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Peter Prudden (Peter Pruden)

Peter Prudden (Peter Pruden)

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Surnames: Atherton, Pruden, Prudden, Brunson, Bascome, Forster,
Hi, I have been researching Peter Prudden (Pruden) and I wanted to share the information that I have found with anyone who is searching for information on the same name.

Peter Pruden is mentioned in the will of Jeptha Atherton when it Jeptha leaves all of Peter's estate to his heir Penelope Prudden:
Joseph A. Groves, Alstons and Allstons of North and South Carolina (Atlanta: Franklin Printing & Publishing Co., 1901), pp 532-535] - " In the name of God, Amen. I, Jeptha Atherton, of ye State of North Carolina, Northampton Co.., being in low state of health, but of sound disposing mind and memory, thanks be given unto God for ye same, do make and ordain this my last will and testament, in manner and form following: Item. I give and bequeath to my daughter, Penelope Brunson, one Negro man named Tom, one Negro Wench named Patience, also one named Jude, another named Kitt, and another negro girl named Dinah, one horse by ye name of Hassard, and one Bed and furniture. I also give unto her the profits of a half share of land, lying and being in ye Island of Bermuda, Which land I rented to Mr. Sam'l Bascum in the year 1761, for which I have not received one farthing ye said lands. She being ye true and only heir to the same, being descended from Peter Pruden of the aforesaid Island. Ye aforesaid articles, I give to her and her heirs forever...."

Eoakes on GenWeb ( states that in Will Book 6, p. 66, Peter Prudden was married to a certain Hanna.
"Peter Prudden dated 8 April 1760 and proved 3 Oct 1760 (Will Book 6 p. 66). The abstract reads: mariner, of Paget, wife Hanna, children unnamed. The Executors were John Bascome and "Dr. Samuel Bascome, the witnesses Thomas Vardell, James Rigby, Mary Leger, and Thomas Tucker....""

This matches the Sam'l Bascome mentioned above which Jeptha had not received any money from.

In Julia E Mercer's book, "Bermuda settlers of the 17th century: genealogical notes from Bermuda," pg 60, we read:
"Wills E. Vol. 1. p. 192
Will of THOMAS FORSTER. March 22, 1674.
To daughter ANN, negro man Richard. Daughter SARAH. Daughter MIRIM [possibly MIRIAM?] and her husband PETER PRUDDEN to have son's share until he is 21 years old, provided PRUDDEN shall teach him his trade...."

**It is less certain this is truly the Peter Pruden we seek than the other above passages. However, how many Peter Pruden's could there have been in the Bahamas at this time?

It appears the trade of Peter Pruden was sailing. In Virginia Bernhard's book, "Slaves and slaveholders in Bermuda, 1616-1782," (Located:

or the information is at

we find that in "1734, the "Mary",a Bermudian-registered vessel, master Peter Pruden, brought 1 Barbados black slave to Virginia."

It is thought that Thomas Tynes married an unknown Prudden although I have found the name Abigail Prudden, who was the daughter of Peter Pruden. (

This Abigail or unknown Prudden daughter possibly had a Sarah Tynes supposedly married Jeptha Atherton. I say possibly because I do not have access to the source which is listed on the immediately above webpage as: Catherine L. Knorr, "Marriage Bonds and Minister’s Returns of Southampton County, Virginia, 1750-1810" (Greenville, S.C.: Southern Historical Press, 1982), page 8.

The daughter would then be Penelope Brunson (she may have married a Dr. Ashael Brunson).

However, where does all of this leave wife Hanna?

If anyone has access to the genealogical records of Bermuda mentioned above or the Marriage Bonds and Minister’s Returns of Southampton County, Virginia, 1750-1810, please let me know so I can continue working on this subject. I hope this has helped some of you fill in some missing pieces.

- David

Re: Peter Prudden (Peter Pruden)

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I see that Mark has not responded to your post about Peter Prud(d)en. His web page and the cite you provide at the end of the post came from work that he and I did some 10 years ago. I don't have all of our emails any more but many may still be posted at the TYNES section of GenForum. Long story short the relationships mention are based on a series of North Carolina wills involving several estates. Because of the division of property in this series of documents there is no doubt of the relationship of Sarah TYNES to Peter Pruden. I can also attest to the marriage having seen the volume Mark references myself. I hope the discussion is still at GenForum as I would hate to attempt a recreation of the legal threads. You may contact me directly if you wish at
Cliff Ocheltree

Re: Peter Prudden (Peter Pruden)

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Thanks Cliff for the information. When I get back to Peter, I will contact you!

Re: Peter Prudden (Peter Pruden)

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FYI. I sent the link to the original post to Mark James who worked with me on this in the past. He may contact you as well.

Re: Peter Prudden (Peter Pruden)

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Alright, thanks again Clif!

Re: Peter Prudden (Peter Pruden)

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Took a quick look at GenForum. It's been 13 years since I focused on this question so I simply copied what I posted at the time:

While I don't believe that Thomas and Celia connect to my TYNES line I too have long believed that Sarah (TYNES) ATHERTON was their daughter. I have now come to believe that Thomas must have had an earlier wife, possibly a PRUD[D]EN. The proof is a bit complicated, and I will not attempt to provide all the details, but bear with me.

Nathaniel TYNES, grandson of Thomas, died intestate in 1803. His estate was divided among nine blood aunts and uncles (or their heirs). Four of the heirs were his mother's sisters and five were his father's siblings.

Penelope (ATHERTON) BRUNSON was, as her mother's only child, was entitled to a one ninth share of the estate.

Penelope is also mentioned in her father's will of 1787 as being "ye true and only heir to the same [a half share of land in Bermuda] being descended from Peter PRUDDEN of the afroesd. island."

For Penelope to inherit a full share of Nathaniel TYNES' estate she had to be Sarah (TYNES) ATHERTON's only surviving child.

For Penelope to be "ye true and only heir" of Peter PRUDDEN Sarah (TYNES) ATHERTON had to be the descendant of Peter.

Celia (WEST) TYNES, therefore, could NOT be Sarah (TYNES) ATHERTON's mother. If she were the PRUDDEN "connection" all her children would have been heirs to the Bermuda land and, I believe, Penelope would have no claim on the property. In fact it was Jeptha ATHERTON who leased the property in 1761, shortly after Peter PRUDDEN's death.

While I realize there may be some holes in this proof I do believe that it clearly raises the STRONG possibility of a first wife for Thomas Sr.

And a short addition:

As transcribed in Knorr's "Marriages of Southampton Co. VA" Jeptha (Jephtha) ATHERTON married Sarah TYNES 13 Sept. 1760. Surety Richard KELLO and Wit. Jona. GODWIN.

A little more than two years later (11 March 1763), according to the same source, Jepthah ATHERTON married the widow Elizabeth JARRETT of St. Luke's Parish. Surety: Peter BUTTS of Nottoway Parish.
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