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Rev. Joshua Adams

Rev. Joshua Adams

Wesley Belcher (View posts)
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I am looking on info about the ancestors of Rev. Joshua
Adams of Patrick County, VA, d. 1865 m. Elizabeth
Jane Corn.

Re: Rev. Joshua Adams

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I am related to Joshua Adams of Patrick County, VA....he is my 4th great grandfather. As I am new to this, I have only traced some basic information back three more generations - but would like to exchange information if you are still interested.

Re: Rev. Joshua Adams

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There is much info available on this particular icon of Patrick County. Our latest info, by way of DNA, suggests that he is related to a Shute Adams, a pharmacist in Dorset, England.

Re: Rev. Joshua Adams

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Thank you for your reply. I am fairly new to my research, but have been able to gather general family information. Another member posted stories about him, but I am unable to access them at this time. Do you have any stories/facts you would be willing to share with me?
sincerest thanks.
Rebecca Mickelsen

Re: Rev. Joshua Adams

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He married many people in Patrick County, hence there is quite a bit of info on him. He is also noted in genealogy books. First I would suggest you Google his name.

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Forgive my ignorance, but I had already tried that, and have just tried it again.....I receives LOTS of hits for family trees of the ADAMS family line, one listing of the churches of Patrick County in which he is listed twice as an elder, one family history with him listed as a bondsman for someone in jail, and one listing in a family history stating he married one of the couples.

Unfortunately, I am unable to find ANYTHING on HIS life specifically. You mentioned he is a very famous historical person in Patrick County, so I assumed I could google his name with Patrick County, Virginia and find newspaper articles, or perhaps access to records, but I have not been successful.

I live in a western state, so do not have access to visit Virginia - am wondering, is this the only access to the records you mentioned? Or am I just not understanding how to search google correctly?

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These are the NOTES I have on Rev. Joshua Adams of Patrick County, VA -

At Rev. Joshua Adams Cemetery in Patrick Co. VA: Inscription reads: Joshua - 25 Feb. 1791 - 4 Sept. 1865; Elizabeth - 20 Aug. 1788 - 16 April 1857.

(The following is from Karen Clifford, Kindred Konnections)

1 NOTE GEN: See Historical Document.

!1809 MARRIAGE: VA, Patrick County, MARRIAGES PATRICK COUNTY 1791-1850:
Joshua Adams to Elizabeth Corn, daughter of Samuel Corn, who gives consent. Wit. John
Adams. Sur. John Spencer, 16 Dec 1809.
16 Dec 1809 Sir I have no objection of your granting Joshua Adams license for him and my daughter Elizabeth Corn, Mr. Samuel Adams.

1809 MARRIAGE BOND: VA, Patrick County Marriage Bonds: Know all men by these presents that we Joshua Adams & John Spencer are held and formerly bound unto John Tyler esquire Governor of this commomwealth the sum of $250...this 18 day of Dec that whereas there is a marriage shortly :intended to be had and solemnized between the above Joshua Adams and Elizabeth Corn...Test. Wm Staples signed Johsua Adams and John Spencer's Mark.

!1814 COURT: VA, Patrick County, Estate Abstracts:
Estate of Robert Wright, 1814, dec'd, John Hall and Sarah Wright executors. Mentions: John Brammer, Sr., Reuben short, John Hall, Charles Thomas Jr., JOSHUA ADAMS, James McBride, James Ingrum, Peter Saunders, William Sneed, Thomas Tennison, Jesse Corn Jr., Charles Rakes, John Turner, Col Peter Saunders, Jesse Clark, Benjmain Nash and Pd. the Sheriff of Buckingham Co. per receipt. Returned: May Ct. 1814.

!1820 WILL: WILL of John Adams
dated 13 Nov 1819, returned Jan court 1820: "Will of John beloved wife son JOSHUA has had his at 200 land, and beast, saddle cow and calf....daughter Elizabeth CORN...Phebe CORN...Sarah SPENCER...Mary SPENCER...Ann Nelson...three other daughters...son Paul C. other three sons...Roland H. ...James...John J. ...wife Mary Adams and son JOSHUA ADAMS Executors.

!1820 INVENTORY: VA, Patrick County Probate Abstracts, FHL book: Inventory of the estate of John Adams, dec'd by Samuel Corn, John Slaughter, Isaac Martin 13 Feb 1820...Mary Adams and Joshua adams, executors...

10 Oct 1828 - Lewis Spencer and Priscilla Adams daughter of Joshua Adams. Sur. Anderson Purdy. Min. Joshua Adams. M.R. 12 Oct 1828. Typed lineage chart - Spencer: Thomas Spencer, son of John Spencer I; md. Mary Adams daughter of Joshua Adams b. 25 Feb 1791 Patrick Co., VA; d. 3 Sept 1865 Patrick Co., VA; Primitive Baptist Preacher; md. 1st Elizabeth Corn, daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth 2nd Lucille [crossed out and handwritten in Luncinda Franck (Frankie)] Shelton granddaughter of John ADAMS, d. 1819 Patrick Co., VA (Will Book 1 pg 246, m. Mary Ingram(?)...source Eva Hall. 1830 Marriage of James Adams and Leony Rynolds, Patrick County, Minister was Joshua Adams.

