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Re: Drabicki

Re: Drabicki

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Surnames: Sroka, Morajda, Drabicka, Drabicki
Hi Kris:

I am looking for information about my grandmother's relatives in Poland. My grandparents, Joseph and Anna Morajda, married here in the US (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania). My grandmother's maiden name was Anna Sroka. She came over in 1912. She came with her cousin named Agata Drabicka. Agata was meeting her brother, Walenty, in Pittsburgh. Agata and Walenty's father was Pawel Drabicki. He stayed in Poland. Anna's mother, Kataryna, also stayed in Poland. Her maiden name was Drabicka. They all came from Kraczkowa. I am sorry if this is confusing!

Re: Drabicki

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Surnames: Drabicki, Jarosz, Majcher, Maicher, Kluz
Our grandfather, Jan Drabicki was born 1887 in Lany, Bobrka, Poland. His parents were Sebastian Drabicki born about 1846 in Kosina, Lancut, Poland, and Salomea Jarosz, born about 1842. He had a brother named Jozef Drabicki born 1886 in Lany.
Jan Drabicki had a stepbrother, Walenty Majcher, born 1881 in Rogozno, Lancut, Poland. Salomea Jarosz had been married to Wawrzyniec Maicher before she married Sebastian Drabicki. Jan Drabicki and Walenty Majcher eventually immigrated to Auburn, NY.
Jan Drabicki had another stepbrother from his father Sebastian's previous marriage to Brygida Kluz. Their son, Stanislaw Drabicki was born in 1880 in Rogozno, Lancut, Poland. From WWI Polish army records, Stanislaw listed a wife, Katarzyna and 3 children residing in Rogozno. He eventually immigrated to Pennsylvania.
These are the relationships I have been able to verify in my research. In searching the Ellis Island immigration records I have noticed several others who are prossibly related, but I don't know the connection. There were several Drabicki's coming from Kosina, including Wojciech (born about 1877), Kazimir (born about 1879), and Aniela (born about 1899). I also notice several Drabicki's immigrating from nearby Kracakowa, including Walenty (born about 1888, also listed his father as Pawel), Maciej (born about 1866), Andreij (born about 1895 also listed his father as Jan and mother Konstancza), Jan (born about 1872), and Francisek (born about 1883). And Wojciek Drabicki from Bobrka (born about 1885 also listed his mother as Katarina Drabicka).
From the Ellis Island records I noticed several Kluz's coming from Kosina, Lancut, but I haven't enough information to see if any are related to Brygida Kluz who married Sebastian Drabicki.

Re: Drabicki

Kathy Dean (View posts)
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Surnames: keilar, sroka, drabicki
Hi again Nancy:

I have done more research and found that my grandmother's cousin married a George Keilar. Looking at the ship manifest with my grandmother's name on it (It's listed as "Arena" Sroka instead of "Anna" Sroka), the name after hers is "Agata Drabicki". My gr-grandma's maiden name was Drabicki. Check out that manifest and see who they were meeting. We may have a connection here. Does the name "Keilar" sound familiar?

Re: Keilar

Adrienne (View posts)
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Surnames: keilar
I'm wondering if your George Keilar was a Polish Keilar or a British one. What was the name of his spouse? Perhaps I have him/them in my database.

Re: Drabicki

SandyB (View posts)
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Surnames: drabicki, bartman, szyptma, perkowski, daniels, dembowski, dziekewich, szwedko, scelz
Hi . . .I never thought I'd see this name on a board. Not sure if I can match up or not (the Polish language failed to rub off on me from my mother).

I've been told my Drabicki's come from Krakow region. The latest dates I have, however, are 1880's. Unfortunately, this Drabicki section is a mess - I've been told that uncles and aunts sponsored neighbors who eventually married once in the states. It's quite confusing.

