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I am seaching for info regarding my husband's vought family line. I know that his grandfather's name was Christopher L. Vought. I know that he lived in Michigan , later years in Coleman. He was married to Eva Sleesman (spelling?) she had a sister Lois Marcy, Hazel, Viva, and a brother Robert. The vought's may have settled around the St. Louis, MI or Saginaw, MI area also. Not much is known about the Vought's or Sleesmans so if any one has any info they could share it would greatly appreciated. thanks

Thomas Lent Vought b. 1853

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Hello, I found an old letter from Eva Mary Sleesman dated Aug 7, 1957 written to my mother. Eva told my mother what she knew about the Voughts. Eva said her husband,
" Christopher Thomas Vought. passed away July 6, 1957. Christopher Thomas's grandfather was Thomas Lent Vought. We may be able to share and exchange Vought information. I am seeking Thomas Lent Vought b. 1853 who migrated to Michigan with his wife and 3 sons sometime after 1878. Please tell me how your husband descends from Christopher Thomas who was born February 7, 1902. I have a Christopher Lee Vought b. 1941 as son of Christopher Thomas Vought.
Eva did not give any information about her family only the Voughts.

thomas Lent Vought

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thanks for the response. thomas Lent Vought would be my husband's great grandfather. Christopher Lee and Eva Sleeseman had 4 sons and 4 daughters, christopher Lee as the youngest. how are you related to the voughts or sleeseman lines? I don't have much info yet regarding the vought line-I am awaiting some info from my husband's aunt pertianing to both sides of the family. what other info do you have regarding the vought family?

vought message board

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Merry-are most of the voughts discussed on this message board of the same family line as thomas lent vought?

christopher lee vought

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Merry-I forgot to tell you christopher Lee is my father in law. Christopher Thomas was his my husband's grandfather. Therefore, I guess Thomas Lent vought would be my husband's great great grandfather. I look forward to your responses about the vought family. thanks
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Hello Cathy,
I am researching two Vought lines. The one in which your husband and I share a common ancestor is the line from Joseph Christian Vought 1741 of Peekskill. Our common ancestor is Henry Christian Vought b. April 1760. A couple of years ago I exchanged some current inf. with two of your husband's aunts and spoke with his uncle Leslie. I would like to hear from them or you again. One of them actually has a picture of Thomas Lent b. 1853. Checked my files and your aunt Eleanor wrote, "Chris was the son of Armon Vought whose father was Thomas Vought. she said, I do have pictures of Chris, Lyle, Armon and Thomas." Cathy, I would dearly love to receive a copy of those pictures for the extensive Vought family history I am compiling. Especially of Thomas Lent 1853.
I already have pictures for the lines of Armon Vought's brothers but they did not have a picture of the father Thomas Lent b. 1853. Armon's brothers were Edward Faere and Wiley Vought. I have 3 sons listed for Christopher Lee Vought. One of them must be your husband. Let me know how you can be contacted.


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Merry, can you e-mail me your actual e-mail address, so we do not have to go through the message board. thanks-cathy

Thomas L Vought's descendants

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I wrote, Let me know how you can be contacted ?

Or you can talk to your aunts Eleanor and Phyllis. You can start with the inf. I sent them two years ago. Later we can exchange more if you wish.

Small portion from Eleanor's letter.
Chris married Eva Mary Sleesman b. 10/8/1896 Chris was the son of Armon Vought whose father was Thomas Vought. (I do have pictures of Chris, Lyle, Armon and Thomas)We have been trying to get this information for some time. Thank you. Eleanor

vought pic

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Merry, my e-mail is I let Eleanor know that you really wanted a copy of the picture. she said she would get a copy to me as soon as she could. it she could get it scan she would send that way, although she has limited access to a computer through a community center. Otherwise she said she would mail it. -cathy

Vought ancestry

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