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Opinion of surname in 1880 census Bear Creek Township

Opinion of surname in 1880 census Bear Creek Township

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Page 12 house 97 there is a Wm J, Edwina, Eddie, Pinky & Mary - then the last name is it--- Cromwell? Cornwell, Brownwell or what? In house 95 there is a William, Nancy & Thomas H Moody. Edwina is the sister of William but I cannot figure out her name or find them in any other census. Any help would be appreciated.

Re: Opinion of surname in 1880 census Bear Creek Township

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Just above them on the same census page on line 9 is a Charity A. if you will compare the C with the first letter in your surname I believe it is also a [C] The surnames Bates on line 41 & Batch on line 45 look nothing like the first letter of your surname.

Look at the way the census taker wrote the (C) and I think you will agree. When you’re not sure of a letter on a census sheet start looking at how the census taker wrote the other letters in words that are clear to help you come to a conclusion. I think it reads:

Household 95, family 95
Line 25: William
Line 26: Louisa
Line 27: Thos. H.

Household 97, family 97
Line 31: Wm. C. (C not J)
Line 32: Edwina
Line 33: Eddie
Line 34: Pinky
Line 35: Mary

Hope this helps, Good luck in your search.

Re: Opinion of surname in 1880 census Bear Creek Township

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Surnames: Turney, Gilley
Could this family have been in Van Buren Co AR in earlier census? Could this be family which connected to Gilley, Turney in the Higden AR area?


Re: Opinion of surname in 1880 census Bear Creek Township

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Mary, William Cromwell had been in Jackson Co,AR in 1850 & 1870, in 1880 he was in Boone Co - I don't think I have him in the 1860 & do not have him in the 1900 & later census.

William's father was George Cromwell born about 1803 in Kentucky. I do not know who George's wife was he had William born Tn, then Maria, Burilla, Asa, Mary & Julia - all born in AR William first married Amanda Jane Williams born about 1837 in Georgia by her he had Narcissa, Edward & William - he later married Edwina Moody & had Pinky & Mary.

Hope this helps. Linda

Cromwell and Cornwell in VBC AR 1850s, 1860s

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Surnames: Cornwell, Cornwall, Cromwell, Turney, Gilley
Well, we seem to maybe have a problem here......

You are looking at a William CROMWELL in Jackson Co AR in 1850 and 1870, 1880 Boone Co AR.
You have his father as George CROMWELL born ca 1803 KY....

I am looking at a James CORNWELL born ca 1806 in KY.....he is on the 1840 Giles Township, Van Buren Co AR census as is a Thomas CORNWELL. Listed as Magistrates of Van Buren Co AR in 1835 (list made fall 1835) are Peter Turney and Thos. CORNWELL. Peter Turney is my line.

Coule CORNWELL and CROMWELL be the same family?

I have a Minerva Gilley in my line, she married my Henry Turney about 1835 and they immediately moved to Van Buren Co AR with Henry's father Peter Turney and the rest of Henry's siblings. Henry was born 1815 TN, died in VBC AR.....Minerva Gilley was a neighbor back in TN - along Clear Fork in Smith Co TN. Later the Turney land was mostly in Dekalb County TN, but one was in Cannon - the Gilley's seemed to have been in Cannon....they were right on the border of the two counties. Peter Turney b. 1795 moved 1835 to Van Buren Co AR....his brother Isaac's family (widow Mary and grown children) moved about 1836 to Snowball, Searcy Co AR....and brother Jacob B Turney Sr and some of his children began in late 1830s to move to Boone Co AR. So the 3 areas have connected Turneys.

The Gilley family - many of them also moved to Van Buren co AR....these were the children of Gideon Gilley who lived near Woodbury, Cannon Co TN. Minerva Gilley married about Nov 1834 to Henry Turney and moved soon after to VBC, AR.
Spencer Gilley is in 1850 census of VBC AR, then to Lawrence Co MO where he died in 1859.
Lucinda Gilley died before 1859, but was married to James CORNWELL and is on the 1850 census of VBC AR as his wife.
Sarah Gilley died before 1859 and was wife of a Smith and was also in AR.
The rest seemed to stay in either TN or moved to MO.

Now for marriage records:
Arkansas Marriages to 1850:
CROMWELL, George to Gilley, Elenor May 09 1850

as I said, Thomas CORNWELL is Magistrate of VBC AR in 1835 and is on 1840 VBC census. James CORNWELL is on 1840 VBC AR census

1850 census Van Buren Co AR
James CORNWELL is age 44, wife Loucinda (Gilley) is age 37, sister Lucretia Gilley age 23 is living with them, and they have 5 children with oldest being age 18.
this is dwelling 109

ate dwelling 110 is William Potter family (my line, his daughter would later marry son of Manivera Gilley Turney)
dwg 111 is a Jones
dwg 112 CORNWELL, Malinda age 42, James 19, Silas 17, Katherine 14, Thos 11, Malinda 9
dwg 113 is Spencer Gilley and his sister Editha
dwg 114 is Charlotta Turney Bittle and family - she is sister to Henry Turney (wife Minerva Gilley)
dwg 115 is Gill, John 46, Polly 48, and Lucy Ann Potter age 17

We know Lucinda Gilley CORNWALL died before 1859 when she is listed as deceased in AR in her brother Spencer Gilley's will in MO.

1860 VBC AR census
CORNWALL, James age 55 born KY
wife - Sarah age 44 born TN (this is a new wife)
son John 14 ( he is age 3 on 1850 census)
son James D age 11

then I lose this CORNWALL/CORNWELL family......

What do you think? Do you know of any connection between your CROMWELL family and the Gilley family? Could James CORNWELL born ca 1806 KY be connected to your GEORGE CROMWELL born ca 1803 KY? Remember the marriage record for George CROMWELL to Elenor Gilley May 1850 in AR.....
Could the Thomas CORNWELL in 1835 and 1840 Van Buren Co AR perhaps be another brother or father? What happened to him after 1840?

Since the name in census is Cornwell in 1850 and Cornwall in 1860....I have to wonder if Cromwell could be the same family.

Be happy to hear from you on this.

Mary Turney Miller

Re: Cromwell and Cornwell in VBC AR 1850s, 1860s

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William Cromwell (Cornwell?)'s 2nd wife was probably in the 1870 California Township of Van Buren Co, AR however that township was not enumerated in 1870. Her father was there & after in the same Township in Cleburne Co, AR.

George W. Cromwell died June 1860 according to the mortality tables in Village Twsp in Jackson Co, AR. In the 1850 census he either had a daughter Ellendor born about 1821 born in Tennessee.

In 1860 Ellener & daughers Georgiana age 8, son Joseph age 1 & a daughter Julia age 13 - she is listed after the other children.

I do not have a computer at home right now so this is all that I can come up with right now
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