Please see if any of these names sound familar - feel free to email me if they do:

1. ?? Drabicki + Lucy Bartman
2. Kasia Drabicki + ?? Szyptma (in Poland)
2. Antoni “Anthony” Drabicki + Honorata “Henrietta” Bartman 3. John Drabicki + Mary Perkowski
3. Edward Drabicki I (died in infancy)
3. Walter Drabicki + H Daniels (widow of Dembowski)
3. “Hattie” Drabicki + Walter Dziekewich
3. Roman “Raymond” Drabicki
Also looking for: Dembowski, Szwedko, Scelz(?)

Re: Kielar

Kathy Dean (View posts)
Posted: 1105450018000
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Surnames: kielar, keilar
Hi Adrienne:

I'm finally getting back to pursuing my family history. The name is actually "Kielar" - not "Keilar". I didn't realize I had the spelling wrong until last year. "Kielar" is definitely a Polish name.

Good luck with your "Keilar" research!


Re: Drabicki

Kathy Dean (View posts)
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Surnames: Morajda, Sroka, Kielar, Drabicki, Drabicka, Bein, Bem
Hi Robert:

I, too, have seen many of the Drabicki's on the Ellis Island list as well. I am sure at least several of them are related to me. If you look at "Arena Sroka" on Ellis Island, (my grandmother), she was accompanied by her cousin Agata Sroka. Agata was joining her brother, Walenty, I believe. Then there is an "Aniela" Drabicka, that married a George Kielar. This Aniela was definitely my grandmom's cousin as well. My mom always talked about her Kielar cousins who lived in Corry, Pa (near Erie). If you trace the names through the Ellis Island list, the connections start to show up. My gr-grandpap was Pawel Sroka and his wife was Kataryna (Drabicka) Sroka. They remained in Poland. I don't know if my grandmom had any brothers and sisters, but on the voyage from Poland to the US, she was also accompanied by a Malgorzata "Bein" or "Bem". They all went to the area around Donora, Pa. My grandparents married in Pittsburgh and lived in the South Side, but my mom also mentioned that her mom's relatives lived in Wilmerding and also Corry, Pa.

I have wedding pictures from the 1920's. My mom said my grandmom was in her cousin's wedding. These pictures are of a wedding party where my grandmom is a bridesmaid. Also, we have some pics of the bride and groom. My mom doesn't know their names. I assume it is Aniela Drabicka and George Kielar but have no proof!

Re: Drabicki thread moved

Posted: 1105530672000
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This is to notify all who took part in that thread sofar that I had to move that whole thread over here where it seems to belong - to POLAND. It really doesn't fit on the Austria General board wich is for queries relating to Austria of today, and not for instance Austria-Hungary or any of the successor states.

I hope that there'll still come more helpful contributions.

Tilman Brandl
[Austria General - Board astministrator]

Re: Drabicki

Kathleen Kielar (View posts)
Posted: 1108145965000
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Surnames: Kielar
I have stumbled on this string of email messages, which has moved me to reply. I think I am the grand daughter of Aniela Drabicka (although I have always known her to be Nellie Kielar--it wasn't until her funeral that I knew/saw her last name). The story that you have listed below seems to follow the folklore that I have heard all my life from my dad, Joseph, the youngest child of Nellie and George Kielar. Yes, they did live & die in Corry, PA.

I have only one picture of the wedding between George and Nellie that only contains the two of them. I would be interested in learning more about George and Nellie, as much of the family history stops here. If anyone can give me further information, I would appreciate it. I certainly would be happy to share what information I have about the family.

