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Still Talking about the Daugherty Clan

Still Talking about the Daugherty Clan

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Good Morning,

One of my Daugherty acquaintances sent me a forwarded message from your "Member of the Daugherty Clan" discussion. He had not participated himself, but saw the name Owen Daugherty and thought I might be interested. I AM! I am writing a book on the descendants of Owen Daugherty.

The only person I recognize in the discussion right now is Shelia B, the descendant of Arnett Daughety of Alabama.

Let me tell you what I know, and you can tell me if you're interested in entering into another conversation on another website.

The first ancestor that we can be sure of is Owen Dogharty I (about 1656 - 1712), who migrated from Ireland (probably Templemor Parish, including the city of Derry)to Norfolk Co., VA, in 1673. He married an Elizabeth (perhaps Macoy). They had at least one son, named Owen Dougharty (about 1697 - about 1725), who lived his whole life in Norfolk Co., VA. He married a Susannah (perhaps Alexander).

Owen II and Susannah had at least one son, named Owen Daughety (about 1715 - 1785), who migrated from Norfolk Co., VA, to Craven Co., NC, around 1742.

Owen III had 5 children by his first wife, whose name may have been Sarah, but we really don't know. Those children were Owen IV, Richard, Elizabeth, Susannah, and Sarah. Sometime before 1762, he married Mary Taylor and had 5 more children: Robert, Daniel, Ephraim, Holland (a daughter), and Reuben.

All the men of that first family initially remained in Craven and Lenoir Counties, NC, after their father's death. I don't know what happened to Elizabeth or Susannah. Sarah married a James Taylor and migrated to Tennessee.

All the children of the second family, except Ephraim, migrated to Warren and Butler Counties, KY. Reuben later moved on to Mississippi and Alabama.

In that second or third generation, there were siblings named Solomon, Job, Daniel, and Margaret. We know that Margaret remained in Virginia, but we're not sure whom she married (it may have been an Etheridge). Solomon, Job, and Daniel migrated to Craven Co., NC, along with Owen III.

Solomon I died in Craven Co. around 1755. Solomon II got in trouble for siding with the British during the Rev. War. There may have been a Solomon III, because either II or III migrated eventually to Tennessee. This may be where several of you hook into the family.

At any rate, if any of you believe you hook into this line, let me know, and I'll send you an "invite" to our family website.

Donna Hart
Greenville, IL

Re: Still Talking about the Daugherty Clan

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I am not sure if we are one and the same but Ihave alot of family from K Y . MY grandfather was willie daugherty from livermore kentucky

Re: Still Talking about the Daugherty Clan

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Donna: I am trying to connect a John Doughety, who was born in 1806 in Lenoir County, North Carolina to either Owen Doughety IV or Richard Doughety. I understand that they were the 2 sons of Owen III who remained in Craven and Lenoir Counties, North Carolina when other family members moved on to Kentucky. ANy information you might have would be appreciated.


Re: Still Talking about the Daugherty Clan

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Wow. Just now saw this message. I don't know whether I ever replied to you or not. If you're not already part of our MyFamily group but you would like to be, send me your personal email address,and I'll send you an official invitation.

Re: Still Talking about the Daugherty Clan

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Hi, Mike,

Believe it or not, there were two John Louis/Lewis Daughertys in Craven/Lenoir, and both were born in 1806.

1. John L. who married Louisa E. Daughety. He was the son of Richard and Telitha Evans Daughety, who was the son of James and Clarissa Unknown Daughety, who was the son of Owen Daughety IV.

2. John L. who married Mary T. Donnerson. He was the son of Richard Daughety, second son of Owen Daughety III.

All this is off the top of my head, so you should probably let me actually look back through my chapter on the NC folks before you take me at my word.

My personal email address is .

Re: Still Talking about the Daugherty Clan

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Donna: Richard , son of Owen III, is a focus for me. Do you have his birth and death dates as well as the name of his wife.



Re: Still Talking about the Daugherty Clan

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Sorry, Mike. For some reason, I don't think I got an alert that you had posted to this message board, so I just didn't come back in and check.

I don't have Richard's wife's name. And I can't find it in the early NC marriage records. If you find it, please let me know.

Re: Still Talking about the Daugherty Clan

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Can you provide a little more info on Richard Daugherty?
Birth , death , marriage date, etc.
Please respond:
Jerry Daugherty

Re: Still Talking about the Daugherty Clan

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Hi Donna,
Yes, we are still interested in the Daugherty Clan. We now think our Elisha and Elijah E. Daugherty may be one & the same. We still don't know who his father is...would appreciate anything you would like to share.
It is interesting that I am in touch with a Dan Hart through our Simon Womble connection...
Thanks, Guiola

Re: Still Talking about the Daugherty Clan

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Surnames: daughterty
would your family tree have a paul Daugherty, john Daugherty, daniael Daugherty. my tree stared with moses Daugherty. my e-mail is I hope I have found some family.
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