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CHART: Myra YUNKER (b c 1912) m. Edwin BOCHMANN

CHART: Myra YUNKER (b c 1912) m. Edwin BOCHMANN

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I have been having a conversation with Donna Artist over on the CAPPEL message board here
but most of the discussion has been about a pair of YUNKER women, so I am shifting that part of the discussion over here where it might help Donna find more YUNKER leads. Donna herself can be reached via Ancestry.Com here:

If I understood Donna's message on the CAPPEL message board at the URL above correctly, this is the chart:

1. George YUNKER (b. c1885) m. Emma ENGLEHARDT (b. c1886)
....2. Luella YUNKER (b. c1910) m. John BLUME
....2. Sylvia YUNKER (b. c1912) m. Howard BLUME
....2. Myra YUNKER (b. c1912) m. Edwin BOCHMANN
........3. Oralee BOCHMANN m. ___ MEYER
........3. Eileen BOCHMANN m. ___ KEUCH
........3. Diane BOCHMANN m. ___ WINTERSTEIN
........3. Virlene BOCHMANN m. James POTTER and lived in Tinley Park, IL
............4. (five kids whose names are not listed)
............4. Garry POTTER m. Donna ARTIST
................5. Donna's sons

Donna *thinks* the Myra YUNKER BOCHMANN in Generation #2 above might be related to the Clara YUNKER CAPPEL who married Albert CAPPEL, but she is not sure of how. Myra's daughter Virlene BOCHMANN POTTER lived in Tinley Park, IL and Clara's son Marvin CAPPEL lived in Tinley Park too.

There's a couple of unusual things in the second generation above - the three sisters Louella, Sylvia, and Myra. Donna has Sylvia and Myra both born around 1912 - if this is accurate, perhaps they were twins? And she has Louella and Sylvia both marrying BLUME men - perhaps they were brothers?

I copied this over to the YUNKER board here because this may be where Donna can find more people directly related to her sons' paternal great-grandma Myra YUNKER BOCHMANN.

Myra's connection to Clara YUNKER CAPPEL needs more info before it can be a sure thing. Maybe they were cousins, since Donna didn't find Clara as a sister to Myra in her research above.

I AM NOT RELATED to any of these families, and have no further information. I'm just helping Donna as a RAOGK (random act of genealogical kindness). This is all I know about BOCHMANN m. YUNKER. For more info on the CAPPEL m. YUNKER connection in Tinley Park, Illinois, see the thread here:

Re: CHART: Myra YUNKER (b c 1912) m. Edwin BOCHMANN

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Donna followed up over at the CAPPEL board as follows - I'm copying it here. Please note that the relationship, if any, between Myra YUNKER CAPPEL and Clara YUNKER BOCHMANN (Virlene's mother) is still not clear.

Yes Clara is a gr gr maybe even a gr aunt to Virlene.I have about 4 generations starting in 1870 Illinois with the Yunker side and between all of their kids and who they married and then their kids it gets crazy but interesting.

Yes Luella and Sylvia were twins. My boys father is a twin too.

The men they married the Blumes--they were brothers don't know if they were twins.

I think Donna may have misspoken here. There were three sisters: Louella, Sylvia, and Myra. Louella and Sylvia both married BLUME men. However, it is Sylvia and Myra who were the twins, according to the birth years Donna gave me.

"My boys father" refers to Garry POTTER, son of Virlene BOCHMANN and James POTTER of Tinley Park, Illinois. Donna mentioned Garry has five siblings, but not their names nor which of them is his twin.

If anyone would like to follow-up or comment about the YUNKER family please do so HERE and not on the CAPPEL board! Thanks. :)

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