!1832 MARRIAGE OF SISTER: Marriages of Patrick County, VA 1791-1850, p. 20: 22 Mar 1832. John B. Carter, son of John Carter, of Floyd Co., VA and Rozinah Adams. Min. Joshua Adams. Sur. Rowland Adams. Consent is given by Joshua Adams, guardian for Rozina Adams. Wit. Lewis Spencer. M.R. 21 Feb 1832.

!1832 MARRIAGE OF DAUGHTER: Marriages of Patrick County, VA 1791-1850, p. 80: 11 Oct 1832. William Martin and Nancy Adams. Sur. Joshua Adams. Min. Joshua Adams.

!1840 CENSUS: VA, Patrick Co. : Joshua Adams males 5-10 (1) m 15-20 (2) m 40-50 (1); Females 5-10
(2) f 10-15 (1) f 50-60 (1)

!1844 LAND: VA, Patrick County, Deed Book 12 pg. 115-119, Sept 1844: Mary Banks to Joshua Adams trustee for the childrn of James Adams, sell a parcel of land on the headwaters of the North Mayo beginning at Paul Adams corner poplar at the head of the meadow branch of said river, crosses branch to Isaac Martin corner, contains 87 acres...the children, Thomas Adams and James William Adams are the children of James and Exoney Adams and the grandchildren of Mary Banks. James Adams, Mary Banks' son, is improvident and not likely to provide for the children and therefore Mary Banks sells to Joshua Adams the land.

!1850 CENSUS: VA, Patrick Co.: 27 Sep 1850 Southern Dist No. 484 Farmer $1500; Joshua Adams 59, VA, Elizabeth 62, NC, Joshua T. Laborer 20 VA, Jane 21, VA.

!1854 MARRIAGE: VA, Patrick County: Abram Adams and Ruth Turner 14 Mar 1854. He the son of Isaac and Exoney Adams. She the dau. of William and Elizabeth Turner. Min. Joshua Adams. p. 5.

!1974 ARTICLE: From the Enterprise: "Honest Elder Joshua Adams".. In the Primitive Baptist Church in Patrick County, Elder Adams honestly was the same unimpeachable character as that of Abraham Lincoln.....Joshua Adams was an elder in the Primitive Baptist Church in the section in which the Penns, the Reynolds, and the Hairstons lived and he preached all their funerals, tied their marriage knots, and attended to all the duties of an efficient and God fearing church leader. ....[article continues]

!The Heritage of Surry County, NC by Hester Bartlett Jackson, FHL US/CAN Book #975.665 D2h pg. 3: Joshua Adams b. February 15, 1791, in Patrick County, VA one of eleven children b. to John and Mary Adams: Joshua, Paul C. Roland H., James, John Q. (moved to Nebraska), Elizabeth, Phebe, Sarah m. a Spencer; Mary m. a Spencer, Ann m. a Nelson and daughter unnamed. Joshua's father, John d. Nov 13, 1819 leaving a will written on the day of his death. The family still possesses this will. Joshua Adams, a Primitive Baptists Minister m. Elizabeth Corn b. August 20, 1788 d. April 15, 1857. Joshua m. second Lucinda Francis. Joshua and Elizabeth had thirteen children, eleven of whom survivied infancy. They are: Lamina m. Jeonons, Polly m Spencer, Mahalia m. Richard Thompson, John Quincy b. 1820 d. 1884 m. Susie Flippin, Samuel Green b. 1822 d. 1898 m Lucy Ann Barnard, Ruth b. 1823 d. 1906 m. Jesse Flippin, Martha L. b. 1827 d. 1905 m. Frank Joyce, Nancy m. Billy Martin, Jane m. Issac Ingram, Joshua Thompson b. 1832 d. 1902 m. Elizabeth Ingram and Susie m. a Comer. Two daughters died at birth. The family of Joshua Adams still has in its possession a handwritten list of Reverend Joshua Adams' possessions and their appraised value in 1865 with over 400 items lists including hogs, sheep, 1 bull, 2 cows, numerous tools, household furnishings and produce. Joshua Adams died 19 Sep 1865 at the age of 74. He and his wife, Elizabeth, are buried in the family cemetery near Patrick Springs, VA.

