I found the death record for Bella/Belle Morgan. She died 1/30/1930. Her parents are listed as Henry Watkins & Susana Johnson. This sound familiar...did we find this already? Charley Morgan is the husband. In 1930 Charles is living alone and is a widower.

I found info on two of their girls. Bertha Morgan McGlover died on 8/10/1916 in Beaumont, Jefferson Co., Texas. Her birth date is given as 3/4/1894. Her parents are listed, but though she is listed as married, no husband's name is given. She was buried in Thibodaux on 8/10/1916.

The youngest child, Elizabeth, died in Thibodaux on 1/22/1927 at age 31. Again, the parents are given, but though she is married [Smith], no husband's name is given. The certificate number is 634.

In 1920, I found Charles [48] and Bella [38] with four kids: Aurelia [8], Adelle [7], Rebecca [6] and Mabel [2].

I am not finding the Morgans on the 1870 census. I did find a Manuel Morgan [59 NC], but he was married to a Lucy. Of course, this could be another wife. All three Morgans on the 1880 census show that their father was born in NC.

I hope this info advances your research a bit.

We are having lots of rain in Louisiana. It is hot, but not as hot as usual. The rain keeps the temperatures down.

Take care.


Re: Charles Morgan & family

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I know it has been sometime before we have written. Thanks for the information. I am researching some of the items you wrote in your message and I will get right back to you.
We are going to work out these Morgans.
I know or feel that there are alot still living in the LaFourche area.

Re: Charles Morgan & family

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I did some research and this is what i came up from when i compare it to your notes.
Charles 1846 and George 1856-I believe like you were brothers. Charles did name one of his son (George 1882 after his brother. His wife was named Emma)
George of 1856-his wife was Isabella.
Charles wife was Adele. Now he had a son named (Charles Jr-his wife was Belle Wakins-Morgan). We did do some research on this couple and found out that they died around 1930. I know you found him in the census for 1930 but I remember that I found out that Belle died 1st then a couple of months later in that same year Charles Jr died. The couple four girls went to live with Belle sister Josephine Wakins-Lewis. The girls can be found with Josephine & husband William Lewis in 1930 census. Aslo when you look at the census, you will see that one of the dau. (Amelia/Orelia-different census spelling) is married to Edgar Lewis. (They are my Grandparents). All of the girls are dead. Amelia 1938, Adella . Albert Escort died 1945, Rebecca died 1929/age 16 and Mabel who I knew as my Grandma died in Los Angeles 1988 (she married Richard Lewis/son of Josephine and William Lewis-after 1934 they moved to new orleans-then los angeles-she married ken Willowbly til she died.

I looked up Hampton and I could see how he could be related to Charles and George because they were in the same area nad parents were from the same place but what's the direct connection?
I couldn't find Ellis in the 1920 census with Grandma Harriett but i did find hinm with parents.
So why do you think Harriett is their mother?
Let me know
I look

Re: Charles Morgan & family

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You are correct that Ellis was not with Harriet, but it is the 1880 census and not the 1920 census that I mentioned. Ellis was indeed with another family, but I couldn't make the connection. And, Harriet was with another family...a whole bunch of other surnames.

However, I still think that Harriet was the mother of the three boys. Hampton and George both had daughters named Harriet. Then, today I actually found Harriet living with George and Isabella [1870 census].
Lafourche Parish [page 493]
George Morgan 21 [picked up as Mugan]
Isabella 20
Manual 40
Harriete 46

All four are shown as being from LA, but that may be incorrect for Manuel and Harriete. Also, Manuel's age may be incorrect. In 1880, George was 24, but should have been more like 31 and Isabella was 26 and likely should have been more like 30. So, George was likely born ca 1849. This Harriet was born ca 1824 and the one in 1880 was born ca 1825. I think it is the same person.

In 1870, I found Hanton Morgan 25, Octavia 19, and Adel 1. With them was Octavia's mother Dolly Graves 55. In 1880 she is listed as Burrell. They were listed on page 496. Also in 1870, page 534 was Manuel Morgan 59 NC and Lucy Manual 35 SC. Manuel may have been the father of the other Manuel. Lucy is too young to be his mother. I don't know if she was Manuel's wife or daughter.

In 1870 though I found Hampton and George, I did not find Charles.


Re: Charles Morgan & family

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Hi reviewed your information. good stuff. i compared it with my note. think you found harriet husband manuel but like you. i think his age is wrong but hers is right. 1880 she was 55 in 1870 she was 45. also she was a widow by 1880. i think in 1880 the people listed with her were grandkids or just living with her. she was too old to be having new babies.i i think harriett had more kids i found the same dolly living with hampleton.. charles didnt show up in census til 1880.that manuel and lucy found in 1870 not harriett husband. too old plus he was listed in two 1870 census. the manuel with harriet is the correct one. tell what you think? Gina

Re: Charles Morgan & family

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I agree with all you wrote. The older Manuel was definitely a different person. But, he could have been the father of the other Manuel. Even if the younger Manuel was really a little older, it is possible that the older Manuel was also a little older, too. They were really bad about giving the correct ages back then. Concerning all the kids with Harriet in 1880, I also think that they were grandkids rather than kids. I'll see if I can research them in 1870.

Have a good day.


Re: Charles Morgan & family

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There certainly seems to be some connection among the Morgan, Hunter, Robinson and Crawley families. But I can't figure out what that connection is. Perhaps some of Harriet's daughters married into those families.

1880 Lafourche page 538C
Harriet Morgan 55 LA
George Robinson 29 VA
Frank Crawley 11 VA
Martha Hunter 7 LA
Lucy Hunter 5 LA
Gibbs Hunter 1 month LA
Lillie Hunter 3 LA

1880 Lafourche page 537B
Silas Hunter 40 LA
Eva Hunter 33 LA
Headed Crawley 12 LA
Susan Crawley 13

I had to laugh when I saw the 1870 census for Silas Hunter. In 1880, he was 40 and 10 years before he was 43. Eva was 33 in 1880 and 35 10 years before. Who knows which is correct?

I don't know if you noticed, but your Morgans were the only ones in Lafourche Parish in 1870. In 1880, there was a Lucinda Morgan, a child, who was the only other Morgan. In 1860, there were three White older woman, a younger woman and a boy.

Have a good weekend.

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