Re: Drabicki

Nancy Drabicki (View posts)
Posted: 1108196498000
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Surnames: Drabicki, Jarosz, Choma, Jaszek, Kluz, Partyka, Babiasz, Olbrycht, Kloc, Klos, Kochmanski, Broza, Dabek, Leja, Bester
I have more information on our Drabicki ancestors tracing them from Lany, Bobrka (south of Lwow), to Rogzno, and Kosina (near Lancut, Poland). Jozef, the brother of our grandfather Jan Drabicki, died as a child, and their mother Salomea Jarosz Drabicki who was the daughter of Jan Jarosz (son of Jozef Jarosz and Katarzyna Klos, daughter of Krzysztof Klos), and Agata Choma, (daughter of Maciej Choma) also died shortly thereafter. Their father, Sebastian Drabicki born 9 Dec 1845 in Kosina, had several children from his first wife, Brygida Kluz (born 30 Jan 1842 in Kosina, daughter of Jan Kluz and Anna Kochmanska, the daughter of Wojciech Kochmanski) their children were: Zofia Drabicka born 15 May 1874, Tomasz Drabicki born about 1876, Stanislaw Drabicki born 15 Nov 1879, and Marianna Drabicka born 9 Aug 1882 (all born in Kosina). Stanislaw is the stepbrother that our Jan Drabicki listed on his ship manifest. This Stanislaw went to Homestead, PA and later fought for the Polish army in WWI and that record stated he had a wife, Katarzyna and three children in Rogozno. Sebastian Drabicki married a third time to Zofia Partyka in Lany, they had a son, Michal Drabicki born 1897 who died as a child.

Sebastian Drabicki's parents were Jakub Drabicki and Agata Jasek (daughter of Tomasz Jaszek and Zofia Kloc, daughter of Tomasz Kloc). Jakub and Agata had several children born in Kosina: Tomasz Drabicki born 16 Nov 1833, Marianna Drabicka born 15 Dec 1836, Cecylia Drabicka born 24 Nov 1839, Rozalia Drabicka born 30 Jul 1842, Michal Drabicki born 7 Sept 1844, and Sebastian Drabicki born 9 Dec 1845.

Sebastian's brother, Tomasz Drabicki married Katarzyna Olbrycht (born 11 Oct 1847, daughter of Stanislaw Olbrycht and Teresa Broza, daughter of Antoni Broz). They had several children born in Kosina: Maria Drabicka born 14 Aug 1869, Anna Drabicka born 22 Mar 1873, Jan Drabicki born 16 May 1875, Jadwiga Drabicka born 11 Oct 1877, Franciszek Drabicki born 1 Jan 1881, Andrzej Drabicki born 26 Nov 1882.

Jakub Drabicki's parents were Walenty Drabicki and Barbara Babiasz. They had another son, Kazimierz Drabicki born about 1788 of Kosina. Kazimierz married the sister (Zofia Jaszek) of Jakub's wife Agata Jaszek. Kazimierz and Zofia had several children born in Kosina: Walenty Drabicki born 29 Dec 1829, Jozef Drabicki born 29 Feb 1832, Agata Drabicka born 1 Feb 1834, Stanislaw Drabicki born 1 May 1836, Marciana Drabicka born 16 Jan 1838, Anna Drabicka born 18 Mar 1841, Antoni Drabicki born 12 Jun 1843 and Tomasz Drabicki born 12 Jun 1843, Katarzyna Drabicka born 25 Apr 1845, Magdalena Drabicka born 23 Apr 1848, Anna Drabicki born 17 Jul 1850, and Wojciech Drabicki born 14 Apr 1853.

Kazimierz and Zofia's son, Jozef Drabicki married Marianna Dabek (daughter of Tomasz Dabek and Katarzyna Leja) and had several children in Kosina: Walenty Drabicki born about 1862, Katarzyna Drabicka born 11 Oct 1868, Jan Drabicki born 4 May 1870, Anna Drabicka born 15 Mar 1873, Kazimierz Drabicki born 24 Jan 1879.

Jakub Drabicki married a second time to Magdalena Bester. They had a few children born in Kosina: Katarzyna Drabicka born 5 Sept 1851, Anna Drabicka born 9 Oct 1860, and Marianna Drabicka born 14 Aug 1862.

I have some death records of some of the individuals listed above if anyone wants to contact me about a specific individual. Some of the individuals I listed at the beginning are the names of Drabicki's that are on the Ellis Island records that came from Kosina or Rogozno.

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