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SPEARS, James b. 1810

SPEARS, James b. 1810

Pamela K. Alves (View posts)
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Looking for information on James SPEARS b. ca 1810. He married Martha Wolf in Sumner Co., Tn. First record of him is buying land in Barren Co., Ky in 1836. Sold land in 1845, moved to Allen Co., Ky where he again purchased land. As far as I can tell he lived in Allen Co. rest of his life. He had several childre, Enoch W., James H. E. William S, all of whom are listed in 1850 Allen Co., census. James is my gg grandfather. Will share information.

James Spears of Allen Co KY

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Did you get my extensive letter on William W., Thompson and James Spears, all of allen co. ky? Hadn't heard from you in a while. hope to hear from you soon. love Doyle

James Spears

Pam (View posts)
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Doyle: I don't remember getting your previous message on James Spears. Is there any way that you can resend?


W.W., James and Thompson Spears of Allen Co KY

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Hi Pam. Sorry if you've already received this, but since I hadn't heard back from you I thought I'd give it another go. I think I have the wrong email for you, so here is the huge letter. (If you HAVE TROUBLE READING IT IN THIS FORMAT, you could email me with your email address, and i'll send it to you)

Dear Spears Friends,

I am e-mailing all of you at one time because I would like to see what you
think of my findings, what your opinions of them are, and your overall
conclusions. It's kind of long, so pull up a chair, and get out your

As you may remember, I am researching the family of W. W. Spears of Allen
Co. KY (my gr-gr-grandfather) The other day, I was at a Family History
Center in Denver brousing through the IGI for anything on ANY William
Spears that were born in VA, and who lived and died in KY.

At the time I didn't think much of it, but once I got home and began
sorting through dozens of names, I came across one that sort of knocked me
over. It was an IGI birth record for William W. Speares, born 1808 in Lee
Co., VA to Ephraim Spears and Sally Walton. (note the extra e in SPEARES).
Have any of you seen this record? (film # 452025) That extra e was
probably why i had missed it through years of digging in IGI records.

I have come across Ephraim Spears on numerous occasions while looking
through Allen Co. KY stuff, not to mention some of you pointing out his
presence there. He's living there in the 1820 census, next to an elder
William Spears, and in the 1830 census as well.

So, I began looking for stuff on Ephraim in hopes of proving he is indeed
the father of my W. W. Spears. My apologies if I am repeating data you
all know too well.

Records show an Ephraim Spears served in the 3rd regiment (Miller's)
Kentucky militia in the War of 1812. I assume this is the same Ephraim.
Another IGI birth record has Ephraim Spears, born abt. 1777,
Charlottesville, Albemarle Co., VA, to William and Mary Spears.
And one more IGI marriage record has Ephraim marrying Sally (Sarah) Walton
on 24 November 1802, in Albemarle Co., VA.

I found this passage first in a book, and then on the web...
page 295, of Albemarle marriages.
"SPEARS, EPHRAIM Sally Walton; 23 Nov. 1802; bondsman - John Hamaker;
minister - Jacob Watts, 24 Nov. 1802; consent - RICHMOND WALTON (father)
gives his consent; witnesses - Thomas Jones John F. Walton; witness -
Hanmaker, who also affirms Sally over 21"

Richmond Walton's brother is Thomson Walton. In another site on the web,
a pedigree shows that Thompson is in fact the father of Sally Walton, wife
of Ephraim. I have written the submitter of this info, and she presented
Thompson's will to assure me (Elaine Morris). It
would appear Thomson Walton is the grandfather of Ephraim's children, and
it makes me seriously consider whether Thompson Spears and W. W. are
brothers, as was suggested by Gayla...

and with Gayla, I too am beginning to think Ephraim Spears and Mary
Spears McClary (b.1787), and probably Nancy Spears Walton (b. 1773) and
Elizabeth Spears Hamaker (b. 1783) as well, are siblings. Most are
acknowledged children of one William of Albemarle, are born a few years
apart in Charlottesville, Albemarle, VA, some move to Allen Co., KY in
proximity of Wm and Ephraim. Elizabeth's husband John Hamaker, by the way,
is Ephraim's bondsman. Many wonderful connections...

Only two William's (head of household) in 1785 Albemarle census,
where our Spears were born. The 2 William's appear to be son and father...
William Sr.'s house has two white souls.
William Jr.'s house has eight white souls (man,wife and 6 kids?)
It suggests that William Jr. (b. 1744) is father of these kids. He is in
his 30s when all of these kids are born in Charlottesville, VA.

In addition, Albemarle Co. 1810 has no William Spears Jr., suggesting this
is the man living next to Ephraim in Allen Co.KY 1820. He'd be about age
76 (though there is only an "over 45" catagory in the 1820 census).

