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Surname Christl

Surname Christl

Posted: 1270932834000
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Anna born June 3 1900 - looking for relatives prior to this person

Re: Surname CHRISTL

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Where in Austria was she born?

Could this be her arrival in Canada?

Name: Anna CHRISTL
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Estimated birth year: abt 1900
Birth Place: Haselbach, Austria
Next of kin: father Rudolf CHRISTL
Date of Arrival: 1 Apr 1928
Vessel: Montnairn
Port of Arrival: St.John, New Brunswick
Port of Departure: Antwerp, Belgium

There are perhaps a dozen places in "present-day" Austria called Haselbach


Re: Surname CHRISTL

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Wow you are good that is exactly correct. SHe arrived on the Montnairn April 1928 and I do believe her father was Rudolf!!! I am elated with this information. Now how do I access her mothers maiden name??
thank you kindly

Re: Surname CHRISTL

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You're welcome

How can you find her mother's maiden name?

Most logical place to look is on Canadian documents, ie Marriage Certificate, Her childrens birth certificates, Obituary or Death Certificate or any Canadian government document that would require such info.

Other than this you would need to determine which one of the numerous Haselbach was her hometown in Austria.

I've attached the ship manifest to this message, which gives her destination as Winnipeg, Manitoba. She is on Line 4

In addition the next year, 1929, Alois CHRISTL from Haselbach, next of kin Rudolf CHRISTL arrives in Canada, Destination ? He is line 1 on the second manifest attched to this message.



Re: Surname CHRISTL

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HOWEVER ! Perhaps the most interesting find is for Rudolf CHRISTL arriving in the US 1910, age 49, from Post Office Kolesloch, Haselbach Occupation Carpenter He listed his next of kin was his wife Franciska (= Frances) Destination to friend Joseph KEMPINGER at Milwaukee WI.. He was deported and apparently never entered the US He is line 22 on the attached 2 page manifest He appears on another page, Aliens Held for Special Inquiry. There is nothing that I can see that is out of line that would cause his being deported, he had enough money, no physical nor mental issued... the only thing his relatively old age of 49 He sailed back to Europe on Apr 15 1910. The Red Star Line would have been responsible for his passage back to Europe. This document is also attached.

From what I can find these 3 people are the only CHRISTLs coming from Haselbach. Most of the others are coming from what is now Czechoslovakia and Poland.

I have no idea if this is Anna's father but it is very ironic.


Re: Surname CHRISTL

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This is interesting!!! Rudolf sailing to the US??? Now what does this alien listing mean? I do believe he was a "carpenter" - would he be deported because of his age? I do not recall this story but the names, dates and age of Rudolf makes sense. This friend in Milwaukee - was he also from Austria? Funny the date April 15 as that is the date my grandma passed away in 1978 - coincedence
Now how do I find his wifes maiden name? Frances? Also you mentioned other Christl's were from Czech and Poland - I wonder if that is another connection?!
thanks again this is so powerful info - I have been busy doing garden work here in Ontario

Re: Surname CHRISTL

Posted: 1271719727000
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Yes correct Alois - or Lois for short did come to Canada as well and he ended up residing in Toronto -

Re: Surname CHRISTL

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at attachment it looks exact for Haselbach in district (Bezirk) Rohrbach in state Upper-Austria (Oberösterreich).
it´s on border to Czech Republic and at attachment some others from Rohrbach, but also from other districts, as example Wels and so on.
Haselbach belonges to Altenfelden (Kastral-community):
"Katastralgemeinden sind Altenfelden, Haselbach und Langhalsen; weitere Ortsteile der Gemeinde sind Atzesberg, Blumau, Doppl, Fraunschlag, Freileben, Godersdorf, Hörhag, Hühnergeschrei, Mairhof, Neundling, Oberfeuchtenbach, Panholz, Starling, Starz, Steinerberg, Unteredt, Unterfeuchtenbach, Weigert und Wollmannsberg."
coat of arms for this town shows an ibex.
the area is named "Mühlviertel" (Mill-quarter).
districts (Bezirke) Upper-Austria:

In Rohrbach-district no Christl to find at phonebook.
but some results at nearby-districts Schärding, Eferding and Urfahr-Umgebung. but don´t forget that Christl is in Austria also a shortform for the female firstname Christine, sometimes also for the male Christian. so often also results at phonebook showing only persons with this firstname!

for ancestors-research you can ask at diocesan-archive Linz, maybe also at parishchurch directly:
Matriken(churchbook-entries)for Haselbach/Altenfelden:
Taufmatriken/baptism since 1597
Trauungsmatriken/marriage 1713
Sterbematriken/death 1618

copies from 1819-1940 at statearchive Upper-Austria to find - the mormons in Utah have them also microfilmed - to read here:
parishchurch Altenfelden:

the mormons have many Christl from Bohemia/Böhmen, now Czech Rep.(this is/was also a german settlement) on border to Upper-Austria.


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i meant the shiplist with Anna which shows Haselbach in district Rohrbach.

Re: attachment

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"...arriving in the US 1910, age 49, from Post Office Kolesloch, Haselbach Occupation Carpenter ..."
it means "Kollerschlag" and was not correct written down at the shiplist.

just see, that Altenfelden is not correct!!! sent for first the correct map but it does not fit with Altenfelden.
it has also a Haselbach but the Haselbach/Kollerschlag is north-west of it. it happened as Wikipedia did not show it. i´m sorry but it´s not easy with so many Haselbachs ;-)
Haselbach is a hamlet of Kollerschlag:
"Ortsteile der Gemeinde sind: Albenödt, Fuchsödt, Hanging, Haselbach, Innerödt, Kollerschlag, Lengau, Mistlberg, Raidern, Raschau, Sauedt, Schröck, Stratberg."

so here the correct parishchurch:
Matriken :
Taufmatriken/baptisms since 1785
Trauungsmatriken/marriages since 1786
Sterbematriken/deaths since 1785

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