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Snellings of Boston - John Snelling b. 1624 Chaddlewood, England

Snellings of Boston - John Snelling b. 1624 Chaddlewood, England

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Surnames: Snelling
My mother is a Snelling from Boston. I have had trouble verifying her ancestry. I think it goes

John Snelling b. 1624 Chaddlewood, England
Joseph Snelling b. 10 Oct 1669
Joseph Snelling, Jr. b. 20 Apr 1695
Josiah Snelling Abt 1741
John W. Snelling
George Leister Snelling Abt 1827
George Howard Snelling 30 Oct 1883
George Howard Snelling 10 Jun 1914
Constance Patricia Snelling 16 Mar 1938

I have many marriage dates and other info, but I was wondering if anyone else has information on these Snellings of Boston. John W. Snelling and George Leister Snelling are the most enigmatic for me.
Meg McCreery

Re: Snellings of Boston - Essex County MA from Spain; George Snelling mid 1800s

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Hi! I'm a descendant of the other Snelling family of Essex County MA from Spain and live in Portland, Oregon. My research here shows a George Snelling in the mid-1800s who sailed a ship from Boston to Oregon with cargo shipped by his uncle. If you think that's your George let me know. I'll grab the rest of the info for you. Donna

Re: Snellings of Boston - George Snellling mid 1800s

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Fascinating. I have no idea whether that is the correct George. I know that the children were raised in Boston. But the men seemed not to stick around so much. Does it look like this George stayed out west? I'm always very interested in a lead, but I don't want you to do too much work because I really don't know.

Re: Snellings of Boston - George L. Snelling, History of the Pacific Northwest in 1850

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Surnames: Snelling, Lane, Gardiner
Hi. I do think this may be your George. He is mentioned in the History of the Pacific Northwest in 1850 as described below. He is also identified as George L. Snelling in five letters written to Oregon Territorial Governor/Congress/Senator Joseph Lane between May 13, 1854 and January 29, 1856 so it appears he stuck around for a while anyway. The letters are at the Oregon Historical Society here in Portland. Here's what I have right now and I'll see what else I can dig up.

"The Kate Heath sailed from San Francisco on the 12th of September, 1850, and entered the Umpqua safely after a quick passage. After crossing the bay, they were surprised to find the wreck of a vessel which proved to be the ship Bostonian. This ship had been dispatched by a Boston merchant by the name of Gardiner with a cargo of merchandise, around Cape Horn, under the charge of George Snelling, a nephew of Gardiner, as supercargo, as an adventure on the northwest coast. Snelling having heard of the new discovery entered the Umpqua, but having missed the channel was wrecked upon a sand spit. The crew managed to save most of the cargo, which wa taken to a place of safety and covered by the sails of the wrecked vessel. This spot was named Gardiner, and has ever since been a place of importance as a seaport."

Re: Snellings of Boston - George Snelling, postmaster of Gardiner, OR 1851

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Surnames: Snelling, Scott
Found a little more info already. Apparently George turned inland on the ship Bostonian because he'd heard of gold discovered in the area. He did stay in Oregon and sold or traded the cargo of the ship. He became the postmaster of Gardiner, Oregon in 1851. Other Snellings in Oregon were the families of William (Sarah Scott), Daniel and Vincent from MO and not known to be related to the Boston family. You could probably find a lot of info by contacting the Douglas County OR genweb or historical society.

Re: Snellings of Oregon - Daniel and Vincent Snelling and Sarah Snelling Tandy

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Surnames: Snelling, Tandy, Hutchinson, Combs, Ricketts, Lightner, Scott
Donalyn, The Snellings you mention who came to Oregon from Missouri (Daniel and Vincent Snelling and Sarah Snelling Tandy) are siblings, and they are part of my family. Another sister, Theodotia Snelling Hutchinson (Mrs John), and a niece, Cynthia Snelling Combs (Mrs Richard C), also came, all by 1851. A brother, Benjamin Snelling, and two sisters, Margaret Snelling Ricketts and Jemima Snelling Lightner, were '49ers to California.

I've done the genealogy on all of these people (and some siblings who stayed back east) and have published a book about them--THE FAMILY OF WILLIAM SNELLING AND SARAH SCOTT, 2nd Edition dated Jan 2001, privately published.

I have a copy of Sarah Snelling Tandy's will, but I don't have letters or similar material. Have you run across anything like that at the Historical Society or elsewhere while checking on George Snelling? He is, so far as I can determine, no kin.

Thanks, Jim <>

Re: Snellings of Oregon - on the lookout for you

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No Jim, I haven't but will be on the lookout for you.

Re: Snellings of Oregon documentation

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Surnames: Snelling, Lloyd, Malone, Bennett, Lloid
Jim...I found this email in my notes. Figure you have this info already but just in case and for others in your line please note the following:

The following records can be ordered online from the Oregon archives. This is all for SNELLING that I could find. Email them at:
You can ask for two records in each e-mail request, but there is no limit to the number of e-mails you can send in one day. I have sent 8 before! Include your mailing address in your request and they will mail you the copies with an invoice, charging 25 cents per page and postage. Pretty good deal, and they are quick.

Here are a few more Snelling entries found in books about Yamhill and Washington County marriages.

Yamhill Co. marriages:1856-1865
Jackson T. SNELLING & Margarett Malone md 18 June 1857 by Rev. Alexander Bennett

John LLOID(sp?) & Adelia Snelling md 24 Feb 1857 by Rev. Alexander Bennett

In Oregon State Archives:

Case Number Case Year Case Name Case Type County Name
0305 1856 Snelling, Vincent Lewis Estate Yamhill
3247 1897 Snelling, G. V. Estate Multnomah
1875 Snelling, A. T. Census Lake
1875 Snelling, D Census Lake
The Dalles 1863 Snelling, B.F. Military Wasco
Vol 3 pg 010 29 July 1846 Snelling, Daniel land claim Polk
Vol 3 pg 045 17 Aug 1846 Snelling, William land claim Polk
Vol 4 pg 181 18 Feb 1847 Snelling, William land claim Yamhill
0017 1857 Malone, Margarett & Snelling, Jackson T. Marriage Yamhill
0025 1857 Snelling, Adelia & Lloid, John Marriage Yamhill
0329 1874 Snelling, Edith Guardianship Lane
0260 1870 Snelling, Daniel Scott Estate Lane

All the best, Donalyn


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If you go to, the US Bureau of Land Management and plug in Snelling and Oregon there's a lot of land record documentation. While there plug in whatever you want, but do remember you have to work for a living. Cheers, Donalyn - instead try

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I believe the link intended may be

Rhonda Johnson
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