Ephraim's home in 1820 Allen Co. has; Ephraim, Sarah, 3 boys under ten, 2
boys btw 10 and 16, and five girls. The two boys match Thompson and W.
W.'s age.
Next, In 1830 Allen Co., Sarah has died, Ephraim has only one young man
with him, btw 15-20, and 4 older girls. And now, William (probably W.W.)
has his own home. (We know he bought land on Garrett Creek in 1826).
Thompson is in Sumner Co. TN during this census, but appears in Allen Co.
1840 census, and Ephraim has since died. ((Also of interest is that a
James Spears -- who could possibly be one of the "boys under ten" -- is
obtaining land on Garrett Creek the month after W.W. Spears is getting his
land, though James' is south of Walker's line. Pam, does the age of your
James match the age of the boys in Ephraim's house in 1820??))

Next I find this posting, i think from Allen Co. queries...
>Posted by Kelly Cathey on Sat, 30 Jan 1999, in
>response to SPEARS FAMILY, posted by CHARLES SPEARS on Sun, 24 Jan 1999
>Surname: Spears, Dalton:
>"The only thing I have is:
>Elizabeth Dalton born in 1811 in Allen County, Ky. She was buried in
>Feb 1852 in Rough Creek Cemetary, Allen County Ky.
>ELIZABETH DALTON was married to Ephriam Spears. He is buried in
>Rough Creek Cemetary, Allen County,Ky. I have no dates on him."

So, I assume Ephraim married twice. Do any of you have a date on this
second marriage? In addition to Waltons and Dalton marrying in Albemarle,
several Daltons where neighbors of Ephraim Spears in 1820. Charles
Thompson Spears married Elizabeth Dalton, and daughter Martha married a
Dalton. Close to Rough Creek Church is where Thompson and Elizabeth's
home was located, according to his will. If Ephraim did marry her,
presumably Thompson married her after Ephraim died.

I am almost now convinced Ephraim is my W. W.'s father, especially
considering that mysterious IGI. I realize I am way too speculative on
many points, but I've got this (it hurts to say it) gut feeling. Ephraim
and Sarah marry in 1802. Charles Thompson Spears (b. abt 1805) and W. W.
Spears (b. abt 1808), both in VA, and later settle in the same riparian
valley. It would be interesting to see if C. Thompson Spears was also
born in Lee Co, VA, as (according to that IGI record) W. W. was...

According to a letter from W.W.s son to my grandmother, who passed away a
few years ago, our Spears left VA in 1813 for Allen Co, KY. (This follows
the timing Ephraim and family would have left VA, after serving in the
war); W.W's dad had bought land north and south of the border, along the
Garrett/Trammel waterways, (and here is where we find W.W. and Thompson
buying land after 1820s);

Well, I hope some of this is new to you folks, and helps aid in the
Please respond whenever. I am looking forward to hearing your feedback on
my unusually long letter.


W. W. Spears

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Such research went into your findings! I do hope your conclusions are correct. I am a former Spears.My sister and I have done research, although not to the extent of yours. We do go back to the Revolutionery War. It is very interesting. Once you start you don't want to stop.Who knows, we may even be related! My grandfather was a James Spears. Coincinental I'm sure.


Pam (View posts)
Posted: 953986994000
Doyle, Yes, with James being born in 1810, he is showing 40 in the 1850 Allen Co. census, he could fit into the catagory of under 10 between 10 16 depending on when he was born. Would be very interested in hearing about any information/conclusions you might come up with.

James M. Spears

Benita (View posts)
Posted: 973337303000
I am looking for info on James M. Spears, my graetgreatgrandfather. Born in Kentucky aprox 1850-55. Married Sara E. McCoy Leffel 9-24-1883 in Granbury TX. Died by 1900.

Re: SPEARS, James b. 1810

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I saw your query regarding James Spears and that he had a son named Enoch. I have been searching for Spears family from Alllen COunty, Kentucky. This is what I have thus far and maybe we have a match.

My grandfathers name was Enoch Pleasant Spears married to Maude Adele Pugh. They lived in Missouri til their death.

My greatgrandfather (Enochs father) was Samuel Robert Spears married to a Catherine Brown and a Lou Raney Jane Linville.

Samuels father was Enoch Spears married to a Emily who was a full blood Cherokee Indian.

Enoch and Emily had 2 children Samuel (my great grandfather and Sis (not sure if this is a nickname or real name)

I know that Samuel Roberts wife Catherine (maybe Laura Catherine) lived in Allen COunty in Maysville.

Other children of Samuel Robert and Laura Catherine Brown were Emily, Daisy, Ethel, Jewell, Eddie, Charlie, Lillie and Johnnnie.

Children of Samuel Robert and Lou were: James, Sarah, William and Walter.

My grandfather Enoch Pleasant was born in Scottsville, Ky.

If any of this matches would love to hear from you.

Re: W. W. Spears of Allen Co KY

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Hi friends. I'm still here, though with new email address (, and still searching for info on this fellow, his wives, and their descendants. Other family lines i am researching include ESCUE, ASKEW, ESQUE (you get the picture!), MEADOR, McCLARY, ONEAL, DALTON, WALTON, etc. all living in and around Allen County KY in the 19th century. Hope all you SPEARS researchers are well and having success. Peace,
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