1860 Census of Patrick Co. lists Joshua Adams as Baptist Minister age 69, no other persons listed in household. His real val. listed as $1400 and pers val $10,850.
He had not yet married Lucinda Shelton.
History of Union Church
In Patrick County Virginia
In Smith River Association

In one place I find Union Church organized 1815. The first record begins as follows:

Saturday, November 17, 1821. Then met brethren Jesse Jones, John Conner and Peter Howard as a presbytery and divine service constituted the church of Christ at Union meeting House in Patrick County, Virginia, consisting of the following male members: Brethren John Washborne, John Foster, Richard Massey, William Welden, Jeremiah Burnette, Randolph Cox, Nicholas Grimmet, James Ingram, William Turner, Frances Cox, Alexander Ingram, 11 male members. Sisters Jane Turner, Selah Handy, Martha Ingram, Elizabeth Ingram, Jane Cox, Elizabeth Burnett, Margaret Walden, Susanna Foster, 8 females. Total, 19 members.

Brother Stephen Hubbard was chosen pastor of the church and consented to serve. On the same day received brother John Turner by experience; later we find John Turner served as clerk. December, 1823. Elders Jesse Jones, John Conner, Nathaniel Thompson, Joshua Adams and Stephen Hubbard, ordained brother John Washborne to the ministry. In April 1824 John Washborne was dismissed by letter. No record of him after this could be found. In March, 1823 brother George Prilliman joined here. Later he served as clerk. In 1825 Elder Burnette was dismissed by letter in 1827 and went to Jack's Creek. From here to Center where he was ordained to the ministry in 1834. Served Center as pastor until his death in 1873. In 1824 the ordination of John Turner for the ministry was called for. the record not clear. In 1825 John Turner was dismissed by letter. Nothing more was found of him in the record. Robert Tudor served as clerk. After the death of Elder Hubbard in 1833, Elder Joshua Adams was elected moderator. Brother Flemming Via joined in April, 1835. He was the first member baptised by elder Adams after he became pastor. Same year September. Mary Corn (later wife of Flemming Via) joined and was baptized by Elder Adams. These are the parents of sister Adaline Via, who is now nearly 93 and a worthy mother in Isarel, for more than forty years. She is the widow of Deacon W. A. Via; both joined in 1908.

In April, 1860 Elder Peter Corn joined here; was baptized in April by Elder Adams. Brother Corn was licensed to preach in 1868, ordained to the ministry in 1870, dismissed by letter in 1873. In 1861 Martin Wright and Nancy Wright, his mother, were baptized by Elder Adams. Brother Wright was a liceniate and died at a ripe old age, a worthy member of Charity Church. Elder W.R. Radford, a member here, was ordained in 1866. He lived to a ripe old age and died in the faith, a member of Charity Church. In October 1865, Elder A. J. Cassel was chosen pastor, Elder Jeremiah Burnett, assistant pastor. In 1867, Elder Thomas L. Roberson baptized sister Adaline Via, wife of Isaac Via. Isaac Prilliman joined here in 1867. George Prilliman served as clerk in 1871 with A. J. Cassel, Moderator. In 1882, brother P.A. Cahill was baptized by Elder W.R. Radford, and was licensed to preach in 1884, ordained in 1886, began serving this church as an assistant pastor 1890.

After the death of Elder A. J. Cassel in 1901, Elder Cahill was chosen pastor and served faithfully until his death in 1923. Isaac Ingram served as clerk or assistant clerk in 1888. Deacon George T. Helms was made clerk in 1892. Isaac Ingram, also James Ingram were mentioned as clerks. In May 1900 -Brother John W. Bryant was made clerk. Deacon F.W. Prilliman was baptized in 1900, chosen deacon in 1906. Brother George W. Lackey, a member here, was ordained to the ministry in 1910. dismissed by letter in 1939. The present pastor, Elder E. R. Bryant, was baptized in 1908, licensed to preach in 1912, ordained 1915, chosen pastor in 1923. In 1911 Brother J. J. Wright was chosen deacon, made clerk in 1923, served as long as he lived. In 1937, Deacon W. A. Via was made clerk. In 1940, Brother R. E. Carter was baptized, chosen deacon in 1943. After the death of Deacon W. A. Via, he was also chosen as clerk.

Sister Pearl Shelton has been the effecient clerk. Union Church has sent arms to Republican, Knob, and Riverside Churches where all were organized as sovereign, independent churches.

Your brother and servant,
J.G. L. Hash

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Re: Rev. Joshua Adams

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Extraordinary -
Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing this information. I am most sincerely thankful.

Rebecca Mickelsen

Re: Rev. Joshua Adams

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Surnames: Adamsm
Joshua Adams is my 3rd great grandfather. I have a lot of info. on the Adams family. I was just in Patrick Springs VA and visited his grave and got to see where his house once stood.

Re: Rev. Joshua Adams

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oh my gosh - Im so jealous of your recent trip! I have been in contact with two other cousins this month via that are also both descendants of Joshua Adams. I have been actively adding to my family tree - recently mostly on the Adams lineage. I am one generation after you....he is my 4th great grandfather. My email address is - if you prefer to communicate privately. I am descended through John Quincy Adams, Jesse Braxton Adams - and then his daughter Rebecca....who I am named after - she was my great grandmother. I would be so forever grateful for any information you are willing to share!
Rebecca Mickelsen
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