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finding soldiers in france??

finding soldiers in france??

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I was wondering if anyone new how to find soilders in France between the times of 1722-1749

I know The King ordered my greatx6 grandfather Edme along with others to come over to Quebec to help start the new frnace. He married in 1749 which i found his marriage certificate but i CANNOT find any more information than his parents and that's it.

Since i know he was soilder im trying to find a list or some webstie i could find some more information on him but nothings turned up.

here is what i know

Edme vervet dit st. amour(vervet was chagned to vervais)
b 1722/21
F: Antoine vervet
M: Elizaebth Blassiere de marchet(not sure on the de marchet part)
M: 8/18/1749 to Marie Anne Vivier in Notre-dame

Now he was a soilder for M.Celoron. I don't know if that is the regiment or area. Also it mentioned Dioccese de Laon. I think that might be the area or church. Im trying to look up everything but im not finding much. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Re: finding soldiers in france??

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Some info here:
You have to register, but it's totally free. Then search the name Vervet and select the one situated in Aisne (the department encompassing the old diocese of Laon).
After which, for more info:
- you could try to identify Edme Vervet's regiment (the presence of an officer called Mr Celeron being a clue) and then search its history and registers, at the French Service historique de la défense:
- you could check the parish registers at the Archives départementales de l'Aisne, or via the local genealogical society, the Cercle généalogique de l'Aisne.
(but I don't know if any of them works by mail)

Re: finding soldiers in france??

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Thanks a lot! I am sure this information will help!

By any chance are you related? How did you find these sites?


Re: finding soldiers in france??

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This site hosts a lot of French trees (including mine) so I'm quite often on it, I had the idea to check the Vervets and here they were. Anyway I'm not related (even if all French Canadians are our cousins ;-)

Re: finding soldiers in france??

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Surnames: Sitter
Does anyone have information on the Surname "Sitter", in peculiar Johann
Nicolaus Sitter from Zilling, Lorraine, France birth 17 October 1768
died 22 February 1819, I am interested in his military record when he
fought under Napoleon Bonaparte I
Patrick Setter

Re: finding soldiers in france??

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Surnames: Sitter, Seder, Setter
Hi Patrick,

I hope this message finds you well, it's been awhile since you posted. My name is George Seder. Here is my lineage down to my Grandfather William James:

Hyronimus Sitter (Son Heinrich Sitter)
Birth: Berstett, Bas-Rihn, France
Death: circa 1656 France

Heinrich Sitter (Married to Eva Sitter) (Son David Sitter)
Birth: circa 1632
Death: circa 1673 (Age 41)

David Sitter (Married to Anna Maria Sitter) (Son Johann George Sitter)
Birth: circa 1657
Death: circa 1738 (Age 81)

Johann George Sitter (Married to Anna Magdalena Sitter) (Son Theobald Sitter)
Birth: October 15, 1708
Death: November 1, 1785 (Age 77)

Theobald Sitter (Married to Anna Barbara Sitter) (Son Johann Niclaus Sitter)
Birth: February 8, 1739
Death: May 30, 1774 (Age 35)

Johann Niclaus Sitter (Married to Barbara Sitter) (Son Niclaus Sitter)

Niclaus Sitter (Married to Barbara Sitter) (Son Jacob Sitter)
Birth: March 14, 1797
Death: June 18, 1844 (Age 47)

Jacob Sitter(Seder) (Married to Mary Sitter) (Son Matthew Seder)
Birth: 1827
Death: 1902 (Age 75)

Matthew Seder (Married to Barbara Seder) (Son George Seder)
Born: February 17, 1853
Death: 1928 (Age 75)

George Seder (Married to Susie Seder) (Son William James Seder)
Born: 1892
Death: June 26, 1956 (Age 64)

William James Seder (Married to Vera Seder)

The story goes that Jacob Sitter changed his name at the request of his wife Mary when they immigrated to Michigan from Ontario, Canada. We've been Seder's ever since. I hope that the pre-Johann Nicolaus Sitter lineage helps you on your quest. Please share whatever you may have found.
bayesoft @ hotmail . com
I see that there is yet another variation out there *Setter*

Re: finding soldiers in france??

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Hi we are related down to Niclaus Sitter. It was Niclaus who moved to Michigan and changed his name to Niclaus Setter. I have quite a few files I would like to share, I know the Seder's are also related. I'm golfing today but would like to share info and any past stories. Jacobs brother Nicholas served under Napoleon prior to comming to Canada. I found Jacob Sitters grave in Ontario at the Fisherville cemetery, haven't visited it yet but plan to. My email is and I live in California. Lets keep in contact. Pat Setter

Re: finding soldiers in france??

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Did you ever find out where to look? I am searching for the same thing and I can't seem to get any farther than Martin Balthazard dit St Martin's parents from France. I also want birth records or at least military records with French birth information. He arrived here in 1755. Please help if you have any information about where to look. Thank you

Re: finding soldiers in france??

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Are you apart of this line I am working on?
Edme vervet?

I found some information but not much furthur though I haven't tried in a while.

I can't find any birth records or census in france. It's like france records aren't around? I dont know how to get to them? they aren't on here.

Re: finding soldiers in france??

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I'm looking specifically for Martin Balthazard dit St Martin. I have the same info as you except I did find the records of his hospitalization in Montreal's Hotel Dieu after he was wounded 6 days before the war ended. If you find anything I'd love to know. It appears that records from France are very hard to get.
Ann Marie
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